Of Taiwan semiconductor industry hind challenge of Zhang Zhongmou times

During Taiwan computer was exhibited 2018, just meet the stage accumulates electric author Zhang Zhongmou to retire formally, taiwan semiconductor industry seeks the development of times ” to walk along power equipment to get attention in the Zhangzhong after “ .

Market demand industry of chip of dilate of fatigued and weak, competitor, chinese mainland rises, make 3 big challenges. And after afterwards PC, mobile mobile phone, whether the opportunity that seizes 5G and artificial intelligence times, become Taiwan chip industry to hold the key of competition ability.

Of Taiwan semiconductor industry hind challenge of Zhang Zhongmou times

The stage accumulates electric new challenge

After the stage accumulates father Zhang Zhongmou of report to retire, the market thinks the palm that does not have Zhang Zhongmou accuses, add aggravate of competition of environment of inside and outside, sit firmly the table with old place of bibcock of acting labour of global brilliant circle accumulates report, will welcome a series of new challenges.

Academy of industry of of market country develop studies manager Lin Jianhong says to analysis of reporter of the first finance and economics, stage accumulating report takes the place of in global brilliant circle labor market market is had rate for 55% , in global chip acting industry market of the advanced market that make Cheng is had rate for 7 into. Stage accumulating report is semiconductor the manufacturer that domain of perpendicular division of labor has weight most, the representative industry that its serve is communication industry.

“ stage accumulates the problem that report faces at present, it is the biggest client in the stage generation of the chip that accumulate report is versed in the battalion of the advanced business that make Cheng closes occupy than too tall, and the biggest client is located; of delay of industrial growing hasten 2 it is IDM big plant be versed in in the generation of the advanced investment that make Cheng strength is increased. ” Lin Jianhong thinks, two afore-mentioned respects, the demand that represents industry of brilliant circle acting industry respectively and supply situation change. On the whole, brilliant circle acting labour is afraid will be faced with enter adjust the next time period, meet as to adjustment range how old, should see AI(artificial intelligence) whether can be chip demand received on.

In fact, the market demand that global chip generation is versed in is in tighten up. The outside anticipates will be stage accumulating report in recent years “ of dynamic of outstanding achievement growing key digs mine wet ” , the near future also appears many variable. Fictitious money “ digs mine wet ” to drop in temperature, wait for the GPU(graph processor that give priority to with aether money) demand slow down, NVIDIA(Ying Weida) order of apparently cut and existing GPU. Additional, because amplitude of demand of computer game competition is finite, NVIDIA is new to second half of the year GPU of 12 accept rice tastes generation newly next sheet are quite conservative also. In addition, jump litre of bit mainland that becomes a stage to accumulate electric big client in recent years, suffer doubt fully as a result of efficiency of machine of near future mine and affect shipment, dimensions of order of engine of new ore deposit also is inferior to anticipating, and still the hearsay calls bit mainland intended and dispersive risk, will add SamSung newly to be associate of acting industry of the 2nd chip.

On the other hand, the competitor is active and outspread, the market supply that chip generation is versed in is increasing. Industry of semiconductor of current whole world has pattern of two kinds of trade, one kind is IDM(IntegratedDeviceManufacture, compositive parts of an apparatus is made) mode, resemble Intel, from the design, make, enclose test and cast wrap; completely to consumptive market a coordinated process another kind is mode of perpendicular division of labor, some semiconductor companies do a design only, without the factory, if ARM, NVIDIA is mixed,connect high etc, and some companies do acting work only, do not do a design, if the stage accumulates report to wait, and the mark that this kind of new pattern appears was 1987 company of circuit of Taiwan accumulating body (the stage accumulates report) hold water. And at present, the generation that IDM company throws in the advanced domain that make Cheng is versed in strength is increased, your stage accumulates the market competition aggravate that report faces.

And the rise of industry of chinese mainland chip, also be one big challenge. There is much home in the client of stage accumulating report is company of science and technology of mainstream of the United States, China, among them the immediateness that the order of malic company occupied a stage to accumulate electric whole battalion to close two into, still have additionally connect NVIDIA, high, China for, bit mainland. Zhang Zhongmou expresses when accepting media to interview before this, sino-US trade friction is the challenge that its never face. He is in partner of stage accumulating report emphasized again on the meeting on June 5, sino-US trade friction has a lot of variable, the development of enough change chinese mainland and global semiconductor industry goes situation.

