The contrast of wireless transmission technology of times of content couplet net analyses: Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT

Wireless communication technology is the transmission foundation of content couplet net, as wisdom city big application makes popular progress, all sorts of technology get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, in succession market of net of couplet of content of race to control. In LPWAN technology, loRa of the most popular nothing is more… than, Sigfox and NB-IoT. In trend of content couplet net, what advantage do these 3 kinds of technologies have severally?

The contrast of wireless transmission technology of times of content couplet net analyses: Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT

Content couplet net, big data, AI artificial intelligence these a few vocabularies, most propbably of relevant industry personnel is adept at the heart. In the technical framework of content couplet net, “ feeling measures ” is most core fountainhead of the foundation, no matter the domain waits in agriculture, industry, building, traffic, medical treatment, should let feel the data that measures is analysed through AI, form relevant applying then, above all must the transmission technology that deploy suits and net region, ability collect and the environmental data of redound huge amount.

In wireless communication technology, WI-FI, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave these a few application that roll out earlier had laid development foundation in different domain. WI-FI applies to the transmission of great data bulk, for instance image sound is transmitted or the domain such as A R/V R, also be the foundation of general and wireless network at the same time, defect is power consumption big; blue tooth is multi-purpose apparel at the individual type device, in the application of sound domain relatively mature;ZigBee is mixed Z-Wave is to be in the automata application such as industry, building achievement plentiful and substantial.

Sunday run + the character that omit report, LPWAN solves content couplet net to transmit difficult problem

Speak of wireless network, everybody thinks of in the head, besides WI-FI, the network of movable type communication that is a mobile phone probably. The communication technology nowadays is about to stride 5G, be particular about is bigger bandwidth, higher rate, lower defer, of course also more bad news report, because be the communication between corresponding person and person, because this is counted,measure according to transmitting more concentrated, exchange more giant also. Be aimed at the communication of M2M, the deploy limits as a result of device normally broader, and wireless device must avoid to change often batteries, LPWAN(Low Power Wide Area Network, wide area newwork of low power comsumption) technical take advantage of an opportunity and unripe, its fraction transmits the character of the report that reach a province according to quantity, Sunday run, shine brilliantly in domain of application of content couplet net.


More inchoate wireless transmission technology, be like WI-FI, ZigBee and Z-Wave, communication transmits a distance to have 100 meters only at most, use in intelligence to live in a domain, must add the antenna that the date that act message strengthens or relay station again. If want to satisfy the relevant application of intelligent city, for example the environment is monitored or asset is tracked, the LPWAN technology that transmission distance can amount to 20 kilometers is transparent can considerably cut cloth builds cost, the limits; that wants a few machine to stand to be able to cover large area only regards electric power as origin with batteries, omited wiring problem, the installation move that lets sensor is more simple and easy. At present most the LPWAN technology that gets attention is LoRa, Sigfox and NB-IoT respectively, these 3 kinds of technologies have respective advantage, owner can reach use demand according to different domain, choose the communication technology that suits most.

Low cost can, tall limits transmits: LoRa and Sigfox compare Pan greatly

The technical characteristic of LPWAN of no less than, loRa and Sigfox have the characteristic of Sunday run, low power comsumption, can prolong battery life, form large-scale message to transmit. Both all use the Sub-1GHz ISM frequency that avoids accredit paragraph, do not need additional pay accredit fee, and the breakthrough that makes a technology as a result of electronic chip, the hardware of two technologies makes cost be reduced ceaselessly, the Sigfox that had enabled in Taiwan region industry last year for instance, lowest of lunar rent charge wants 0.4 yuan of RMBs only.

LoRaWAN is the network standard that urges jointly by each industry alliance, offer open mode technology, want to obtain crucial content only, can develop specific application. Unlike the open sex of LoRa, sigfox is the technology that by France homonymic company proper motion develops, the battalion carry that masters core network and cloth are built, the intent carries with independent battalion the part of business, network base deploy undertakes in the whole world, already can use the net region that can connect and device in 36 countries and area at the same time at present. With the type for, loRa is just like diminutive private network region, transmission distance is farthermost can amount to 20 kilometers, want to master a skill only, can by oneself erect radical stands, freedom is spent taller.

Sigfox is it is battalion carry target with the whole world, the blue print of base of ceaseless and patulous network, can provide an user already some network array and service of high in the clouds, need pays additional lunar rent charge, opposite LoRa, cost is higher, but platform program is whole, do not need additional cloth to build a network. The transmission distance of Sigfox can amount to 50 kilometers, it is range is the widest among 3 kinds of technologies, it is the goal that achieves low power comsumption nevertheless, the daily transmission number of LoRa and Sigfox has restriction, the transmission time among a day is very short, suit play to be in the domain that does not have demand of real time communication, for instance daily and fixed redound counts the sensor that occupy, the specific environment data such as measurable temperature and humidity, PM2.5, the transmission of Sunday run of by means of, little time condition, form the content couplet net of larger area to apply.

