Microchip is brand-new PIC and AVR MCU can improve systematic performance in closed-loop control application

Arrive from cistern water pump air purifying device, closed-loop control is embedded one of tasks with the mainest system. Through improving a framework, PIC® and AVR®8 sheet piece machine (MCU) undertook optimizing in the light of closed-loop control, let a system can reduce central processor (the load of CPU) , manage more job thereby and implementation is energy-saving.

Improve systematic function and efficiency to help stylist utmost, microchip rolled out brand-new PIC18 Q10 and ATtiny1607 series product a few days ago, can offer many independence the intelligent peripheral at the kernel (CIP) , simplify development process, answer systematic incident quickly.

Microchip is brand-new PIC and AVR MCU can improve systematic performance in closed-loop control application

Microchip is brand-new PIC and AVR MCU can improve systematic performance in closed-loop control application

PIC18 Q10 and ATtiny1607 MCU special the application that applies to use closed-loop control, its are main the advantage is CIP can manage the job independently, reduce the treating capacity of CPU. Have the aid of is based on the CIP of hardware, systematic stylist still can save time and simplify the design works, this can be reduced significantly write the software amount that requires with operation of test and verify. The product of two series all can make sure the function is safe, can work below the voltage of highest 5V, can raise interference rejection sex, be outputted with most imitate and digital sensor is compatible.

New-style ATtiny1607 series is used compact model 3 X 3 Mm 20 brings crural QFN to enclose, get bounds closed-loop control system in the light of the space (move tool and remote controller like hand-held report) undertook optimizing. This series parts of an apparatus not only compositive converter of high speed modulus (ADC) , raise imitate signal to change speed to produce determinism system to answer thereby, still raised oscillator precision, make stylist can reduce exterior component to save cost. The CIP of PIC18 Q10 series includes complementary and undee generator (CWG) peripheral, can simplify the modulus converter that complex switch designs; to take computational function (ADC2) , advanced computation and data can be carried out to filter in hardware, do not have completely need a kernel to intervene. This kind of CIP lets CPU can carry out man-machine interface (the more complex task such as HMI) control, maintain low function pattern when having processing demand, implementation is energy-saving.

The Steve Drehobl of vice president of department of 8 MCU business of Microchip expresses: We see “ all sorts of embedded control application is odd to agile PIC and AVR the demand of a machine increases continuously. Study the challenge that stylist of closed-loop control system faces through with great concentration, we had come true in PIC18 Q10 and ATtiny1607 series product unprecedented use gender and property easily. ”

Develop a tool

Product of all PIC18 Q10 all suffers MPLAB®Code is configured implement (MCC) support, free software plug-in unit offers graphical interface, facilitating configuration peripheral and function. MCC is compositive already the environment of MPLAB X compositive development that can download to Microchip (in IDE) and the MPLAB Xpress IDE of high in the clouds that need not download. Compositive and complete Curiosity brings a foot high to count (HPC) is developed board (DM164136) is the fast prototype with a rich function design board, also can use at beginning to use these MCU to undertake developing.

ATmega4809 Xplained Pro(ATmega4809-XPRO) evaluates kit support to use ATtiny1607 series to complete archetypal design quickly. This kit that carries USB power supply includes feeling key-press, LED and patulous join head, can realize fast installation, board go up to still be added contain process designing implement / debug implement, environment of as compositive as Atmel Studio 7 development (IDE) and Atmel START(a free and online tool, use at deploying peripheral and software, in order to accelerate development) without seam compositive.

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