The gradual progress – of USB-C and PD standard is a Shuangren sword to design engineer

USB-C(Type-C) has become the popular topic of street gossip, because its can achieve higher performance,main reason is, offer advantage for the user, the design personnel that be its equipment power supply for the hope or transmits data and manufacturer are offerred use a sex easily.

However, if arrive from USB 1.1,USB-C is not just USB 2.0, or the newest progress of the standard that USB 3.0 develops to newest USB 3.1. USB-C still designs about physical interface – it is becoming popular physical interface!

In fact, all evidence are showing USB-C is becoming the acquiescent interface of numerous and banner manufacturer and equipment type. But may bring complex challenge newlier from what the angle of the design will manage pair of USB-C.

To the engineer, the product that designs the USB standard that has ceaseless development and physical form is not easy thing. They spend limited natural resources very hard also on a project, check its function and character, hope to find a new revised edition and a follow-up project to change a specification however, all and relevant charge and difficulty are before.

The gradual progress – of USB-C and PD standard is a Shuangren sword to design engineer
The gradual progress – of USB-C and PD standard is a Shuangren sword to design engineer

Had the FUSB30x controller series of An Sen beautiful semiconductor, the basis is updated normatively and can change will replace facility. Controller design uses as the USB-C between current system and new USB-C connector and power supply (PD) interface. Use this kind of new plan, type-C/ power supply (having between the hardware of PD) system framework and software differentiate technically.

In hardware respect, everything what what executive USB-C design needs is united in wedlock together. This includes to go up pull (Rp) , pull below (Rd) and Vconn switch, with supporting a standard completely. In addition, FUSB30x series is compositive still BMC emitter and receiver, in order to support PD application. From the angle of software, an Sen beautiful semiconductor offers general USB-C and PD firmware, in order to support the application of all types. Use this kind of logic and direct double method, the user can go to their updating equipment easily ceaselessly newest standard.

Simplifying newer approach

Compare with photograph of compositive small controller plan, our plan has simpler structure, it still dropped total power comsumption and the plan that represented lower cost, apply to multiterminal mouth especially and character.

Adopt the plan of An Sen beautiful semiconductor, politic engine and USB-C condition machine maintain carry in systematic processor, use systematic processor with utmost ground. Need is changed in the standard when any updating or those who solve systematic level revise, like port of power social estate, be issued to lower levels (DFP) , go up port (UFP) and dual role port (DRP) , it is it is easy to be mixed simply that firmware process is adjusted.

In addition, an interface plan can be in the two end of USB cable repeat use. Adopt compositive plan, the client must be carried in system and PD controller at the same time undertake firmware is updated, this increased project time already, also raised hardware totle drilling cost.

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