Telegraphic course of study person push by force by force: NB-IoT  

Another discusses enthusiastic technique on catenary of industry of content couplet network is NB-IoT, with before narrate two technologies the biggest different, depending on it is the technology that makes by 3GPP organization, use the GSM that requires authorization and LTE frequency paragraph, that is to say, NB-IoT must industry of telecommunication of by means of buys next frequency paragraph accredit, the person that the person that use can pass through telegraphic course of study only or tripartite agent obtain accredit technology and frequency paragraph, serve related ability use NB-IoT. The advantage of NB-IoT depends on it is the technology that rolls out by the person that have telegraphic job, do not need new cloth to build a network, want to update software only, can use station of existing 4G telecommunication base and relevant device. On the other hand, use the network of telegraphic class, high safeguard is had in communication quality and message security. Taiwan region is remote pass what telecommunication already rolled out NB-IoT at present to experience an activity first, predict at full stage is being completed by May base upgrades, as long as far the place that passes telecommunication to be able to receive dispatch order, can use NB-IoT, installation month rent charge is about 2 to 12 yuan of RMBs.

The contrast of wireless transmission technology of times of content couplet net analyses: Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT

“ places right technology what be opposite locally application of technology of wireless communication of ” ─ ─

3 kinds of afore-mentioned popular LPWAN technologies are having different characteristic severally, industry forecasts future more among them a technology will force presses a large number of heroes, become one branch alone beautiful. However, olivier Hersent ever had said one of author of LoRa of no less than, the concomitant impact of mutual collaboration guides prospective technology more possibly to move toward new development. In fact, content couplet net uses a field 10 thousand, the characteristic of these 3 kinds of technologies is corresponding also the special demand of different domain. For instance NB-IoT, user licence frequency paragraph with LTE technology, its network does not limit transmission message number, the data bulk that can carry is taller also, because this applies to the wisdom industry domain that takes a network seriously to transmit stability and real time sex, the unit of content couplet network that perhaps needs the tall data such as file of sound, image to transmit. Relatively, the power comsumption of NB-IoT also prep above is additional two technologies, the loss of battery life is bigger. At the same time with telegraphic course of study person synergic mode, more can fast when be popularized to the user, handy, from the point of another angle, also bear cost of hardware of be confined to (chip) hire cost with the month.

Compare with NB-IoT photograph, loRa and Sigfox because hardware cost low, power comsumption is smaller, because this suits more,application is transmitted according to quantity, large-scale in fraction. The development scale with LoRa current technology already incline to is mature, and Ceng Yuya is too telegraphic net of Ji Honghai rich grand cooperates, there already was positive result of concrete barracks carry in Taiwan area. Although transmit a distance unlike Sigfox, but transmission bandwidth is taller, construction cost and technical difficulty are not tall, suit to close in the construction in high-tech plant area model net region, the feeling that transmits each type measures data.

For the angle that builds with global cloth, german Lai because information and Yu Kaiqun of communication technology manager express, sigfox is the technology that has expansibility very much, because Sigfox provides global net region service, more convenient to transnational corporation, especially the network plan of figuration of an organic whole, complete to be being offerred the company of high income and stable high in the clouds serves, leave out the trouble on a lot of development and cooperation. The transmission distance of Sigfox is farthermost, but the transmission frequency inside a day is least, because this suits to apply in reaction,fixed period of time conveys the setting of data, for instance climate of ammeter of cop monitoring, intelligence, area is monitored and alarm. Sigfox cooperates in Taiwan area and O-bike at present, responsible fixed position tracks a service, and the facility status that resurgence conserves is diagnosed, with intelligent medical treatment the application such as long-range look after. Because be the application that cross a state, sigfox also cooperates with American express company, in wrap up jacket sets sensor, carry the position besides what know wrap up, also can sense the time that ravel, will specific number answers the United States according to conveying.

Future of content couplet net wishs scene: Information safety and technical test and verify are short of one cannot

Burgeoning science and technology is brought more advantage and good future wish scene, also bring the secret worry about safety at the same time, flow on the network when all sorts of information, once network safety produces a problem, cause the likelihood the leak outside individual privacy, affect person safety even. The Europe that privacy counterpoises is inspected in ponderosity, had protected an agreement through current data (General Data Protection Regulation, abbreviation GDPR) , among them strict and normative the network company limitation to individual data collect and management. Although endowment install a problem to have not lift comprehensive attention in Taiwan, but as unit of content couplet network and domain extend, the person that use commonly also is met the topic for discussion related more frequent bring into contact with, network safety is sure will make a product / one of service plan that software supplier requires to put forward.

German Lai also reminds because of senior manager He Shaopeng, technology of all and wireless communication must pass national standard and allied attestation level. Must be opposite through each country code first above all of wireless communication frequency and power accuse a canal, let a product have acceptable communication level, because want,won’t strengthen communication and affect other electron instrument or human body health. Will still must adopt the standard of each technical alliance again, include agreement of electromagnetism mode, communication and interconnection sex test, ensure use the product that is the same as type communication technology to be able to be communicated each other. As at present the intelligence on market lives in gateway, can contain the 1 communication technology to 3 kinds mostly (wait for) like WI-FI, Bluetooth, ZigBee, the interconnection sex of the product and interference rejection sex are more important. Be in probably before long in the future, also can be inside module of net of couplet of single other people the technique of different wireless network news report such as integrated LoRa or NB-IoT, resembling is to be in out-of-the-way factory, form the data between the equipment inside sth resembling a net of local area network to transmit with LoRa, reach number according to conveying again external LTE network, the data of many plant area undertakes conformity integral analysis.

No matter the domain waits in traffic, industry, agriculture, building, medical treatment, finance, place of content couplet net should pay close attention to will be the burgeoning application below data, device couplet net is a foundation only, only be apt to is added use software to serve, master applied business chance, talent is particular the true wisdom that realizes content couplet net.

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