Grind a sword 12 years formal shipment of IC of stabilized voltage of Taiwan friend Cheng 3 water chestnut

Global car uses Cheng of friend of factory of dynamo diode bibcock (8255) begins to throw stabilized voltage adjuster from 2007 (the development of Regulator)IC, all previous classics after 12 endless years, the near future be about to shipment gives Mitsubishi(of day of the factory that fasten a car) of 3 water chestnut, over the “Mazda 3” that prospective general outfit plants in Ma Zida car, had painstaking price eventually.

Guide stage by stage as follow-up car section, stabilized voltage adjuster IC carries to battalion contribution is spent also will taller and taller.

Battalion of the first season receives friend Cheng 893 million yuan, EPS is 1.63 yuan, expression is keep balance, difference of show of the 2nd season is not big also. Nevertheless, the growing force of friend Cheng second half of the year is pretty good, besides stabilized voltage adjuster besides IC, some client turns in the first season after sheet, the near future turns round afresh again, and add valence ” according to “ of market established practice, second half of the year will be new shipment; in addition, friend Cheng is entered advocate after the car stalks or branch with video manufacturer luck, originally new product books formal this year in March shipment, but because amend the coefficient of relevant product, time place also is given delay to this month, the quantity since second half of the year can magnify stage by stage, it is the kinetic energy that drives outstanding achievement of second half of the year to grow considerably.

Friend Cheng has ascended global car to use the bibcock throne of dynamo diode in recent years, city is occupied rate exceed already in former days bibcock factory Bosch. And as Bosch will subordinate diode department disciplinary action is dropped, originally order is afraid also stay before long, friend Cheng still has hope market of can farther nibble.

The new product that friend Cheng bend develops with all one’s strength, with stabilized voltage adjuster IC most suffer take seriously, still have CCD(small waste time in addition can, high power diode) , the car is used video with IGBT.

Just, stabilized voltage adjuster the production difficulty of IC is too tall really, especially drag in arrives the part of core drive is more extremely difficult, accumulative total begins from 2007, the effort that passes 12 year, all previous classics the first, the failure of 2 version, develop the 3rd version successfully eventually, the shipment since this month fastens car plant Mitsubishi to day.

The gross profit of the first season leads friend Cheng this year be affected by exchange rate of new station money, by last year 34% fall 32% . But as the near future new station money is answered demote, the wool interest rate of the 2nd season will pick up many, the price as to former stock and silicon brilliant circle is an influence not quite.

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