Chip of sensor of semiconductor car class applies to Aimaisi car electron shifts gear implement the position detects application

Semiconductor rolled out Aimaisi AS5200L. This double channel that provides I2C interface rotates magnetic position sensor, it is to be able to be in the car application with crucial security the new-style design that realizes economic space.

Chip of sensor of semiconductor car class applies to Aimaisi car electron shifts gear implement the position detects application

AS5200L has attestation of qualification of AEC-Q100 1 class, expanded the product of magnetic position sensor of semiconductor combines Aimaisi, this product has multinomial and distinctive function, apply to line of system of electric power assembly to control drive function, if apply to the line of traditional gearlever and lever of archives of changeover coming back to accuse to shift gear, and footplate application.

Aimaisi semiconductor passes feeling technology with reliable high-powered position all the time and celebrated, double naked piece use make the function of AS5200L further. Naked piece cascade structure is meant but with individual smaller magnet conjugate, at the same time every passageway can offer consistent measurement to output. Every naked piece use enclose alone cite a base, with preventing facility electric breakdown affects two naked piece.

With Aimaisi semiconductor is all and magnetic positional sensor is same, AS5200L Yi Ke is avoided suffer stray magnetic field to disturb, although be in noisy magnetic field environment,also can offer definition tall and the measurement with good repeatability. Because need not add the screen that IC needs sensor of other and magnetic position normally, can achieve extremely reliable performance so, can reduce systematic cost.

AS5200L uses MLF-16 to enclose, take up the area is 5mm X 5mm only, can save a space. In the meantime, appearing solder dish and can infiltrate side panel can realize fast and simple board class solder to order an inspection. To engineer of car system design character, in if need to suffer bounds car electrification in the space,applying (for example: Shift gear lever and footplate) or other in application of all sorts of blame contact potentiometer (for example: Knob and joy stick) , undertake buy of accurate and reliable dislocation coming back detect, AS5200L is ideal anthology.

I2C interface allows to pass lead plane small controller to undertake handy and quick process designing to relevant parameter, need not special process designing implement. AS5200L offers I2C port or PWM signal outputs angle signal, adopt 12 resolution, by inherent nonlinear the biggest error that cause does not exceed ±1° .

AS5200L is working normally and bide his time the power comsumption below mode is very low. Mode of intelligent low power comsumption can reduce power comsumption automatically, because the average electric current when check of this every 100ms make one’s rounds is 1.5mA only.

Below acquiescent circumstance, the corner coming back that sensor measures is spent come for 0° 360° . Through in chip one-time but process designing (the setting in OTP) memory is initiative and quit the position, can set smaller angle range according to user demand.

Thomas Mueller of chief inspector of market of semiconductor position sensor expresses Aimaisi: “AS5200L special apply to security crucial embedded car application, in this kind of application, all ask sensor is had high accuracy, redundant and exceed small size. The double passageway AS5200L that deploys I²C of 12 redundant high resolution or PWM output special the line in applying to mixture motivation car, electric car and traditional car accuses to shift gear application. Because performance is excellent and have the characteristic with redundant two-way, AS5200L can help car manufacturer achieve requirement of ASIL D grade on systematic level. ”

AS5200L already realized a quantity to produce at present, evaluate board but from Aimaisi online shop gets semiconductor ICdirect.

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