Industry of semiconductor of grand sea layout is made, measure etc develop simultaneously

Distribution of semiconductor of sprint of grand sea group, hand-in-hand group crosses multichannel large alliance, besides activation already besides below Xia Puqi 8 inches of some factories, to playing for generations memory also very have fun at, second group general manager and Wei of Liu Yang of summerly general director confirm the semiconductor below the banner, with flourishing of memory big plant grand contact passes, and will hand in hand Korea SK group deepens collaboration.

It is reported, layout tendency passes through dilate of semiconductor of grand sea group investment and buy, relevant plan is “ undertakes type ” now, meet be apt to uses resource, layout of a coordinated process of facilitating semiconductor industry.

Guo Taiming of grand sea president ever was caught by industry before this to stage showing a body Zhangzhong of the patriarch that accumulate report seeks flourish to retreat late banquet, distribution of semiconductor of group of sea letting grand becomes a topic again. At present ally of domain of semiconductor of grand sea group includes Japanese soft silver (SK of general of summer of SoftBank) , Japan, Korea Hailishi group of parent company SK, the near future also comes out active company of as important as the mainland semiconductor meets.

Industry of semiconductor of grand sea layout is made, measure etc develop simultaneously

Face the outside to enquire, liu Yang Wei is mentioned, grand sea group antedates to began domain of low-key development semiconductor 1994, nearly one year external with “S formal float of second group ” appears on the stage face, the brilliant round equipment that brings into group whole to develop in succession, measure, the domain such as IC design and service.

The field is created in brilliant circle, liu Yang Wei is mentioned, the Xia Pu that at present the group invests has “ of 8 inches of factories to be in brew investment or other the plan ” that future of the plan ” that enlarges plant area, “ invests key tendency to perfect entire industry catenary, but he does not wish to disclose detail more.

Grand sea group is right next for generations memory very have fun at, liu raise Wei emphasizes, grand sea is as long-term as SK group already politic alliance cooperates, think technical gradual progress, memory develops toward 3D pile continuously and new technology rises abruptly, may enter next for generations special model memory, such as is similar type of MRAM(magnetism resistor random access memory) , memory of type of ReRAM(alterable resistor) wait for application.

Before the message comes out, flourishing grand hope actively to cooperate with grand sea to outside Da Pan, liu Yang Wei confirms, flourishing grand group really second group has contacted S of Ceng Yuhong sea, in light of whole, grand sea group attach most importance to a dot in order to make the leading part in conformity of global semiconductor industry.

Look into future, liu Yang Wei points out, grand sea group uses kind resource, sprint semiconductor develops, beg first with “ have, the manner that begs good ” again, the industry that guides a lot of large investment “ begs good ” again is rectified and level, grand sea Fuji health will be taken an active part in and will act crucial role, relevant plan can say is “ undertake type ” now.

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