Entegris COO: Semiconductor already entered globalization times to wish to strengthen cooperation with Chinese manufacturer

Todd Edlund of official of presiding operation of special interview Entegris: Semiconductor industry already entered globalization times to wish to strengthen cooperation with Chinese manufacturer

In Entegris of chemistry of American special type and supplier of advanced material solution executive vice-president holds Todd Edlund of presiding operation official concurrently to look, globalization was in the past a few years one of development trends with semiconductor the most fundamental industry, this one trend still is in nowadays continuously. In light of the angle that supplies from material, relatively Yu Ou is beautiful, the Asia already became the growth area with semiconductor the mainest industry.

With Philadelphia semiconductor index (the other company posture that SOX) place brings into is compared, entegris is a little additional kind: Manufacturer of its neither semiconductor, also not be equipment manufacturer, produce link to supply special chemical and solution of advanced data processing for semiconductor however.

We can cross “ whole semiconductor industry provides a service, the growth of any one annulus checks this property we are benefit good. ”Edlund expresses to the reporter in exclusive special interview, “ goes a few years, semiconductor industry already was extended to the whole world, we also are extended subsequently came global limits. ”

The reporter learns, entegris company is building center of Entegris China technology at Shanghai, predict will at operation of the completion end 2018.

Entegris COO: Semiconductor already entered globalization times to wish to strengthen cooperation with Chinese manufacturer

Industry of semiconductor of drive of innovation of science and technology enters globalization period

Reporter: Go 20 years, situation of global semiconductor industry produced major change, firmly of enterprise of Japanese company decline, United States held absolutely dominant position. Are you right this how look upon?

Edlund: I enter this group course of study to already had 23 years, during this semiconductor industry is growing ceaselessly all the time and change. I am entered at the beginning of going, the equipment manufacturer of the United States and Japan is very strong, continue up to now, but the equipment manufacturer of other area also is in grow, be like Taiwan of Korea, China and chinese mainland. In the meantime, semiconductor manufacturer already also began global distribution. For instance Intel already was in the much ground such as China, Ireland and Israel to set a shop nowadays. The manufacturer of Korea and Chinese Taiwan also is same, for example the memory manufacturer of stage accumulating report and Korea, had built a plant in chinese mainland. Whole semiconductor industry already grew driving area move in demand of global limits introversion. Asia especially what the growth of Chinese economy caused semiconductor demand is driving, this comes from the electronic product of exit already, also be the demand of home market. This also becomes China to want to make one of matters of this IC industry.

When I just was joined, entegris still is a privately owned company that calls Fluoroware, be in Japan and beautiful state-owned plant only. Nowadays, we have a large plant in Malaysia, can supply whole Asia area. Build through buy and investing, the shop was set in Korea and Chinese Taiwan. Now, we expect with Fujian Bo Chuncai limited company and Inc. of science and technology of Hubei brilliant star cooperate respectively, also owned 2 plants in chinese mainland.

Reporter: The arisen Ceng Shen of Internet cuts an influence to the development of semiconductor industry, did the Entegris that regards material as the supplier get what is affected?

Edlund: Suffer the effect of Internet and mobile network, semiconductor industry from dedicated the ” of “ miscarriage course of study that offers yuan of parts of an apparatus or appliance at be computer industry, grow those who come to provide support for application of all sorts of complex science and technology nowadays is multivariate industry. Nowadays interconnection of everythings on earth, you can be gotten at any time and place, processing, upload data, it is even these operations have in a car. The trend of these interconnection, real ground is worn in global limits drive the demand of pair of new semiconductor, make semiconductor industry entered internationalization phase. Accordingly, entegris also must grow subsequently for an internationalization enterprise, we already had investment in global limits for this.

Reporter: Somebody thinks nowadays is “ the 4th ” of revolution of science and technology, what influence did the industry of conductor of half-and-half of science and technology of burgeoning forward position such as 5G, AI and content couplet net and data firm bring?

Edlund: Two respects, it is to last drive is worn put more operation ability smaller chip to the demand —— of science and technology of forward position semiconductor, waste fewer electric energy. In addition, this returns drive to wear the demand of pair of more complex, high-powered memory, for instance of 3D framework shine put. Natural, this also means demand of pilot of pair of compound material, pollution, we also are benefited from which.

On the other hand, content couplet net and other send equipment of feeling, communication, go up somehow facilitated of a few mainstream semiconductor in the past anabiosis. For example, 200mm brilliant circle is to go up actually generation product, but a lot of new application equipment that are a delegate with content couplet net are based on 200mm brilliant circle to produce just about nowadays. The yield that crystal round manufacturer needs to add product of this kind of norms can. This drives us to turn round to use the “ bequest ” in the past afresh, the business of these before a few years devoted already application begins to grow afresh.

