PI can be offerred now already adopted car form the SCALE-iDriver door of AEC-Q100 attestation extremely driver IC

Power Integrations announces his now two paragraph SCALE-iDriver™ the attestation that IC series parts of an apparatus shows door pole driver to already adopted standard of car class AEC-Q100 Grade 1. These two parts of an apparatus are SID1132KQ and SID1182KQ respectively, they suit drive 650 V, 750 V and IGBT of 1200 V car and SiC-MOSFET module, and its are rated peak value electric current is respectively + / – 2.5 A and + / – 8 A. SID1182KQ can offer congener segregation door extremely the biggest output electric current in driver, and can drive 600 A/1200 V and switch of 820 A/750 V.

PI can be offerred now already adopted car form the SCALE-iDriver door of AEC-Q100 attestation extremely driver IC

The FluxLink™ magnetism that IGBT of SCALE-iDriver series only channel and SiC-MOSFET driver IC used Power Integrations to innovate feels two-way communication technology, can ensure in just mix formerly the implementation between deputy Fang Zhi strengthens insulation, establish the new standard of insulation integrality and dependability thereby. FluxLink technology but parts of an apparatus of leave out photoelectricity, the parameter of this kind of parts of an apparatus can produce change and higher thermal drop specified number to restrict its service life along with time elapse. Embed magnetism coupling conductor in coming to heat up solid sex material equably, the insulation property of high quality is great the working stability that increased parts of an apparatus and service life. New parts of an apparatus or appliance uses the ESOP with compact, solid Power Integrations to enclose, the 9.5 Mm that can offer CTI 600 course climbs electric distance and clearance, and satisfy car class easily requirement of 5500 meters of altitude.

Power Integrations door extremely Michael Hornkamp of high-quality market chief inspector shows driver product: “ car manufacturer asks to be pure electric car (EV) and mixture power is electric car (HEV) application offers the solution with safe, intelligence and compositive height, include advocate wave of behead of inverter, apply the brake implement, DC-DC batteries transformer and AC-DC car carry batteries charger design. SCALE-iDriver door extremely drive range of products passes AEC-Q100 attestation, make the car designs an engineer to be able to improve systematic efficiency, and be planted from this first gain is scored in super safety and reliable insulation technology. Technology of our FluxLink magnetism coupling undertakes through magnetism segregation data is transmitted, and pass the layer of high quality insulation between low pressure and high-pressured side offerred the smallest in-house segregation of a 0.4 Mm. IC of SCALE-iDriver car class enhances driver security and insulation security to a new standard. ”

The periphery component number that SCALE-iDriver parts of an apparatus can want place is decreased to least, this conduces to compact BOM and support uses cloth of double deck PCB board, reduce interference thereby and raise the dependability of whole system. Because SCALE-iDriver IC needs voltage of an odd polarity only, the car DC-DC power source that is used at voltage of deputy square power supply is attainable simplify considerably. The voltage of buy and power manage circuit to be able to losing door pole to what need inside driving voltage undertakes adjustment. New IC has perfect safe function, include short circuit to involve a process advanced soft close (ASSD) function and owe control protective function.

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