How is Botongji about to pound IPO to answer wool interest rate to glide into circuit?

Integrated circuit chip, it is the industry of a high end that our country needs to develop energetically, need has higher manpower cost investment, ability begins competition with lead developed country company. Botongji becomes circuit (Shanghai) Inc. (“ rich connected compositive ”) to published book of raise capital by floating shares recently, be about to pound IPO. Become to Botongji for, to employee pay can saying is ” of “ do what by humanity and duty, fulfil of firewood of average per capita achieved four hundred and twenty-five thousand eight hundred yuan 2016.

So high labor power is devoted, the partner that also becomes for Botongji brought taller redound. Do not have friendly intercourse to look on the other hand, botongji becomes the situation that also facing wool interest rate to glide, the product is facing the competition of ” of “ price war with adversary intense enterprise all the time, how maintaining level of wool interest rate through new product research and development is Botongji into the problem; that should face Botongji becomes receivable Zhang money and standard of goods in stock taller, become the capital pressure with also was formed constant to Botongji.

Yearly salary of average per capita exceeds 400 thousand yuan

“ company is firm of home’s banner design of integrated circuit chip, botongji becomes ” advocate the research and development that business Wu is chip of integrated circuit of radio news report and sale, specific type cent is chip of wireless data transmission and wireless frequency chip. At present product application category basically includes the company general and data transmission of 5.8G product, WIFI product, blue tooth, wireless, interphone, broadcast is sent and receive, blue tooth frequency, wireless microphone. Afore-mentioned products apply extensively in handle of mouse of blue tooth sound box, wireless clavier, game, radio microphone, car to carry the terminal such as ETC unit.

Industry of location of company of department of “ main reason is average firewood fulfil level is higher. ” is among book of raise capital by floating shares, botongji is didymous fulfil of oneself employee firewood is taller, the reason of average wage of place of remarkable prep above, made such explanation.

The company says, “ established the rising mechanism of perfect science and incentive mechanism, develop company culture, viewpoint of value and working environment, profession the opportunity to wait to propose a toast with the salary that has competition ability welfare is united in wedlock cheek by jowl, in order to draw talent, tarry talented person, those who realize company and employee is collective grow and develop. The company executes poor dissimilation firewood to propose a toast, welfare of employee firewood respond with a poem basically is formed by base salary, bonus, base salary is inside the interval of fulfil of firewood of each post class that decides beforehand, wait according to the experience of every employee, skill and performance affirmatory. ”

Rich connected market member to be versed in average salary proposes a toast 2016 four hundred and twenty-five thousand eight hundred yuan, this exceeds Shanghai worker average salary proposes a toast 78 thousand yuan fivefold, also outclass fifty-seven thousand four hundred yuan whole nation average level, this also comparatives to prep above very the firewood fulfil level of partial banking company. This also compares company oneself three hundred and eighty thousand four hundred yuan of of 2015 average pay rose to exceed 10% .

How is Botongji about to pound IPO to answer wool interest rate to glide into circuit?

The company says, “ will continue hold to comprehensive firewood fulfil manage a principle in future, need to beg for leniency according to the talent besides, referenced market is average element of equality of water of fulfil of fuel of company of estate of level, person of the same trade, to employee firewood level of reward system and firewood fulfil undertakes trends is adjusted. Rise generally considering what inflation, society uses labor cost, firewood of whole of predicting future employee proposes a toast the level will rise gradually. ”

Probably integrated circuit design needs taller firewood fulfil really, attract enough much top talent, talent is real implementation overtakes.

Botongji is become say, chip has decisive effect as the cerebra of the machine, and the core that chip design regards implementation as the function, content of high additional cost, technology is had in industry of whole integrated circuit advanced characteristic, photograph of its wool interest rate measures a manufacturer to tell to make and be being sealed opposite taller, the influence that waits to place of environment, work is relatively minor, also be one of main channel of forestall of technology of developed country implementation. Inside alive bound limits, the production value that integrated circuit designs is occupied than be as high as 56% , and the portion that integrated circuit encloses test link is occupied than having 19% only.

At present industry of integrated circuit of our country inland still is centered in additional cost and technology to content is made inferiorly and enclose link in great quantities, design industry was occupied 2016 than be only 37.9% , whole of industry of our country integrated circuit faces transition. Additional, structure of company of our country integrated circuit is relatively dispersive, the market is spent centrally inferior.

