MLCC price rises continuously, the shift of day department firm such as village cropland goes up two to 3 into

On June 21, cite according to Reuter foreign capital report, cropland of village of manufacturer of bibcock of capacitance of laminose pottery and porcelain makes the whole world (Murata) already talked things over with client end rise in price, and ask tone goes up 2 arrive 3 into, sun of big plant of another day department leads report (price of Taiyo Yuden) target also is increased synchronism.

Before this, village cropland makes place still announce, increase to answer MLCC demand, will have increase production.

MLCC price rises continuously, the shift of day department firm such as village cropland goes up two to 3 into

As we have learned, ” of the place of field of village of well of blessing of “ of subsidiary of the production below banner of the village field place that make that make already was obtained build a factory to use the land, the plan invests build of 29 billion yen new plant of a MLCC, new plant predicts to will begin construction in September 2018, finishing in December 2019.

According to report, regard bibcock of capacitance of global pottery and porcelain as the factory, village cropland year shipment volume makes an appointment with 1 million, and village cropland also plans to give Yun Cuntian to make place in “ (insular root county gives cloud city) ” and the factory that are located in Philippine Manila outskirts have increase production, beforehand appraise 2019 year end (by March 2020) capacitance of pottery and porcelain of village cropland whole is produced can will increase 2 into.

Village cropland points out, because be demand of electronic spare parts with capacitance,will last driving, beforehand appraise is spent this year (2018 year, April 2018 – in March 2019) amalgamative battalion closes will year add 14.8% to 1 million 5, 75 billion yen, first degrees of breakthrough 1.5 million yen closes greatly, add achieves historical new Gao Jilu.

MLCC is in short supply continuously this year for goods

As we have learned, MLCC application is wide, market of downstream consumption electron upgrades and the propulsion of car of new energy resources the demand that waits for the high pressure in promoting, Gao Rong high-end MLCC product increases, occupy Chinese industry website to forecast, to 2020 dimensions of MLCC whole market will achieve 11.5 billion U.S. dollor.

MLCC basically faces the consumptive electron domain such as equipment of video of mobile phone, sound, PC, in consumption electronic domain sinks quickly after permeating, MLCC is occupied in volume of this domain shipment than already was being amounted to 70% .

Can say, MLCC is in short supply for goods already was this year the issue with electronic the largest industry, because the supplier is produced,can demand exceeds supply, because this is downstream,the manufacturer can take a cash grab goods only even.

Electric machinery of village cropland, SamSung, TDK, sun lures the manufacturer such as gigantic electron of report and country to depended on material of body of pink of pottery and porcelain and technical advantage to hold the whole world major market share. Among them, cropland of village of day department manufacturer, TDK, sun lures report and product of electric machinery of Han department SamSung to cover each layer stage, gigantic electron of country of department of stage of; of market of strategic upside heavy high end basically is enclothed intermediate manufacturer of mainland of mainland of product domain; is small and medium sized business more, in enclothing, cheap water be equal in output tastes tall division of; elegance and talent to belong to bibcock of domestic MLCC domain, global market is occupied it is than making an appointment with 3% the left and right sides.

The core drive element that MLCC rises in price is unbalance of supply and demand, and the main factor that causes unbalance of supply and demand has: (1) car, labour accuses to wait for high-ranking applying to add fast fast, produce can insufficient cause supply postaccident of explosion of Note7 of nervous;(2) SamSung, MLCC stop production 3 months, sequel is produced can release Electromechanical of cropland of slower;(3) village, SamSung, TDK and sun to lure the MLCC bibcock enterprise such as report to produce can adjust, in abandoning low end the market, turn to car, labour to accuse to wait for high-ranking applying with ICT.

In addition, MLCC, aluminium electroanalysises character the passive package product such as capacitance, tantalum qualitative capacitance, solid state capacitance came one year in the past be in short supply is serious, large size, Gao Rong is worth and low look value, application is mixed in notebook computer the MLCC product of intelligence mobile phone, state of be in short supply especially apparent, in addition application is charging quickly power source is supplied implement wants MLCC product, state of be in short supply predicts to still can last.

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