Dialog rolls out touch to control drive IC, provide unique tactile experience for smartphone and game

Dialog announced a few days ago, roll out a new-style touch to control drive IC- – DA7280, this parts of an apparatus can drive ERM(is prejudicial rotate quality) with drive of LRA(linear resonance implement) electric machinery, offer high-definition (HD) broadband drive. Go up with the market existing solution photograph is compared, its carry power comsumption to want for nothing low 76% , and reduce exterior stock detailed account (BOM) amount is amounted to 50% .

Dialog rolls out touch to control drive IC, provide unique tactile experience for smartphone and game

Rise ceaselessly as the demand of consumer and expectation value, equipment manufacturer has begun to use more advanced and more efficient touch system, so that provide richer physical feedback experience for the user. The implementation confine of current touch system is in independent small controller or the IC(PMIC) of power source management that have tactile function. A lot of characteristic functions that these solutions lack DA7280 place to include normally, include high-definition weaveform to generate, syntonic frequency traceability and the drive electric current that are as high as 500mA. These functions can ensure advanced, efficient touch experiences continuously.

Because touch controls driver greater part to divide time to be in,bide his time / record pattern for nothing, the design original intention of DA7280 carries electric current to use up with low-down sky namely (360nA) will extend time of batteries add boat. Many general inputs can realize the low defer of tactile sequential to spark, make its suit to include sensor centre and the An Zhuo system that use processor very much.

Used DA7280, applied processor can be in maintain deepness Morpheus while, by sensor centre straight contact hair amounts to 6 touch incident. Next, below active mode, applied process processor can use I2C to spark or transmit complex sequential orderly. The technology of output of patent constant current with distinctive Dialog is monitored continuously come from drive of LRA(linear resonance implement) BEMF(turns over electromotive force) , make this parts of an apparatus can feel LRA syntonic frequency from beginning to end, this and other solution photograph are compared, the physical characteristic difference that can get used to age of different temperature, equipment, mechanical coupling and LRA sensor, in order to offer more seasonable and more consistent output is answered.

The is as high as 1kHz user that this parts of an apparatus linked to be used at achieving HD touch result defines drive sequential oneself, and the syntonic frequency that is used at drive LRA and ERM electric machinery dogs. What its offer is superexcellent click / system of the feeling screen that oscillatory effect can use in industrial domain not only, VR and equipment of individual medical treatment, the OK still in smartphone, car applying that carry man-machine interface, game and can apparel system.

Senior vice president of Dialog semiconductor company holds Udo Kratz of general manager of department of mobile system professional work concurrently to express: “Dialog is the person that the fair claim of power source management and frequency technology domain guides. We used these technical special skill or knowledge that accumulate for a long time to develop distinctive touch to control drive, it is current the tactile IC with the most cabinet, highest efficiency. Feeling screen has been become consume kind of requisite with car market, especially the demand growth of car market is increasingly remarkable, this touch that we roll out controls drive IC to will provide outstanding user experience, satisfy these requirement that use constant growth. ”

DA7280 already began to offer money now, offer two kinds to enclose means: 12 solder ball, 1.5mm×1.5mm×0.6mm WLCSP is enclosed and the 12 QFN that cite a base are enclosed. Know more news, obtain DA7280 to design tool and technical support, browse please: Https://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/haptics-drivers.

Dialog holds at was in center of Taipei international conference on June 7 Taipei international computer was exhibited 2018 (DA7280 is revealed on Computex) .

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