Nexperia is new the LFPAK56 MOSFET parts of an apparatus that roll out, improved distance climbing report and clearance

Nexperia, regard the whole world of schism, logic and MOSFET parts of an apparatus as the leader, two parts of an apparatus in announcing the LFPAK56 of MOSFET encloses series recently already can be thrown at present use, its satisfy rated voltage to arrive in 15V via distance of improvement climbing report and clearance the UL2595 requirement of the equipment of batteries power supply between 32V. The Power-SO8 of parts of an apparatus and occupation standard takes up 100% compatible; still do not have the space other delivers exterior installing device closely between head of extreme of source of can contented requirement and leakage extreme head the UL2595 standard that the least space climbing report and clearance are 1.5mm.

Nexperia is new the LFPAK56 MOSFET parts of an apparatus that roll out, improved distance climbing report and clearance

The type of Power-SO8 of competition of a few photographs that constructs with law of use down-lead joint is different, the LFPAK56 of Nexperia is enclosed use one-time solder to clip constructs and be become to the copper of chip surface. This reduced patulous resistance, gift LFPAK56 is outstanding electric raised dependability with hot character. Increase model the distance climbing report that SOT1023A encloses medium new fund PSMN0R9-30ULD and MOSFET of PSMN1R0-40ULD N raceway groove is 1.5mm, clearance is 1.55mm. The rated voltage of PSMN0R9-30ULD parts of an apparatus is 30V, resistor is 0.87mΩ , electric current is 300A, the rated voltage of PSMN1R0-40ULD is 40V, resistor is 1.1 MΩ , electric current is 280 A.

Eric Su of manager of international product sale comments on: “UL2595 is an American level that is used very likely importantly by other international superintendency orgnaization. In addition, equipment manufacturer auxes would rather the design accords with the global product of the rigiddest standard, also do not wish to design the product of different version in the light of different situation. Accordingly, design personnel must realize UL2595 of groovy short of of Power-SO8 parts of an apparatus, but have compatible and convenient replaced parts of an apparatus can offer an alternative. ”

PSMN0R9-30ULD and PSMN0R9-40ULD MOSFET are the one part of the NextPowerS3 series parts of an apparatus of Nexperia, have the low RDS(on) , biggest electric current and area of firm and secure job (the advantage of SOA) , it is the perfect option that uses a field by the electric machinery control of batteries power supply.

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