Pass Synaptics and Dialog to discuss amalgamative possibility

According to media coverage, the United States is felt board Synaptics of technical development business is in potential buy trade to launch a negotiation with company of German Dialog semiconductor. Personage of know the inside story discloses, about amalgamative exploration sexual discussion is undertaking in, but won’t come to an agreement possibly also.

Pass Synaptics and Dialog to discuss amalgamative possibility

Suffer this effect, share price of 8 days of Synaptics goes up greatly 10.83% to 47.17 dollars, achieve 5 months the oldest odd-numbered days goes up.

Synaptics held water 1986, be in early rolled out 1995 touch accuse board interface, began to be in touch accuse interactive technology domain to be as long as 20 old cultivated, become industry leader quickly. As personal computer (PC) golden age rings down the curtain, the smartphone period that dominates interactive technology in order to touch to be a foundation comes, synaptics stands again uptake, welcomed rapid growth.

The PMIC module that Dialog semiconductor is malic product (integrated circuit of power source management) supplier, advocate hit charge and technology of blue tooth low power comsumption. Before this, the report says the apple plans to develop its own PMIC module, the market feels pessimistic to the business foreground of Dialog semiconductor.

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