Kang Jia marchs semiconductor industry most what aim at first is memory domain

The first field that we level “ is memory, because sell work off every year from Kang Jia,the terminal that go is 30 million, and prospective market will be bigger and bigger; next, technology of chip of content couplet net will be brought new opportunity and overturn, kang Jia can be on chip of content couplet net have key position. ”

Become silent long already health beautiful group, stand on col of 38 years old, start an one field “ suddenly not the battle ” of be puzzled.

Below spotlight, health beautiful group is high-key announce new establish department of ministry of career of environmental protection science and technology, career of semiconductor science and technology. This is meant, tycoon of color television of this old brand will march formally environmental protection, science and technology heats up earth this piece. To Kang Jia character, these two brand-new domains will bring sizable profit for its.

Besides, health beautiful respect expresses, future is in choose machine the domain such as net of couplet of car of big health, new energy resources, big data, content, 5G has key position.

Meanwhile, still undertook reframing to business structure in health beautiful new strategy, through building business of division of garden of “ science and technology group business of ”“ industry product group ”“ platform serves business group business of ”“ investment banking group ” Wu of 4 great undertaking group, the transition that realizes industrial situation upgrades.

The period big setting that change is mixed to fall in the state-owend enterprise, below the support of city of large stockholder overseas Chinese, health beautiful group a series of adjust can to weigh appearance anew. Nevertheless, cross bound, big this to entire greatly in a large-scale, whether can the risk accuse, is financing abundant? How reasonable allocate business energy, also region of Xinjiang of transition, successful to Kang Jia open up raised taller requirement.

the Kang Jia of national color television that to be in early the left and right sides already flew to home of common common people 2000, as a result of the strategy conservative, of internal relationship straighten urgently, the development that goes a few years had gone really very a paragraph long the days that become silent, make the outside very regretful. Tycoon transition indeed not easy.

Delectable is, just meet reforming and opening 40 years, health beautiful group is passed a series of inside of unripe type change and develop, walked out of a can to say “ sole rebounds the prices of ” . Above all, the report of sex of the first phase that after layer of new last year management assumes office, hands over is very bright eye, net 2017 gain compared to the same period cruel add 52 times. Meanwhile, this year head Ji Ye is recorded so that growing to gain and high speed continuously.

Revived road of Kang Jia, chose to make an enterprise innovate to science and technology from onefold home appliance the platform of drive enterprise is luxuriant face about. In the center the greatest value, depended on jumping out just about the “ frame ” that color television company grows, the way that throws the past is depended on, the traditional manufacturing industry that casts off pure “ to consume electronic ” hard label.

Zhou Bin of president of health beautiful group is full to this confidence, he decides next small target for this: 2020, health beautiful battalion closes should break through 60 billion yuan. Breed 3 battalion to had controlled the new industry of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight, make 1–3 company platform appears on the market outside new churchyard.

The 5th year after “ new strategy is released, through ‘ science and technology + industry + the abidance that town changes ’ to develop train of thought leads, implementation in those days sales revenue breaks through 100 billion yuan, become with the drive of innovation of science and technology, international that has global competition ability top-ranking enterprise. ” Zhou Bin expresses.

Kang Jia marchs semiconductor industry most what aim at first is memory domain

Health beautiful be pregnant with creates dream of “ core ”

Home appliance builds “ core ” , it seems that more and more make trend.

Be in early last year on two meetings, li Dongsheng of TCL group president proposes talk publicly, hope government continues to publish policy to increase half-and-half conductor to show the support with semiconductor chip industry. Meanwhile, according to development of times weekly reporter understanding learns, except face plate, TCL is in industrial catenary is perpendicular and integrated in the process, still bring into chip business the strategy among the plan. Since 2013, TCL already share two chip industry, it is honest peaceful electron respectively (TW.3545) and semiconductor of morning of brilliant of manufacturer of another chip of United States endowment (Amlogic) .

Release this year in division force when money signed up for 2017, outside accident discovers, division force net exceeds 20 billion yuan not to share out bonus however, the reason is to should make chip. Recently, dong Mingzhu of president of division power electric equipment is more high-key allege, even if invest 50 billion yuan, also want to had studied chip.

Kang Jia is the 3rd high-key Xiang Xin piece the business of home appliance domain that the industry starts assault.

