Is accept small is GaNFast opened in China? Center of research and development innovates with support

Accept is small (Navitas) announces to open center of new GaNFast research and development in Hangzhou today, the photograph of; of power source converter that precedes in order to help partner and client design technology compares traditional silicon MOS to run program, these new designs can make bulk contractible 50% , weight is reduced 50% , can offer for shift application terminal 3 times faster charge speed.

Chief inspector of small advanced application holds accept concurrently Xu Yingchun of controller of center of new research and development expresses: Center of “GaNFast research and development has the Gao Shuiping with seasoned products plan to use engineer group, will dedicated at developing the power source system of density of high frequency, efficient, high power, the crucial performance that helps a client develop GaNFast power IC adequately and advantage. We have the tool that develops framework of new-style and advanced power source, skill and resource, the crucial technology index such as the hot property that can ensure development is efficient, exceedingly good at the same time and EMI function accords with client demand can measure produce a product. ”

IC of power of the first GaNFast™ can realize the industry below Na Weiqi at the same time MHz class frequency and more efficient power source design, these superior performance mean TV of mobile and fast charger and adapter, LED, electric car / the power that illume of mixture motivation car, LED and solution of new energy resources can use cost of smaller, lighter, smaller system changes a technology.

Dan Kinzer of officer of small chief technology points out accept: “ Hangzhou is one of centers of Chinese learning and innovation, the research organization that waits for circumjacent client with center of electron of Zhejiang university electric power and Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou is having close tie, occupy support of the people of favourable geographical position. Accept wishs smally scene it is to use the nitrogen with superior performance to change creation of gallium power parts of an apparatus to give the system of new-style power source that high frequency, efficient, high density spends. ”

Accept causes greeting decline on opening ceremony of center of ongoing hair of Gene Sheridan of small presiding apparitor, he complements: After “ afterwards founds Shenzhen to sell agency, we the center of Hangzhou GaNFast research and development with a large number of new invest in develops with promoting a technology, and provide more powerful technology support for Chinese client. Join innovation of level of semiconductor device, system and trade partner concern, we can model value to be as high as afresh hand in hand annual the industry of 200 billion RMB. ”

About accept small

Accept is small (Navitas) semiconductor company is the world the first also is company of only GaN power IC, at was in the United States 2014 California city El Segundo holds water. Accept is small have powerful and the group of expert of power semiconductor industry of constant growth, inside the domain that reachs innovation to be recorded successfully in process of material, parts of an apparatus, application, system and sale, the experience; that closes to be had in all more than 200 years in addition, its many author also closes to own more than 200 patent in all. The GaN FET that design of technology of this company proprietary covers a will highest property and GaN logic and sheet of GaN imitate circuit piece compositive. IC of power of accept small GaNFast is mobile, consumption, enterprise and market of new energy resources to provide the power source of smaller, more high-energy effect and lower cost. Accept is small have or exceeding 35 in the patent of application.

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