Saipulasi faces car and industrial domain to roll out shine put a solution

Saipulasi announced a few days ago, roll out Semper formally™NOR shines put range of products. This range of products faces car and industrial domain, offer the best security inside course of study and dependability to assure for the user. Semper shows the framework that puts range of products and design to aim to make without reason block embedded automobile security system, it is a money the memory product that accords with standard of safety of sex of ISO 26262 function.

Saipulasi faces car and industrial domain to roll out shine put a solution

The functional sex safe level of the requirement that this range of products accords with automobile industry and ASIL-B, in the environment applying with extreme temperature of industry in the car, still can provide outstanding durable sex and data keep capability.

Saipulasi shines put Rainer Hoehler of career department vice president to express: The security that “ stores and dependability are automatic those who drive to apply with industry is principal think element. Accordingly, we rolled out brand-new Semper technically to shine put range of products, it accords with the relative standard of functional sex safety, thereby can avoid system breakdown. Although be in harsh applied environment, semper range of products also can offer industry first-rate to read take bandwidth, instantaneous to start, tall durable sex and long-term data storage capacity, let an user enjoy long-term and reliable function experience. ”

Have the aid of surpasses Pulasi’s EnduraFlex™Framework, semper shines put a product to be able to be differentiated to be many partition, undertake be optimizinged alone to capacity of each divisional durable sexes and long-term storage, make systematic design is able to simplify thereby. Write to frequent data, pass the divisional configuration to Semper Flash, the product of 512Mb density can realize the program erasure that is as high as 1.28 million times, and the product of 1Gb density can come true be as high as program erasure 2.56 million times. To code and configuration memory, through configuration individual partition can realize the long data keep that is as long as 25 years.

Semper shines put range of products to include product of AEC-Q100 car attestation, support – 40°C comes + the patulous temperature limits of 125°C, 1.8V and limits of 3.0V job voltage, 512Mb comes the packing density of 4Gb. This product offerred Quad SPI, Octal SPI and HyperBus™The different choice of interface. Among them, the product of Octal and HyperBus interface closes JEDEC XSPI level as Shan Cunfu of high-powered X8 NOR, offer 400 MBps read take bandwidth.

Vice-president of solution of system of power of car of favour wisdom riverside holds general manager Ray Cornyn concurrently to express: The MCU that “ passes Jiang Enzhi a surname and SoC product and the HyperBus that surpass Pulasi store product collocation is used, favour wisdom riverside satisfied the to memory requirement of rapid growth successfully already. Semper NOR of the generation below the Saipulasi that has HyperBus interface shines put range of products, contented future market is opposite with a view to the demand of security and dependability, because this will help us,score greater success. ”

Offer goods condition

Current, saipulasi’s 512Mb Semper shines put a product to be in the level that provides sample for important client, mature sample will 2018 4 quarters are rolled out. Array of use 24-ball bar (the product that BGA) , 16-pin SOIC and 8-contact WSON enclose, predict will 2019 the quantity is produced first quarter.

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