Hope add writes a miracle

Although face heavy challenge, but the Zhang Zhongmou that is about to retire or the foreground that accumulate report to the stage are confident.

The stage accumulates report to have 47 thousand stuff, have 30 thousand engineers about among them, it is a Master partly too, the doctor has 2000, reach with technical development advanced make Cheng relevant. Accordingly, zhang Zhongmou thinks, this can deal with gradual progress of technology of the chemistry that advances ceaselessly, physics, so the stage accumulates report to be able to maintain taller competition ability and lead position in semiconductor industry.

And president of stage accumulating report Home Wei Zhe points out, 2017 is stage accumulating report is dovish a year when grow, battalion closes, net and every profit after tax all innovates again tall, the stage accumulates the production with banner technology, outstanding report, and mix to research and development produce the acceptance that can invest, can be in net of couplet of operation of mobile equipment, tall efficiency, content and car use semiconductor domain to master business chance, make Cheng in advanced semiconductor each technology lasts essence of life is entered.

In fact, amalgamative 2017 battalion receives stage accumulating report amount to money of nine hundred and seventy-seven billion four hundred and fifty million yuan of new stations (similarly hereinafter) , profit of the net after raising 3.1%; tax three hundred and forty-three billion one hundred and ten million, increase compared to the same period 3% . Wool interest rate was 2017 50.6% , because scale of pay of research and development promotes, business profitability is 39.4% ,

On the advanced technology that make Cheng, two this years the stage accumulates report to have striking progress. Not only farther aggrandizement 28, the technical position of Cheng of 22 pay the metric system, the chip application of Cheng of 16 pay the metric system already covered all sorts of mainstream smartphones, add close money, artificial intelligence, plot to handle chip and radio frequency product. 2017 product of 10 accept rice with throughout history the rapiddest rate enters a quantity to produce, and the quantity produces the first year of battalion to close to take year namely 10% what all brilliant circle sells, and the 7 accept rice of banner industry is strengthened model after making Cheng also will be followed, enter try produce. Cheng of 5 pay the metric system, predict the quantity was produced 2020.

In this backside, the cost of technical research and development of stage accumulating report raised 2017 13.5% . This makes brilliant round shipment increased stage accumulating report 2017 8.8% , amount to 10.5 million (with) of computation of circle of 12 inches of brilliant, 58% what 28 accept rice reachs the following more advanced sale that make Cheng to hold integral brilliant round sale, the 54%; 2016 is in prep above 8 years continuously market of territory of professional IC production service is had rate grow, already achieved 56% .

Of stage accumulating report strategic fixed position will remain chip acting plant henceforth, those who pass technology and service is patulous, make an open platform. Operation application lasted in high in the clouds and equipment end 2017 outspread, main and mobile product is used in succession advanced make Cheng, intelligent car stimulates a car to use semiconductor driving demand, content couplet net grows ceaselessly, and artificial intelligence will embed in each application, the stage accumulates report to hope to participate in these domains that growing, integrated circuit of IC(of course of study of ceaseless enlarge three-year institution of higher learning) the market of production service territory is had rate.

Prospective good luck is mixed in 5G artificial intelligence

Stage accumulating report is Taiwan semiconductor the bibcock of course of study, also be one side mirror. In Taiwan semiconductor Zhangzhong of patristic type person seeks job after retiring, industry of whole Taiwan semiconductor is the most crucial is the new opportunity that seizes times of 5G, artificial intelligence, ability maintains position of all corners of the country.

Lin Jianhong says to analysis of reporter of the first finance and economics, zhang Zhongmou witnessed two very bright milepost in Taiwan: It is the brilliant circle that builds a stage to accumulate report acting industry Wu, in PC times, work up removes client accredit and certain technical dimensions. Leave off his post for the first time in Zhang Zhongmou when the stage accumulates electric president, PC industry already just arrived extreme. When Zhangzhong seeks new control to accuse a stage to accumulate report, what correspondence arrives is the tide of the smartphone, the chip below this wave tide designs a company to grow quickly, pull carried chip acting plant the position in semiconductor industry. And the position that this Zhang Zhongmou amasses electric president from the stage retires formally come down, just correspondence arrived the phase of delay of smartphone growing hasten.

