Nordic Semiconductor rolls out NRF Connect For Cloud

Norwegian Oslo–On June 21, 2018–Nordic Semiconductor announces to roll out NRF Connect For Cloud, use at be being evaluated freely, test and test and verify are based on the cloud and use blue tooth of low power comsumption of much agreement of Nordic NRF51 and NRF52 series (Bluetooth®Chip of level of system of Low Energy /Bluetooth LE) (the design of SoC) .

NRF Connect For Cloud has intuitionistic working flow, and offerred Nordic use a lot of functions of program NRF Connect For Desktop and NRF Connect For Mobile with the popularity that be built at compose and develops product of blue tooth of low power comsumption. NRF Connect For Cloud still supports extensive level blue tooth service and serve demesne, for instance Nordic UART Service(NUS) .

Nordic Semiconductor rolls out NRF Connect For Cloud

NRF Connect For Cloud supports all mainstream browsers on the market, through Web blue tooth applies interface of program process designing (API) pushs data send the cloud, or collect data from the cloud, make the function that development staff can check and modifies aircraft of its solution prototype and performance data. The front that adopts use NRF Connect For Cloud is visible function, development staff can collect historical data from inside the database and the analysis undertakes in the browser. This product still allows engineer monitoring net of couplet of long-range and wireless content (IoT) is designed and undertake to it alternant, make detached on geography development group member can cooperation completes development project.

Apply to IOS and the NRF Gateway App that install Zhuo Yi to use device to provide support for NRF Connect For Cloud. NRF Gateway App is smartphone changeover an Internet gateway, it is the information changeover of equipment of blue tooth of Nordic low power comsumption agreement of ReST / MQTT / IP to operate a gender in order to realize each other of high in the clouds thereby.

Nordic Semiconductor rolls out NRF Connect For Cloud

This Gateway App and be based on the back end of NRF Connect For Cloud with mandatory Amazon Web Services (AWS) to have communication, use software to serve namely (SaaS) component. Through using component of AWS industry level, this application process can realize end to join to upright data and equipment in order to ensure dependability, can expand from equipment of blue tooth of a few low power comsumption hundreds.

NRF Connect For Cloud supports blue tooth of low power comsumption at present solution, the level of system of LTE-M / NB-IoT of much model of whole world of low power comsumption of Nordic NRF91 series that prospective version still faces support beehive IoT is enclosed (SiP) product. Hold to Nordic to improve the admirable tradition that develops a tool continuously, NRF Connect For Cloud will be updated continuously, make the group of wireless IoT development that uses Nordic product OK get twice the result with half the effort.

John Leonard of manager of sale of Nordic Semiconductor product expresses: “ uses blue tooth and technology of other and wireless join to join the distributed IoT system of the cloud and back end system is popular, compose builds the mushroom of development group amount of these solutions, to them, NRF Connect For Cloud is the tool of rare. Before this product shortened, ‘ goes to a smartphone from equipment’Migratory join to the cloud from equipment to ‘ the time-consuming job of ’ , and simplified Nordic wireless product is compositive the job to large IoT system. ”

NRF Connect For Cloud gives birth to supportive Nordic Thingy:5 formerly2 IoT sensor is covered, Nordic NRF5 development is covered (DK) and software development are covered (SDK) give typical examples. Can get manual of frequent learn the rudiments of a subject from network address

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