To Kang Jia this with one action is moved, the outside also is put in many different point of views. The sound of doubt basically depends on: Whether is “ pace stridden a bit greatly ” and threshold of “ chip industry are high, whether do capital and technology follow to go up ” ?

Li Hongtao of chief of department of career of science and technology of vice president of health beautiful group, semiconductor explains to times weekly reporter, kang Jia makes semiconductor is not one fashionable case, also not be an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, kang Jia has very big oneself demand and market.

As we have learned, kang Jia was in last year on semiconductor purchase the forehead to be 9 billion yuan, will break through 14 billion yuan this year, future can have the growth of more than 30% every year 5 years. This is very large body amount, the demand that means Kang Jia to be born one day to semiconductor and much digestible energy force.

Next, kang Jia is exhibited in American CES this year on released “8K chip ” , and win CES innovation large award, express according to Li Hongtao, do not have before these reserve civil change, but Kang Jia is to have technical reserve and advantage.

“ the 3rd, march semiconductor industry, the capital threshold that needs without doubt is very high, and we appear on the market the company has huge body amount, still have the support of group of city of large stockholder overseas Chinese. This just is the 3 large dominant positions that we enter semiconductor industry: Market dominant position, technology advantage and capital dominant position. ”Li Hongtao tells times weekly the reporter.

To in chip industry march pace, li Hongtao expresses, kang Jia will use the way with more clever “ to be cut”. The way that Kang Jia basically is added through grinding oneself and buys will do, dan Jing circle makes these heavy asset won’t be cast, still basically be in centrally design, enclose wait for segment of small capital fund.

The first field that we level “ is memory, because sell work off every year from Kang Jia,the terminal that go is 30 million, and prospective market will be bigger and bigger; next, technology of chip of content couplet net will be brought new opportunity and overturn, kang Jia can be on chip of content couplet net have key position. ”

Li Hongtao says frankly to times weekly reporter, the core of chip technology still depends on abroad at present, but content couplet net is a new technical field, with the tradition not quite same. China is in in the near future inside the opportunity that can have a tortuous path overtake, so we want have sth in mind now, the generation below layout. If still develop along original direction now, will surmount foreign advanced technique very hard so. Disclose according to its, one when can see Kang Jia is released this year identifies chip of relevant content couplet net with biology, have oneself technical camp.

“ is aimed at a few asset at the same time heavy, investment is big, periodic chief firm, the company that commercializes commonly dare not make such investment, but our Kang Jia is added have overseas Chinese city, plus governmental financing, deep overall arrangement can be made in this industry, semiconductor is not accomplished in one move, however protracted battle. So we also are paying close attention to the upper reaches inside this industry catenary, the production that includes semiconductor, capital is concentrated model make, include semiconductor facility, the equipment with technical very high content, we are studying. ”Li Hongtao explains further.

“ our hope uses 5–10 year international of time ascend body is outstanding semiconductor company industry, devote oneself to to become company of conductor of before China 10 most, year battalion has closed one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight. ” Zhou Bin tells a reporter.

Net of abstruse dimension cloud (AVC) vice-president Dong Min is commented on to times weekly reporter, “ to the enterprise, national big fund and international situation are activator only. The root says originally, the core point that the enterprise should consider is, net of couplet of content of benefit from benefit from is advanced inside global limits quickly and its apply setting richly, whether does this domain market have investment potential and strategic effect. Additional, no matter the enterprise is to consume an electron to still be able to bear or endure things or the product attribute that are wisdom life, oneself demand is very big, change independently particularly important. For the home appliance enterprise that crosses a boundary to waiting like Kang Jia, differ want focusing to be in surely core link, but should avoid to weigh asset mainly absolutely, beware low end produces can superfluous ” .

Cross a bound to kill environmental protection industry

Kang Jia gets the new industry of attention another times fully, it is domain of environmental protection science and technology.

Look in Zhou Bin, environmental protection industry is having a society on certain level the property of common cause, kang Jia is having the setting of center look forward to and advantageous support not only, also adequate capital preparation and good industry cooperate with, satisfied the requirement that enters this industry.

According to reporter understanding, key of way of business of department of career of environmental protection science and technology will be in processing of trash of prevention and cure of water pollution processing, air pollution, solid, reclaim to be used with rework, soil contamination processing and rehabilitate a few respects.

On one hand, kang Jia will be passed and buy a resort, be joint-stock company on the other hand establish, the dominant position that uses its original dominant position and Kang Jia establishs joint-stock company.

