Greatest health: Zhang Zhongmou turns acting worker worker to acme

Global generation is versed in the position in semiconductor industry and consequence are deepened increasingly, after wanting to be attributed to Zhang Zhongmou to reappeared the 2nd times 2009, promote the development concept of acting labour to “ acme ” .

The history of acting labour reviews

Chinese Taiwan area began to produce “ acting work 1987, the concept of Foundry” , it is great leap in semiconductor industry catenary, it drives the progress of Fabless mode above all. Come to look today, because take the place of,the advanced technology making Cheng of labour progresses already can with compare of IDM mode photograph, bring about era to be versed in the weight factor in semiconductor industry catenary promotes, be like global chip (integrated circuit) in yielding, every two in having is by the stage the treatment that accumulate report is finished together.

However the stage accumulates report, or couplet report is in when just initiating a step, actually semiconductor industry by IDM mode dominant.

The production value till Fabless of the whole world when 1994 just only 3.6 billion dollar, report at that time besides IDM, the technology making Cheng of acting labour is far lag behind at IDM, so acting labour regards IDM as the 2nd supplier of the factory only, should produce can in short supply when, it can regard the gleaning of IDM factory as fill a vacancy, the design line of business in those days is still special and puny.

Leave first when, IDM and the concept that era is versed in are different, IDM plant pursues the perfection of craft can initiatively certainly hard, rub one of driving force that Er law is it, if Intel is met not dispatch strength to spare goes driving craft to make Cheng narrow ceaselessly, and use new technology, because charge of its research and development amounts to about 10 billion dollar every year, it is the whole world is highest almost.

And acting labour is system of a service, it offers craft to make the service of Cheng for the client, want to cater to the client’s demand. The birth of acting labour is chased after by the heating power of Fabless hold in both hands, can the huge burden that leave out investment builds a plant. Analyse from logic so, acting work should not go after the most advanced technology to make Cheng, risk and price are too high. It is exiguous that for the client’s need acting work develops a kind of technology alone (decide what develop cost to craft at the client to partake) , the product Zuo that it can consider a few clients is used same kind of craft, in order to save cost, the technical content that labour takes the place of before so industry has a kind of viewpoint to think is not quite high.

Zhang Zhongmou turns acting worker worker to acme

Stage accumulating report also cannot be have a skyrocketing rise, nod according to observing it has two time very crucial, among them one is a large number of investment that concentrate in 90 time later period, almost pick off acting labour is second-class only technical cap. And another is 2009 the 2nd of Zhang Zhongmou reappear, it stands high, look far, determination turns the idea of acting labour to “ acme ” , take the place of namely labour also should develop the most advanced technology actively to make Cheng, keep abreast of with IDM.

Accordingly from action respect, it strengthens research and development, collect top class talent, average and annual installation cost restrains 10 billion dollar, the course is successive after effort of several years, because Cheng respect is made take advanced line in the most advanced technology, if began to realize quantity of 7 accept rice to produce 2018, garden of the brilliant austral its stage 18 factories in January 2018 break ground, will large-scale use extremely ultraviolet light (Extreme Ultraviolet, technology of EUV) small film produces Cheng of 5 pay the metric system, predict to began to try 2019 produce, implementation quantity was produced 2020, predict 1 million to produce per year 12 inches of silicon chip, always invest 700 billion new station money, it is the whole world the product line that the first energy produces Cheng of 5 pay the metric system, letting industry be versed in to era is to look at with new eyes more.

Those who show level stage to accumulate report to had been without doubtful point is as eponymous as Intel, SamSung. From this stage accumulating report is completely capable to attract the whole world the most top class Fabless, include to be connected high, apple, China for, Nvidia the order that wait.

Zhang Zhongmou 2009 after important task CEO, one times will be move on the capital expenditure 2010 above all, raise 5.9 billion dollar, guide a stage to accumulate report the chip of Cheng of 28 pay the metric system of the forward position inside main sprint course of study, and the main trend that chip of Cheng of 28 pay the metric system also makes smartphone period accordingly. Stage of of the same age accumulates report to take next malic order form that molopolize by SamSung all the time originally, become the tycoon of industry of brilliant circle acting industry.

Greatest health: Zhang Zhongmou turns acting worker worker to acme

According to ” the world magazine ” reported in October 2017, up to 2016, in 7 years when Zhang Zhongmou steers a boat afresh, share price of stage accumulating report increased 237% . And the stage accumulates report from 2010 to investment is accumulated to amount to 79.6B dollar during 2018.

Greatest health: Zhang Zhongmou turns acting worker worker to acme

The Foundry nowadays, not be the acting industry fixed position when couplet report, stage accumulating report is born already, also not be alleged Fab-lite, however one kind has IDM ability to stand fast again at the same time already the open platform mode that acting labour serves. Add whole industry to begin to quicken times of net of couplet of government other people, AI migratory, market demand IC designs a company must with closer cooperative relationship is established between Foundry. It is reflected in, the depend on sb or sth for existence that both sides creates a field not only is spent taller and taller, market definition respect also must want to keep close communicate, this kind of relation is outspread even to terminal link, form the ” of community of destiny of a kind of “ that cooperates with all possible means. Such, ability dissolves prospective challenge, assure efficiency, character, fine rate and a variety of commercializing effect.


The near future has a lot of articles to extol Zhang Zhongmou, joy of its “ lifelong study works, treat weak success or failure abstinent life ” , be worth us to learn really.

To the view that Chinese semiconductor industry grows, zhang Zhongmou says, “ future 5 arrive 10 years, mainland semiconductor can have very great progress, but stage accumulating report can have greater progress, continent industry person still can lag behind the stage accumulates report 5 to 7 years. ”

Compare the progress that accumulates report at the stage, difference may have increased tendency, that is not we try hard not quite, however the progress of stage accumulating report is real too fast, its investment efficiency is taller, be in different layer level, be cannot place on a par with stage accumulating report.

The great man is retired nowadays, to the stage the affirmation that accumulate report has not little effect, and Zhang Zhongmou is early oneself is foresighted, Zuo is made with double leading cadre will replace it.

Global generation of future is versed in times of “ gold ” already crossed the likelihood, want to achieve the increase rate of 10% again already very difficult, as a result of prospective market impetus change dispersedly, and the technology that make Cheng approachs the limit, and taller to the field requirement such as the function of the product and power comsumption, if a lot of new application are AI, automatic drive, the foreground such as content couplet net is very bright, but apply what the arrival of the market still needs time actually to breed, because this is acting,labour will face bigger challenge.

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