Deepness of Chinese chip industry investigates: Violet light is about to break the tycoon monopoly such as SamSung

What the outbreak of resurgence incident gives Chinese chip industry like cut out of a sharp is short board, the dimple that megalith strikes at deep Tan Ji to rise an one wave ground diffuses outwards. Chip industry never resembles today such, get media, public even the attention with national so pressing high level.

Reality always is such brutality, in the high-tech industry of lifeblood of economy of country of this one relationship, china counterpoises without what speech as before. 2017, chinese integrated circuit imported the forehead to reach two hundred and sixty billion one hundred and forty million dollar, grow 14.6% compared to the same period. Analytic data shows, in memory chip, server, personal computer, but the domain such as equipment of process designing logic, chinese chip is had rate it is actually 0.

As a result of technical doorsill dimensions of tall, investment handsome appearance of tremendous, high end is rare be short of, as most advanced industry, enterprise of Chinese integrated circuit and world tycoon photograph have quite big difference than returning.

Change is occurrent nevertheless, below the alarm bell of resurgence incident, policy level has begun to fulfil, each local government and social capital also are being advanced actively, chinese semiconductor industry was greeted erupt the night before last that type develops.

A batch of outstanding semiconductor industries show itself, acting labour of circle of IC design, brilliant, enclose material of test, semiconductor, semiconductor the fractionize domain emerge in large numbers such as special device gives leading company, partial enterprise becomes the world celebrity of fractionize domain even. These enterprises represented the great ambition that industry of Chinese integrated circuit rises.

Meanwhile, the government that is a delegate with big fund leads fund ceaseless emerge in large numbers, social capital is swarmed into ceaselessly, a few outstanding investor are infuse of Chinese chip industry through capital force a new blood.

Tycoon forestall is entered in global semiconductor industry, the period that ceaseless frequency shows perpendicular conformity, how does Chinese semiconductor industry walk out of his road? Be opposite in each country government in endowment the hour that industry executive technology blocks, how does Chinese enterprise innovate independently? The capital that confronts freeboard dimensions is devoted, how does semiconductor industry combine capital measure effectively, drive an industry to develop?

Below the setting that rises abruptly in Chinese semiconductor, ” person of outstanding ability ” magazine heavy pound rolls out special subject plan, comb circle of Chinese IC design, brilliant acting labour, enclose catenary of industry of equipment of test, semiconductor, data preeminent company, feel pulse an industry to develop a tendency, dig among them investment opportunity.

Memory piece

Memory chip the breakthrough of 0

In domain of mainstream memory chip, china remains a blank, before this one appearance need not 2 words of “ basic ” are done conceal. Chip of memory of global DRAM, NAND is basic by monopoly of business of beautiful day Han, samSung, SK is Hailishi, beautiful the basin of earn of tycoon take advantage of an opportunity such as smooth, Toshiba is full earthen bowl is full.

Current, in memory chip domain, chinese enterprise begins of people of talent to send force, the situation —— that forms 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces is the memory of the Yangtse River of market of devoted NAND Flash, dedicated the Hefei long Xin at DRAM of mobile memory chip and the Jin Hua that devote oneself to common memory chip.

Deepness of Chinese chip industry investigates: Violet light is about to break the tycoon monopoly such as SamSung

Country of Zhao Wei of president of violet smooth group the Yangtse River stores

From do not have have, memory of the Yangtse River is the memory base that China breaks through international tycoon forestall the first times, can calls industry of Chinese integrated circuit an aircraft carrier that probes to blank region.

July 2016, fund of investment of estate of integrated circuit of You Ziguang group, country, Hubei saves integrated circuit industry to invest division of fund, Hubei to cast in Wuhan the Yangtse River is established to store on the foundation of new core. Among them violet smooth group is contributive 19.7 billion yuan, occupy 51.04% , form to memory of the Yangtse River thereby accuse.