Reporter: In recent years semiconductor industry buys frequency hair, industry conformity trend is clear. It is important that the Entegris that regards material as business also undertook for many times buy. Is there is He Lian between this?

Edlund: In going 15 years, semiconductor industry was experienced a lot of buy conformity, this comes from industrial growth. Nowadays, industry has the semiconductor firm with Home 5-10 very big dimensions, undertaking extending in global limits. If we still are a diminutive data firms only, will very be a hard job to these tycoons and the industry that its spread all over the whole world to provide a service. Accordingly, this is planted and buy conformity to also spread to supplier a side, include equipment manufacturer and data firm. Besides enlarge scale of production, we still need to widen the sort of the solution, provide the service that has specific aim more with can be a client. The service that they do not need to differ for 10 goes and contact with of 10 different companies, with Entegris enough. Serve as already enterprise of 52 years old, we still need to get used to industrial development and change ceaselessly.

Wish to strengthen cooperation with Chinese manufacturer

Reporter: China devotes oneself to to develop integrated circuit in recent years (IC) industry, but still exist in most advanced domain and international mainstream manufacturer at present bigger difference. You how the current situation of industry of IC of look upon China and future?

Edlund: Industry of development integrated circuit cannot be accomplished in one move, china already was behaved very outstandingly. The 28nm that already achieved a breakthrough with China makes Cheng craft be exemple, look from global limits, before long before this forward position skill that special still difficult control. Chinese company can be had with other area feasible, the company of advanced technological process undertakes cooperative, for instance Entegris. We can promote a respect to provide a help in fine rate, and this often is the biggest challenge that IC brilliant circle creates place to be faced with.

Reporter: Whether do this mean a very good opportunity to Entegris? Have to this why to plan?

Edlund: This is a first-rate opportunity undoubtedly, my development to Chinese IC industry special expect. Foster industries of such a high-tech to need to spend very old time, but China has enough resolution, this is advantageous economy to whole China. For this, we need to have to it corresponding native land productivity, before resembling this, we are in China what Taiwan, Korea and American place do is same. We still need to have with Chinese native land client the ability of efficient collaboration, help them apply the solution with our product, right choice, promote fine pollution of rate, control thereby. For this, we invested cooperative factory in China, building Chinese technology center.

Reporter: Entegris all sets center of research and development and shop in Taiwan of Japan, Korea, China, have in chinese mainland why specific layout and program?

Edlund: We have center of a technology each in Chinese Taiwan, Korea and Japan, equestrian admiral also owns center of a technology in chinese mainland. The course develops for years, the technical center of Korea and Chinese Taiwan has implemented scale quite, we hope to pass native land technology center, make the client can be participated in come in to cooperate with us, the dimensions that lets Chinese technology center also grows stage by stage. Plant field, generally speaking the addition of crop can reduce manufacturing cost, distance client can reduce carriage cost nearly relatively. The client can hope to receive best solution with optimal value, for this, we need to increasing to already the factory is produced can mix balance has between optional location new plant. Current, we already can be a client to offer the product with high grade solution and optimal value in two collaboration factory of China, but this just still begins. We can seek more business point of growths in China, judge whether to need to have production in mainland. Look in me, we can be in certainly future continues several years to promote produce native landly in China can.

Reporter: Do you think Chinese Taiwan and mainland make scale what is the reason that the material of two most conductor with the biggest, the rapiddest growth consumes the market?

Edlund: With the element that promotes growth of global semiconductor market it is consistent. Past basically is computer, at present smartphone and equipment of other news report are becoming bigger drive factor. Acting industry Wu was in brilliant circle to obtained remarkable growth for some time in the past, chinese Taiwan borrowed this to realize rapid development just about. A lot of equipment are at present production is assembled in chinese mainland, this needs many semiconductor. China is developing very multivariate semiconductor industry, from brilliant circle era is versed in equipment is produced, wait to logistic parts of an apparatus, memory again, offer semiconductor with can be disparate industry.

Reporter: The business related memory client occupies Entegris battalion to receive specific gravity to amount to 1/3. Memory manufacturer basically is in Asia, but industry already had to this market will encounter be anxious coldly, how do you look to this?

Edlund: What need data collects is automatic drive, automation of net of couplet of artificial intelligence, content, family wear in drive the growth of memory market, the huge data that we need to be collected to sensor undertakes storing. Accordingly, storage company is investing enlarge to produce quickly, grow in order to answer to what anticipate. There can be short-term wave motion in this, but will for a long time look, memory market adds those who continue to keep faster fast. In addition, the camp that we have 2/3 closes come from other client business, include acting worker worker of circle of logistic parts of an apparatus, brilliant, almost the product that all semiconductor production can use us, although store the market is added fast put delay, our battalion closes to also can get assuring.

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