Meaning law semiconductor is released the 21st year can develop a report continuously

China, on May 28 ——Over or across is multiple the semiconductor supplier with electronic application domain, banner whole world meaning law semiconductor (STMicroelectronics, code of stock exchange of new York of abbreviation ST; : STM) was released can develop a report continuously 2018. This report includes what meaning law semiconductor can develop continuously 2017 to carry out detail and significant gain, put forward its to be mixed in the plan that can develop a field continuously 2025 targets, stated a company to be principle of decathlon of covenant of U.N. whole world and the contribution that can develop target place to make continuously.

President of meaning law semiconductor holds presiding apparitor Carlo Bozotti concurrently to express: “ technology is the motive force that improves continuously, we believe, when with inside can last what change when development method photograph is united in wedlock, semiconductor technology will conduce to a lot of challenge that settles the whole world to be faced with. 2017 is the company holds water 30 years, also be one of year with business and best expression of financial outstanding achievement. Drive around intelligence and content couplet net domain of two big application, through rolling out the unique product combination that is aimed at broad terminal market, we came true to let meaning law semiconductor enter can last and the growing orbit of gain this one target. In the meantime, we also were perfected can develop the strategy continuously, be aimed at in the near future deploy a few new move, formed thereby grand plan and 2025 target. ”

Meaning law semiconductor is released the 21st year can develop a report continuously

Meaning law semiconductor developed fetchs significant gain at can lasting 2017:

Innovation and partner concern

– throw the 31 % of gross income research and development and capital expenditure afresh, this is the investment; that grows to innovation and future

– by 2017, by the product that we bear the blame the specific gravity promotion in new product comes 43 %;

– strengthen cooperative frame, achieve an enterprise newly to establish close partner relationship with many 100, continue to advance industry to the partner concerns and study a plan at the same time, reach total; of 234 active relation of associate of research and development

Person and community

– the attention that promotes safe to production article to change, manage the safe production company with the most high grade industry, can record accident rate to be 0.14% only, grave accident is led relatively dropped 2016 25 %;

– plan ” through health of semiconductor of “ meaning law, finish even more at the whole world 76, 000 check-up;

– undertake in the light of all and main production and design place the risk evaluates field, cover responsibility business alliance (Responsible Business Alliance, ego of RBA) year evaluates the labor inside frame and professional morality, occupy the 86 % of employee sum total. Continue to carry out tripartite of RBA to investigate a plan regularly, obtain more average than industry tower above the fractional; of nearly 30%

– employee of meaning law semiconductor comes from 97 different countries, ethical diversity continues to produce main effect in company culture, the company of ability plans personage of the attention woman that has through expanding, deformity and shirt-sleeve kid, continue to build provide included yard place; more

– continue to support education and volunteer service, the company of area of semiconductor of 30 meaning law that is located in 17 different countries adopts; of 335 relevant act in all

– foundation broke through meaning law semiconductor to groom in 26 countries the milestone that reachs 500 thousand students, there was even more 2017 the informatics that 100 thousand students join foundation and; of computer base course


– be judged by CDP to can last water natural resources manages kind lead company;

– according to normalization method statistic, wastage of sheer the sources of energy relatively glided 2016 12 %;

– up to by 2017, there is 26 % to come from in the sources of energy that meaning law semiconductor purchases but; of second birth the sources of energy

– the litter recycle that exceeds 91 % , reclaim or retexture, make meaning law semiconductor ascends optimal 2017 environment affects the body production enterprise cavalcade.

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