Land quickens semiconductor to contain works of shock testing machine

War of the trade in the United States accelerates the mainland to drive semiconductor to abstain change a footstep. Industry comes out, east of Beijing of bibcock of face plate of place of mainland government incite sb to do sth evens more 5 should use the mainland to contain a product into drive IC, more rate of fine of “ of make known to lower levels is bad to have nothing to do with, use the statement that says ” again first, the couplet that pounds IC of Oriental to supplying capital in great quantities originally drive chants factory waiting for a stage.

Move orgnaization IDC statistic according to city, beijing east is bibcock of mainland face plate not only, last year the coronal that the 4th season is shipment of face plate of global large size more, odd season shipment measures even more 4, 8 million, the whole world is occupied than amounting to 24.2% , the drive IC amount that purchases every year is quite amazing. It is reported, the drive IC that east of associate with Beijing uses the mainland to produce is occupied than very low, it is chip of the person that purchase couplet to chant line of business of department waiting for a stage mostly.

Land quickens semiconductor to contain works of shock testing machine

Industry public figure is analysed, beijing east has the place that hold the balance in global face plate and course of study of mainland science and technology, east of Beijing of mainland government incite sb to do sth uses IC of land factory drive in great quantities, have index sense, indicative mainland drives semiconductor to abstain the determination that change, this action also is equal to is couplet chants factory of IC of drive of department waiting for a stage to covert cut sheet greatly.

To this, couplet is chanted express, did not hear at present this message. Couplet is chanted emphasize, mainland thrust semiconductor is homebred the plan that change, be not the closest talent to begin, this company won’t have special because answer measure, promote a product quality ceaselessly only, ability masters the market and client.

High level of semiconductor of a Taiwan discloses, the mainland plans to grow a long time of own semiconductor industry, in the past one, 2 years, course of study of cross-strait science and technology maintains “ to compete already, cooperate again the delicate concern of ” , but great war of the trade in near future beauty, to be related of American punish resurgence, liu Fang thinks Taiwan manner relatively bend is beautiful, may because this makes the mainland right,Taiwan semiconductor purchases a manner to produce change.

High level of this semiconductor industry says, on a certain degree, great war of the trade in this beauty, aggrandizement mainland develops the determination of semiconductor, report asks on strategy Beijing east promotes considerably namely use the mainland to make drive IC proportion, and Xiang Jingdong square make known to lower levels, land produces fine of IC“ of face plate drive rate is bad to have nothing to do with, use the statement that says ” again first.

News source also discloses, beijing east will be adjusted for 5 abstain drive IC into use mainland, the others just issues sheet to factory of Taiwan drive IC, station plant shipment will be affected.

Director of high level of IC of face plate drive thinks, if mainland government asks the IC of face plate drive of Beijing east wants to have even more 5 into use mainland manufacturer chip to belong to solid, the risk that face is very big also. As a result of in large size face plate should use IC of more than 10 drive at least, as long as among them an IC gives an issue, cannot run, accordingly although drive IC threshold is not high, but very severe to fine rate and character requirement.

The price of a face plate is the several hundredfold of an IC, thousandfold even at every turn, in rate of drive IC fine not quite tall insufficient also stability falls, the mainland should drive hyperbaric at present homebred change, cost is afraid not small.

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