Rutronik24 lottery game plays during the world cup, shoot with great accuracy!

Rutronik24 drives —— of world cup upsurge to open contest to begin in Russia from the world cup, the client that visits platform of this electron business affairs can aim fictitious target to shoot a ball in page everyday, and win take lottery ticket, on July 15 finals played big lottery that day.

Participator has an opportunity to win rich award in lottery activity, include recorder of sound system, drive a vehicle, IPad, watch, knapsack and gift basket;Rutronik24 to still can send large award, include two-men the brigade of travel of luxurious You Lun, city and preserve one’s health swim on the weekend etc. These award are offerred by Ruzhuoli and collaboration of Rutronik24 concentration supplier.

Rutronik24 lottery game plays during the world cup, shoot with great accuracy!

The staff of the client company that registers on platform of Rutronik24 electron business affairs all can play activity of lottery; lottery to be not set for personal user, jing Xi excuses me. Participant every time quiver goal can be won take lottery ticket 3 pieces at most, will increase on July 15 the opportunity of bear the palm.

Explanation of Andrea Bissinger of Rutronik24 Germany selling manager says: We are dedicated to “ through seesaw pattern activity (the ejaculation like this ball lottery activity) will popularize platform of this electron business affairs. ”Bissinger states Ruzhuoli still passes other act, be like R24 news mail, will widen eye shot, providing professional information for the client while, also can have interactive experience.

About Ruzhuoli (

Ruzhuoli (Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH) is Europe sells business big minute the 3rd (data sources: Europartners cent sells report 2016) and world big minute the 10th to sell business (data sources: SourceToday, in May 2017 date) . As broad line product cent sells business, ruzhuolike is offerred semiconductor, passive and Electromechanical component and indication screen, embedded advocate board, memory solution and wireless solution. The main goal market of the company is car, medical treatment, industry, electric home appliances<gj, the sources of energy and illume course of study. Ruzhuolitong crosses RUTRONIK EMBEDDED, RUTRONIK SMART, RUTRONIK POWER and RUTRONIK AUTOMOTIVE series to offer Wu of custom-built omnibus product kimono, satisfy the requirement that its use for the client. The professional technology support that reachs a design to product development, content flows and supply chain management to solve a solution, and the service that takes make sure integratedly to get Ruzhuoli is perfect with each passing day.

Ruzhuoli is in by Mr Helmut Rudel at Germany Yisipulingen founded 1973, own more than 70 subsidiary in Europe, Asia and America at present, in the whole world employ exceeds 1600 employee, be in 2017 money year the group sales revenue that reachs 900 million 50 million euro.

Platform of electron business affairs lets an user need to login only can visit online catalog, purchase area and product change announcement (PCN) database. Online catalog offerred the overview of all products, include detailed data list and the intelligence that make user choice more convenience to search a function. Batch quotes the link allows a client to use its component detailed list to undertake be purchasinged conveniently. The client is purchasing area fast understanding is mixed currently the order in the past, bid, inventory of level of article detailed list, safe inventory, contract, consignment and track a record. The client still can download present list, purchase information, PCN and a variety of media data.

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