The scope that “ environmental protection involves is too much, trash of gas, water, solid, light is solid trash also has a lot of, finish the thing of whole environmental protection entirely at a draught impossible also. In every fractionize industry, we need to use what kind of strategy, it is the company of the characteristic according to this industry and the bid that we choose, ji Kangjia’s case is particular will be united in wedlock, cannot tell environmental protection generally to be about to be done through what kind of means. ”Lin Hongfan of assistant of chairman of bureau of director of health beautiful group tells a reporter.

“ the enterprise that the first part is the respect that do water, had bought ability of firm Kang Ke this company. The respect that enrages next, more complex, a lot of appear on the market the company is doing ‘ to enrage ’ , so we also are negotiating an enterprise that enrages ’ about ‘ . No matter be solid,still be small useless, the field is too wide, small useless have 140 many category, need is done which, how to do, need negotiates further, see Kang Jia’s advantage again, adopt what kind of proper way to do. ”

As we have learned, industry of environmental protection of health beautiful layout is not mere angle heat, also have oneself demand. In “ science and technology + industry + below the strategy that town changes ” , kang Jia is in the whole nation is preliminary form division of state of Chu of garden of industry of home appliance of intelligence of Kang Jiadong Guan, Kang Jia to achieve garden of course of study of abortion of content of center, Kang Jiakun hill to wait for layout, garden of these industry of science and technology have liquid waste, waste gas and solid trash to handle demand likewise, industry of environmental protection of health beautiful development is helpful for forming complementary.

Actually, give aid to as national aggrandizement industry, macroscopical strategy directs and of environmental protection strength increase ceaselessly, industry of energy-saving environmental protection has vast development space and tremendous market increment.

Zhou Bin says frankly, end of business of health beautiful environmental protection is to use the time that arrives two years to realize sheet year battalion receives more than 10 billion yuan, with 3–5 year time makes a home’s top-ranking environmental protection brand of carry dimension high end.

The sword shows one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two battalion control territory

Actually, in very long in the past period of time, outstanding achievement show of Kang Jia is not interesting, gain ability suffers doubt fully.

And be in 2017, health beautiful battalion accepts scale 20 billion yuan from 2016, the stride strode 30 billion yuan dimensions, regain industry the first echelon formation, color television advocate the growth result of the contribution of course of study and diversity business cannot be done not have.

The health beautiful group nowadays, the industry involves operation of home appliance, Internet, supply area of garden of investment of chain management, finance, industry 5 big fields, become it is with home appliance industry foundation, multivariate the situation that business grows in coordination. Announce to march besides this industry of environmental protection, semiconductor, health beautiful future still will be in the domain choose machine such as net of couplet of car of big health, new energy resources, big data, content, 5G has key position.

Money newspaper shows, ongoing hair throws an aspect, health beautiful group increases strength continuously, 330 million yuan are thrown on research and development last year, grow about 72% compared to the same period.

Week Bin hope makes Kang Jia for “ one innovates with science and technology of drive, the international that has global competition ability is top-ranking enterprise. ” is new strategic period, kang Jia general around “ a core locates, wu of strategy of 3 two development masterstroke, development, 4 great undertaking group group ” advances transition to upgrade quickly, span in order to come true type develops.

The 4 big industries that Zhou Bin says group, it is to carry business of division of garden of “ science and technology group business of ”“ industry product group ”“ platform serves business group business of ”“ investment banking group ” Wu of 4 great undertaking group reframe, the transition that realizes industrial situation upgrades.

Face the difficulty of transition period and challenge, zhou Bin says frankly to the reporter, kang Jia before main energy is centered in electronic IT respect, crossing a boundary is to need to accumulate with time, this is a difficulty. Next, of talent echelon formation and thinking liberating is another difficulty.

“ passes this 9 years, whole team of Kang Jia special solidarity, army morale is rising, with what accumulate 38 years experience, technology, talent is laid in, want to open a mind only, it is a few easier that we do a thing to be able to compare others, have hope more. ”

To Kang Jia as to the outside the doubt of transition layout is mixed indissoluble, zhou Bin laugh says, set Kang Jia to run on what circuit now, perhaps try to Kang Jia final conclusion, premature to say still.

“ is final we may layout 5 to 6 circuit, 6 to 7 circuit, want to 3 run to 4 only, everybody can know Kang Jia is what kind of company at that time. ”

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