The apple applies for 4 to connect patent high to disable to American Patent Office

Have new progress again around apple and the patent lawsuit issue that understand high, zhou Siping submits a document to American patent and brand bureau if really, because of invalid patent, the requirement cancels 4 patent that connect high.

The apple applies for 4 to connect patent high to disable to American Patent Office

What these 4 patent involve digital camera is automatic indication screen of the pair of anxious means, function strategy that at the same time appropriative mobile phone and individual count word assistant, feeling and memory circuit, content all with connect high in California federal 2017 the court is opposite the patent lawsuit that the apple initiates is concerned, malic respect thinks these 4 patent do not have innovation sex.

Connect high 2017 sue in California court connect “ forestall high ” of wireless chip market, give the claim for compensation of nearly 1 billion dollar to Gaotongdi.

Gaotong’s spokesman expresses not to grant to this buy is judged.

The apple often tries through American patent and the board of review mentions appeal, relatively court, american patent rules the legal standard with the board of review and flow are relatively simple, often undertake the cognizance of invalid patent in patent tort dispute. According to the data data of this committee, the apple had submitted 398 application to this orgnaization.

3 judges of committee will undertake investigating to this matter, make abecedarian ruling, after this will start formal investigation and final ruling is made inside a year.

Recently, committee of American international trade (ITC) is being connected high sue malic patent tort one case holds a hearing, connect the IPhone product entrance that uses chip of Intel base band partly with asking to prohibit for 3 patent tort high to reach the United States the market, preliminary cognizance apple has ITC a patent is suspected of tort.

Nearly 9 months, gaotong and malic lawsuit basically are centered at patent lawsuit, initiate just be connect high, this also is regarded as an apple to permit accredit mode to be initiated in much ground in the light of its after sueing, connect high strike back method, look at present, connect high can hold probably in patent lawsuit respect active, of the apple making an instrument instead is to pass invalid and patent application.

Be in the United States, this already involved federal court around the litigant fight between two tycoons, commission of American federal trade (committee of committee of international trade of FTC) , United States (ITC) , the apple mixes American patent again now brand bureau (PTO) pulls battlefield, no matter be the lawsuit of patent lawsuit or forestall behavior, will spend many time, both sides is to be in to return chip of the accumulative total before conference table finally.

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