STMicroelectronics VL53L1X ToF is close to sensor to be in trade lustre opens carry out to have unapproachable range finding speed and reliability

On May 30, 2018–Newest semiconductor and electron yuan the global accredit cent of parts of an apparatus sells trade lustre electron (cent begins to spend time of flight of STMicroelectronics (ST) VL53L1X since Mouser Electronics) this day (ToF) is close to sensor. VL53L1X of product of ST FlightSense™ series is the fastest miniature ToF sensor on market, range finding precision amounts to 4 meters, frequency is highest amount to 50 Hz.

The ST VL53L1X ToF of trade lustre stock up is close to sensor is module of miniature of type of an organic whole, compositive driver of 940 Nm laser and emitter, and diode of odd photon avalanche (array of SPAD) photoelectricity detector, have unapproachable range finding speed and reliability. VL53L1X has 27 degrees typical perspective (FoV) , pass those who install SPAD array to go up to be interested in area (ROI) can reduce FoV, much area of supportive lead plane operates control.

STMicroelectronics VL53L1X ToF is close to sensor to be in trade lustre opens carry out to have unapproachable range finding speed and reliability

VL53L1X is close to sensor to use only power source and I2C interface, and bring foot and ST go up generation VL53L0X sensor is compatible, convenient user upgrades easily existing product. This general-purpose supportive laser assists sensor to be opposite automatically anxious dog with video central point auxiliary, apply to all sorts of application, include network of couplet of personal computer, content (robot of illume of vending machine of IoT) equipment, intelligence, intelligence, service and unmanned aircraft.

The X-NUCLEO-53L1A1 that VL53L1X sensor still has form a complete set is patulous board evaluate with P-NUCLEO-53L1A1 set. Apply to ST Nucleo STM32 the X-NUCLEO-53L1A1 of development board is patulous board the spacer that carried 2 VL53L1X to divide cover board of a line board, glass and 3 different height, can as far as possible imitate applies an environment finally. P-NUCLEO-53L1A1 is evaluated cover an all content that contain X-NUCLEO-53L1A1 not only, still include a STM32F401RE Nucleo board, apply any STM32 for the user small controller undertakes product originality and archetypal development offerred a kind of low cost and quick way.

Trade lustre electron has substantial product line and outstanding customer service, design engineer and the innovation demand that purchase personnel through offerring the newest product that uses an advanced technique to satisfy. Our inventory has the newest semiconductor with the widest whole world and electronic element, for newest design of the client the project provides support. Mouser website has a variety of advanced search tools to be able to help an user understand product inventory situation quickly not only, and the website still is being updated continuously experience with optimizing an user ceaselessly. In addition, mouser website still offers data manual, supplier information of design of specific and referenced design, applied note, technology and project use the rich material such as the tool to consult for the user.

About trade lustre electron (Mouser Electronics)

Be subordinate to of trade lustre electron belongs to Bai Kexi Er to with a ha scatter Wei group (Berkshire Hathaway) company is subordinate, it is a top-ranking accredit semiconductor that obtains special honour repeatedly and electron yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells business, devote oneself to technically with the quickest way, to design engineer and the newest product that purchase personnel to provide industry tip manufacturer. As a whole world cent sells business, our website can offer multiligualism and much money to trade support, cent sells many kinds of 500 product that comes from business of more than 700 production. We support a center to provide high-class service for the client through spreading all over 22 clients of the whole world, help Si Na department through be located in American heart city to amount to, have most the storehouse of 70 thousand square metre of the advanced technique to the whole world 170 countries / area, exceed shipment of 600 thousand clients.

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