Nawei announces Wen Ye science and technology acts as agent for the Asia of GaNFast

Accept is small (Navitas) announces with Wen Ye science and technology reachs cent to sell an agreement, with period reinforce client concern, quicken GaNFast™ power IC to be in the permeability of China, Taiwan and Korea market and sale growth. IC of power of GaNFast of global head money can realize MHz switch frequency and highest efficiency to run at the same time, this can be mobile and fast charger and adapter, IoT, TV, electric car / the power changeover that illume of mixture motivation, LED and solution of new energy resources realize cost of smaller, lighter, smaller system.

Offer small sale and sale vice-president Stephen Oliver express: “ Nawei is very glad that with Wen Ye science and technology cooperates, gaNFast technology opened an entrance door, and Wen Ye science and technology is extensive the successful experience of the market, with accepted actual strength achievable trade. Bright science and technology is in article of by means of of this area enclothe, we can be in this value identifies in the market of 30 billion dollar, win to take and track the business opportunity that creates till agreement from OEM design. ”

Wen Ye science and technology is had in this collaboration domain 36 agency and 2, many 000 employee, its group devotes oneself to to support this locality sale that accept small oneself increases quickly and field application resource.

Johnny Ou of vice-president of sale of Wen Ye science and technology explains: “ is passed use GaNFast, we are in power source to change the starting point of new era, wen Ye science and technology owns rich product combination, experience and client concern, can develop GaNFast technology latent capacity adequately. For Wen Ye with the collaboration with small accept science and technology is in mobile and fast charger, adapter, IoT, TV and domain of higher power application brought new complementary income source. ”

About accept small

Accept is small (Navitas) semiconductor company is the world the first also is company of only GaN power IC, at was in the United States 2014 California city El Segundo holds water. Accept is small have powerful and the group of expert of power semiconductor industry of constant growth, inside the domain that reachs innovation to be recorded successfully in process of material, parts of an apparatus, application, system and sale, the experience; that closes to be had in all more than 200 years in addition, its many author also closes to own more than 200 patent in all. The GaN FET that design of technology of this company proprietary covers a will highest property and GaN logic and sheet of GaN imitate circuit piece compositive. IC of power of accept small GaNFast is mobile, consumption, enterprise and market of new energy resources to provide the power source of smaller, more high-energy effect and lower cost. Accept is small have or exceeding 35 in the patent of application.

About Wen Ye science and technology

Wen Ye science and technology held water 1993, be dedicated the banner major that separates sell line of business at global semiconductor serves a provider. Through offerring outstanding supply for supplier and client chain management serves, wen Ye science and technology locates successfully the crucial contact orgnaization that is join upper reaches and downstream partner. Wen Ye science and technology has the semiconductor partner with more than 60 lead whole worlds, and to 8 what include electron of communication, computation, consumption, industry and instrument, IoT and car to wait for each domains, many 000 high grade client provides a service. Of Wen Ye science and technology sale was 2017 1, 89.4 billion new station money, add up to 6.3 billion dollar about.

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