Converter of power source of type of ADI company segregation supports B kind systematic EMI grade

China, beijing ——Analog Devices, inc. (ADI) announced to roll out its recently new generation enhances converter of segregation type power source, make the system satisfies EN 55022/CISPR 22 B kind electromagnetism is disturbed (the demand of EMI) standard, for class of parts of an apparatus low radiation establishs new standard. ADuM5020/6020 and ADuM5028/6028 series need not use the EMI of high cost to restrain a technology in applied level, and can simplify EMI attestation flow, reduce a design cost and shorten design time.

Converter of power source of type of ADI company segregation supports B kind systematic EMI grade

Electric car and mixture motivation car (EV/HEV) batteries monitoring and industry but controller of process designing logic (need of the burgeoning safe key such as PLC) application is compact and concentrated segregation design, reduce weight in order to reduce size, accord with rigid radiation standard, and provide reliable high-pressured protection for personnel and equipment. Use these parts of an apparatus to be able to achieve radiation goal on double deck PCB, compare with 4 board photographs, can reduce so reach the solution size of 70% , reduce the cost of material of 30% . Converter of power source of new series 500mW DC-DC is based on technology of the ICoupler® of ADI company and transformer of IsoPower® chip class, working temperature is highest can amount to 125ºC, use the smallest 8 bring a foot to enclose. The 16 ADuM5020/6020 that cite a base and the 8 ADuM5028/6028 that cite a base are this series in most the parts of an apparatus that rolls out first.

ADuM5020/6020 and ADuM5028/6028 product focusing:

·Low radiation blasts off, under EN 55022/CISPR 22 B kind the standard is restricted to be worth

·Enclose dimension the smallest ——8 brings crural SOIC

·Working temperature is highest can amount to 125 ℃

·Safety and code attestation (UL, CSA, VDE, CQC)

About ADI company

Analog Devices, inc. It is the company of high-powered imitate technology with lead whole world, devote oneself to to solve the most arduous project to design a challenge. By right of detect crackajackly, measure, power source, join reconciles interpret technology, the intelligence that builds join reality world and digital world changes bridge, help a client know the world all round afresh thereby.

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