The Liaoning date that memory of “ the Yangtse River is domain of Chinese science and technology aircraft carrier. Country of Zhao Wei of president of group of ” violet light Ceng Xiang " person of outstanding ability " the reporter emphasizes, “ invests dimensions, technology from its level, right national industry safety and the port with national safe information look, this one analogy has not been been. Store through the Yangtse River this project, industry of Chinese integrated circuit just had proper place on truly alive bound. ”

According to statistic, the Yangtse River stores total investment will exceed 24 billion dollar. This also is one of the biggest investment projects till violet smooth group is current.

“ violet light did not invest 100 billion dollar on chip production industry is a basic figure, be equivalent to average and annual invest 10 billion dollar. Intel, stage accumulates report, SamSung to make the capital spending that go up every year exceed 10 billion dollar in chip, short of is average and annual the investment dimensions of 10 billion dollar, cannot enter the first a group of people of same interest that chip produces at all. Institute of state of Wei of Zhao of ” no less than says, be being thrown continuously is the doorsill that has not circled.

In December 2016, store with the Yangtse River formal start builds the national memory base that gives priority to body, include sheet of 3 whole worlds among them building of research and development of a the factory building of 3D NAND Flash FAB with clean the oldest area, headquarters and other buildings of a certain number of form a complete set, after predicting project builds, always produce can will achieve 300 thousand / month, annual produce will exceed 10 billion dollar.

Research and development of technology of 12 inches of when the Yangtse River stores with Wuhan new core is had advanced integrated circuit and manufacturing engineering capability are a foundation, take the kind of own research and development and drive of international collaboration double round, already succeeded at was being developed 2017 the first 3D NAND of Chinese shines put chip, fill home is blank, strive to become the world’s top-ranking 3D NAND to shine put product supplier. These products will apply future extensively in mobile, the domain such as center of the computer, data and consumptive electron.

In memory chip domain, DRAM and NAND are most important two sort model, all present the case of oligopoly. DRAM market 93% above portion by SamSung, SK Hailishi and beautiful optical science and technology hold; 3 times and NAND Flash market is almost overall by SamSung, SK Hailishi, Toshiba, Shan Di, beautiful Guang Heying is special Er is divided up 6 times.

“ is before project of memory of the Yangtse River, to Chinese enterprise, not be to shorten the problem of difference, because original basis is 0, the distance that makes a tycoon with international chip before the Yangtse River stores so is infinity. Country of ” Zhao Wei ever was opposite " person of outstanding ability " the reporter expresses, to 2019, will violet light and SamSung, SK technical gap of Hailishi shortens 1-2 or so years, use the chasm of bring to the same level of 10 years of time and SamSung.

Current, division of memory of the Yangtse River has made circle of research and development of design of the chip that it is collect, technology, brilliant production and test, sale serves the semiconductor memory industry at an organic whole.

In light of the whole world, have the enterprise can be counted on one’s fingers of ability of catenary of chip entire industry, apparatus of state of only SamSung, Intel, heart have perforative before paragraph design, the production of the middle and measure, after arriving again paragraph market sale.

Design a company at IC relatively (business of Fabless) , acting industry (Foundry) , found company of this kind of IDM to need the capital cost of high specified number, and to demand of market of whole industry catenary accurate hold. Look from this one angle, memory of the Yangtse River was industry of our country chip to make model, waded a new way.

Hefei grows Xin

In the Yangtse River memory begins smoothly to produce country Shan Cunxin of first 32 3D NAND piece while, the memory base of Hefei long Xin also is undertaking in full blast in.

On April 16, 2018, according to media coverage, the equipment of 300 research and development that place of production base of circle of 12 inches of memory brilliant requires Hefei long Xin is basic already and all reach the designated position, after waiting for outfit machine to finish, begin to throw the link of trial production with all one’s strength from 2018 second half of the year.

