SDS of SamSung of tycoon of Korea science and technology rolls out door lock of advanced intelligence of blue tooth of low power comsumption to make the user can pass smartphone operation and monitoring

Norwegian Oslo–On June 25, 2018–Exceed low power comsumption (Nordic Semiconductor of expert of ULP) radio frequency announces with the blue tooth of NRF52832 low power comsumption that the subsidiary Samsung SDS of the group of the SamSung that cross a state that Korea head Er is base is chosen to obtain special honour repeatedly with Nordic in door lock of its SHP-DP930 intelligence (Bluetooth®Chip of level of system of Low Energy /Bluetooth LE) (SoC) .

In the field of Asian intelligence household that developing flourishingly, intelligent door lock is among them category of a popular product, especially Chinese investment exceeds 1, 50 billion dollar builds the world’s banner domestic automation industry, drove the market to grow energetically.

SDS of SamSung of tycoon of Korea science and technology rolls out door lock of advanced intelligence of blue tooth of low power comsumption to make the user can pass smartphone operation and monitoring
SDS of SamSung of tycoon of Korea science and technology rolls out door lock of advanced intelligence of blue tooth of low power comsumption to make the user can pass smartphone operation and monitoring

Door lock of intelligence of ” of type of push-pull of this kind of “ is SamSung SDS the newest product in the set of intelligent door lock that faces Asia and Oceanian area, this lock is systemic mortise unit, can install any existing portals. This door lock contains the blue tooth of low power comsumption that helps strength by Nordic SoC wireless join function, the blue tooth 4.0(that can pass an user and taller version) smartphone open door lock, also can use number of dactylogram, individual identifying (PIN) and RFID response card will lock up, the user need not carry the key to also can go to the lavatory instantly medium or the gate of the office. In addition, development business still offers mechanical key to reserve in order to make.

Should register an user (no matter be domestic member, guest or domestic v/arc hired laborer) when approaching an entrance door, the Samsung SDS application that needs to moving on IOS or the equipment that install eminent only clicks gate pushbutton icon to be able to solve a lock in program SHome Doorlock. In addition, the activity of ” of “ pass in and out that SHome Doorlock can allow owner to examine its household or office is recorded, and be received when batteries n is not worth or opening the door every time push send an announcement, the parents in working for example but thereby is witting whether did the child already come home from the school surely.

The parts of an apparatus of SoC of blue tooth of low power comsumption of NRF52832 much agreement of Nordic is compositive the 32 Arm®Cortex™M4F processor of a 64MHz and component of radio frequency of a 2.4GHz much agreement (support blue tooth 5, ANT™ and demesne) of 2.4GHz RF software, have – 96dB admits sensitivity, 512kB Flash memory and 64kB RAM. Compare with competitive solution photograph, this SoC parts of an apparatus provides function of the capability of additional and general processing that is as high as 60% , 10 times floating-point and double DSP performance.

This SoC parts of an apparatus is comfortable the S132 agreement inn that matchs application of advanced blue tooth of low power comsumption, it is offerred in the center of, the peripheral, person that broadcast and observer part of blue tooth of a few kinds of low power comsumption, support reachs 20 join and subsequent role operation.

SHP-DP930 intelligence door lock uses power supply of 8 AA batteries, change every time the standard operation that more than 12 months can offer after batteries, and the low power comsumption that an account with its small power comsumption is NRF52832 SoC is characteristic. This SoC parts of an apparatus passes elaborate design, have electric current of peak value RX / TX to be the component of 2.4GHz radio frequency of 5.5mA, its are full automatic system of power source management can reduce power comsumption even lower than SoC of Nordic NRF51 series 80% .

SamSung SDS lives in Joonho Moon of group leader of group of program of IoT group business to express: “ battery life is one of elements of the most serious consideration when we are choosing wireless chip, the NRF52832 SoC of Nordic not only by accepted for solution of power comsumption first-rate, and still provided the newest, stablest RF agreement software. ”

NRF52832 SoC was used will use program code and RF agreement software (the software framework with “ stack apart ”) , eliminated not only both between depend on a relation, and decreased the risk of stack is destroyed during applied process is developed. It still supports the firmware in sky to update (OTA-DFU) , use safe autograph to undertake identity test and verify, ensure the newer ability that comes from course test and verify and authentic origin only is in give device aspirant travel operation. Of this SoC parts of an apparatus advanced increase close level (AES) provided powerful protection, and ARM processor and enough Flash memory and RAM can satisfy AES and processor at the same time concentrated model applied demand.

To enhance security, NRF52832 SoC was offerred piece on NFC-A label is taken with support outside (OOB) conjugate, exchange attestation information through NFC link, simplified thereby the safe conjugate process between equipment of two blue teeth.

Moon add says: “Nordic SoC besides have hardware advantage, its rich software give typical examples also makes development work get twice the result with half the effort. In addition, no matter be the spot or dynamic online Devzone society group provides technical support, make our benefit good people much. ”

Nordic semiconductor sale and Geir Langeland of market chief inspector express: “ SamSung is the whole world famous with the brand that trusts. SamSung SDS rolls out general of new-style intelligence door lock to guide how intelligent household prevents industry market. The hardware that SHP-DP930 intelligence door lock used NRF52832 SoC ably to pass test and verify and stack of powerful and safe blue tooth of low power comsumption, the Asian consumer group that lives in a solution to long to obtain intelligence offerred perfect solution. ”

SamSung SDS already offerred product of SHP-DP930 intelligence door lock in whole Asia and Oceanian area now.

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