The product that sees continue at present and kinetic energy included AI(artificial intelligence) change with the data center that drives below 5G, and the demand of terminal product performance that intelligent car brings and net of IoT(content couplet) the demand of society of interconnection of everythings on earth.

Lin Jianhong says, the opportunity that each chip business sees Taiwan and international is same, will be in continue to throw on some foundations already. Semiconductor industry can regard as ran, every player is to making similar action actually, it is somebody suits long-distance running only, somebody suits dash.

To Taiwan semiconductor industry, prospective challenge, have external, the; that also has interior has industrial side, also have technical side. Look from exterior challenge, industry of chinese mainland semiconductor rises, the production market that Taiwan makes Cheng node in maturity has rate portion to will glide stage by stage; looks from in-house challenge, condition of equality of water of policy of the land of Taiwan, the sources of energy, education, compensation, will reduce make measure again devoted strength, because industry of this Taiwan semiconductor is very fast,will face mainland mainland firm replace competition.

In industrial face, in PC and smartphone the circumstance of growing hasten delay falls, the impetus of manufacturing industry of conductor of half-and-half of market demand dimensions is spent glide; and “ is driving AI, 5G, automatically the domain such as car, will appear new market requirement, if client favour is gained in competition, will be Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing industry whether the crucial ” that grows continuously. Lin Jianhong says, in technical area, rub delay of Er mensurable hasten, outspread rub Er law, surmount rub the speed of zoology department construction of Er law and cooperative state will be a challenge.

According to academy of develop industry newest report statistic, because high-end smartphone demand was inferior to anticipating first half of the year 2018, and the high end that the manufacturer rolls out and in carry smartphone dividing line more and more ambiguous, the new function that smartphone manufacturer rolls out was like anticipate exciting consumer changes machine requirement, manufacturer of indirect and depressive smartphone is inferior to to the demand of high-powered processor before, brilliant circle acting industry person be faced with slow down of strength of drive of the advanced development that make Cheng, make global brilliant circle acting first half of the year this year industry total production value year increase rate will under last year the corresponding period, beforehand estimate value of output amounts to 29.06 billion dollar, year increase rate is 7.7% , the person that city takes before rate 3 job accumulates report of report, case core, couplet for the stage respectively.

In develop 2018 rank of acting factory of circle of before the whole world 10 big brilliant is medium first half of the year, taiwan enterprise held 4 seat, include a stage to accumulate report, couplet report, Li Jing, world advanced. Among them, the stage accumulates report to reside head of a list of names posted up high, the market is had rate be as high as 56.1% .

And in the sheet of a list of names posted up that in develop before the whole world 10 big IC designed a company first quarter 2018, taiwan enterprise also held 3 seat, include couplet to send sunlighting semiconductor of division, luck, couplet to chant science and technology, they are discharged respectively in the 4th, the 8th, the 9th. Among them, couplet hair division the performance first quarter is not good this year, battalion closes successive already 4 quarters ebb, but wool interest rate already was answered gradually firm, the wool interest rate first quarter amounts to if this year 38.4% , partial reason is P60 processor uses Cheng of 12 pay the metric system, have market competition advantage, increase the order that recovers OPPO.

Refer stage is accumulated Taiwan is other besides report the future of semiconductor industry goes situation, lin Jianhong thinks, taiwan chip designs a company, outstanding achievement is stable but have hard grow greatly. Division of MTK(couplet hair) follow sunlighting semiconductor of luck of hasten delay;Realtek(because of delay of hasten of mobile phone market) outside the multimedia that divide PC, borrow by color television chip, wireless with wired product grow;Novatek(couplet to chant science and technology somewhat) touch with TDDI(accuse as compositive as indication driver) it is main growing kinetic energy with color television chip.

Side of company of Taiwan chip acting industry, UMC(couplet China electron) through cooperate external the base that enlarges production, but the for generations below slow down is advanced the investment that makes Cheng, the hope improves company finance affairs structure and have a technology already deepen. The acting industry firm of compound semiconductor is indebted the demand that identifies pair of photoelectricity component at biology, have relatively substantially grow.

In tide of application of car of this AI that lifted last year, 5G, intelligence, taiwan semiconductor manufacturer parts to be enclosed with level of system of development of conformity of component of the advanced technology that make Cheng, photoelectricity, SiP() the focal point that increases the direction such as the value to serve as development. Future whether continue capture this upsurge, make Taiwan semiconductor course of study whether the key of the position in managing global chip industry.

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