Integrated circuit designs a respect, market share occupied business of design of before China 10 big integrated circuit to be in than be 42.15%; 2016 global market, before 2016 10 big integrated circuit design business market share to be as high as 76.42% . From the point of industry condition, integrated circuit industry has a technology to be mixed thick and fast the attribute with concentrated capital, the industry grows a trend to be helpful for overmatch Heng Jiang.

Although fulfil of firewood of average per capita is taller, but the investor that so high manpower cost also becomes for Botongji brings tall redound, arrived 2015 2017, yield of Cheng Jiaquan net assets achieved Botongji 40.1% , 30.44% with 32.83% .

Wool interest rate glides apparent

“A appear on the market in the company, outside dividing our company, still do not have other advocate battalion is wireless the enterprise ” of design of chip of communication integrated circuit and research and development, “ is current, domestic A appear on the market in the company, of short duration does not have the competitor ” that all can compare completely on business mode, line of the products with the company, book of raise capital by floating shares says so.

Nevertheless, become to Botongji for, besides breakthrough of the need on research and development, having a product how to hold gain also is a problem, in successive years of wool interest rate glides ceaselessly, receivable Zhang money and stock are occupied taller, the development that allows a person to become future to Botongji made a question mark.

The characteristic of industry of “ integrated circuit is the gains ground to compete with the market aggravate as the product, its product price and wool interest rate will present downtrend, but the company changes to what the development of new product reachs a product, can make the market that higher wool interest rate is able to keep; company to lead taller applied field in gross profit to the product is developed, also conduce to company wool interest rate maintaining in higher level. ”

Botongji is become made in book of raise capital by floating shares state so, nevertheless in fact the wool interest rate that Botongji becomes drops ceaselessly however, cannot state place to say “ wool interest rate maintains like books of afore-mentioned raise capital by floating shares in higher level ” , around of book of raise capital by floating shares appeared to contradict certainly it seems that. Wool interest rate glides those who suffer is the be a burden on of ” of “ price war with relevant intense product.

2015, mixed 2016 2017, the wool interest rate of the company is respectively 42.58% , 36.47% , 34.03% , mixed 2016 the level of wool interest rate of the company glided somewhat 2017, main reason department changes as of all kinds product; includes a company to sell; of politic be caused by to be in to digest goods in stock to choose to depreciate to partial product respect of blue tooth chip, market competition aggravate, the agent of main competitor carries share of market of loot of depress product gross profit, the company adopts the mechanism be caused by that is based on main competitor price to undertake fixing a price.

How is Botongji about to pound IPO to answer wool interest rate to glide into circuit?

Although be faced with ” of so intense “ price war, the circumstance; that the Botongji in book of raise capital by floating shares is become and did not show industry competitor in detail is opposite at other appear on the market the book of raise capital by floating shares of company more than 559 pages, botongji becomes the book of raise capital by floating shares that has 322 pages only, those who serve as the person that protect Jian is medium letter negotiable securities accomplished ” of “ cherish Mo Rujin.

Nevertheless industry of “ of book of raise capital by floating shares manages mode ” in the center, still disclosed relevant case. Fabless mode designs a company without the integrated circuit of brilliant round factory namely, without oneself factory, the production of chip and enclose a test to be finished by factory of the contractor outside industrial catenary correspondence respectively, include to be connected high on behalf of the enterprise, Tsinghua violet light exhibits acute to wait, “ rich connects compositive Yi Cai to use this pattern. ”

Lead horizontal way about managing gross profit, botongji is become say, “ company is extending market of chip of WIFI data transmission actively at present, the development as content couplet net and gain ground, with wireless intelligence terminal demand sets out and the chip of WIFI data transmission of the design will have extensive applied setting, include boat to pat, number of intelligent household, DV is photographed picture, the domain such as TV and industrial control. At the same time the project of collect capital investment of the company includes intelligent port product and product of satellitic fixed position. ”

Additional, rich tells side of compositive receivable Zhang money, achieved 147 million yuan 2017, take business income proportional 25.96% , this is far outclass was mixed 2017 2016 15.13% with main department of 18.55% scale;“ the escalate as company operation is mixed of business income increase, remaining sum of money of company receivable Zhang grows accordingly. Goods in stock of ”2017 the end of the year achieves seventy-six million seven hundred and eighty-seven thousand four hundred yuan, hold total assets proportion for 19.89% . These numbers let the sale that the person becomes to Botongji answer paragraph ability to be anxious somewhat.

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