Photograph comparing stores at the Yangtse River, of Hefei long Xin hold water should low-key much, till May 25, 2017, by the Hefei that Hefei municipal government supports long Xin company is announced, predict to grow Xin to invest 7.2 billion dollar by Hefei, build round factory of 12 brilliant in order to develop DRAM product, after future is finished, predict the biggest produce per month will be as high as 125 thousand dimensions.

After this, announcement of easy innovation of world tertiary million and Hefei rank to produce in NOR Flash market cast signed cooperative agreement, the round memory of 12 inches of brilliant of 19nm of bilateral joint development (contain DRAM to wait) research and development.

Running layer and technical personnel side, hefei long Xin also is powerful powerful combination, hold the position of the Wang Ning country of company president at present, whole world of company of data of application of United States of company of equipment of production of the biggest semiconductor carries out this predecessor whole world vice-president, Hua Hong is group CEO, medium respect of talent of core international CEO; , company in a large-scale Hailishi, Er amounts to invite applications for a job surely, China the employee that wait comprises subfamily team of research and development, china the employee that senior deputy total Liu Dawei also became Hefei to grow Xin before subfamily.

Besides with Wang Ning dominant begins the country to the company is managed and develop beyond, hefei government combines million easy innovation to serve as a partner, million easy innovation already held position in market of global NOR Flash, but animal farm the market scope at NOR Flash is limited, march DRAM market can extend him technology capacity to extension already, can extend new business category again.

Newest message shows, king peaceful country is in Hefei integrated circuit expresses on major project news briefing, first phase of chip of memory of DRAM of Hefei long Xin (one plant factory building) already completed construction in January 2018, the hopeful of the end of the year of project sample;2019 that begins to install equipment;2018 the end of the year to will begin to produce 8Gb DDR4 memory achieves 20 thousand / of the month produce can;2020 year resumptive program the construction;2021 of 2 plants factory building year the technical research and development that wants node of didymous 17nm craft.

Project of production base of memory brilliant circle is accelerating 12 of long Xin construction, the project predicts to will hold world DRAM market to make an appointment with the portion of 8% after complete put into production, the blank of market of fill home DRAM.

In the future, hefei grows Xin to hope to depend on the DRAM IDM platform of oneself, will give aid to energetically at industry advanced position, the process of the research and development of homebred semiconductor equipment and material and industrialization.

Fujian Jin Hua

Another old memory made base Fujian Jin Hua already finished a top namely in November 2017, nowadays workshop exterior is adjacent already and finishing. Jinhuali contends for Fujian to will begin facility of ingoing machine stage in July 2018, and 2018 project of first phase of the 3rd quarter begins to throw production.

It is reported, limited company of integrated circuit of Fujian Province Jin Hua (integrated circuit of abbreviation Jin Hua, JHICC) is by group of information of Fujian Province electron, Jin Jiang the sources of energy invests group limited company to wait collective and contributive the advanced integrated circuit that establish produces a business.

On technical origin, couplet China electron begins company and Taiwan the technology cooperates, invest 5.65 billion dollar, product line of round factory of brilliant of 12 memory is built in city of river of Fujian Province advance, development is advanced memory technology and the craft that make Cheng, begin the production of relevant product and sale.

Stage couplet report and Jin Huaceng signed technical cooperation agreement, accept advance China to entrust and develop the technology making Cheng related DRAM memory, jin Hua is offerred DRAM uses device especially and according to development plan pays technical pay gold to regard development as charge, development achievement is had jointly by both sides.

Notable is, jinhuaji already brought into “ into circuit 935 ” integrated circuit is great manufacturing distribution program, win first state of 3 billion yuan of RMBs support of special construction fund. The company aims to become the integrated circuit memory that has advanced technology and system of own intellectual property (DRAM) creates a company.

Predict to will try in September 2018 originally produce, achieve 60 thousand / lunar yield can dimensions, whole project is advancing nowadays quickly in.

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