Chinese 5G business arrives from technical be born with open sprint mode commercial be born

“ two years ago, 5G looks in everybody still is one wishs only scene, it is a hype only even, but accompany those who follow a Rel-15 standard to finish, 3GPP let 5G become a possibility inside short time. The metric system methodize of industry of communication of ”3GPP TSG CT() chairman Georg Mayer plaints, this one standard of 5G offerred higher data rate and bandwidth for the user not only, also satisfied the communication requirement of disparate industry through open, agile design at the same time.

Before a week, as standard of technology of mobile of the Five Dynasties (function of net of 5G NR) independent group is frozen, add the blame that will finish last year in December standard of NR of independent group net, 5G can say to had finished complete function of the first phase to standardize the job, entered an industry comprehensive sprint new level.

And in what held on June 21 IMT-2020(5G) peak was met 2018 on, IMT-2020(5G) advanced Wang Zhiqin of group group leader to also announce the newest progress of domestic 5G technology to the outside. She expresses, the device that develops the stress independent group network in working group of second half of the year is advanced, press the application of perpendicular industry energetically at the same time.

The job of the first phase has ended “5G, everybody has begun the 2nd phase preparation. Basically be to should realize 5G to be opposite the application of each industries, can support industry especially 4, with the specific application of the square field surface that drag in lives to everybody. ” Intel is wireless presiding technologist Wu Geng is accepting technology and level express when special interview of reporter of the first finance and economics, the gradual progress of 5G, for the industry to the whole world not only it is a challenge, there also is tremendous business chance in the meantime, it involves the square respect area in our life, from drive automatically the car is lived in to intelligence, arrive from manufacturing industry virtual reality, wait to mobile office from medical treatment.

Chinese 5G business arrives from technical be born with open sprint mode commercial be born

5G walks out of a lab

Net of first 5G independent group (SA) standard is released, mean 3GPP formal be born of first complete 5G standard Release 15, 5G industry catenary enters business to use level.

Before this, 5G came true 2019 for support beforehand business of commercial country, operation, 3GPP finished 5G to be not independent group net ahead of schedule in December 2017 (NSA) standard, professional work of 5G mobile broadband is begun in order to support operation trade on the foundation of net of existing 4G core. The be born of this standard shifted to an earlier date than first program time half an year, profit from this, the product development rhythm of 5G network equipment, terminal shifted to an earlier date 6 months, strive for 2019 business is reached to use before the bottom.

Intel technology and systematic framework and client carry Asha Keddy of career department vice president to express: This industry is adopting “ more act drive 5G to develop ahead, business uses step already from take a walk become canter, run, had begun comprehensive sprint to now. ”

Reporter of the first finance and economics notices, many manufacturers had spread out more 5G outfield to check, the technology bends a body no longer at the lab.

As the be born of SA standard, chinese telecommunication expresses to plan to enlarge existing urban outfield to check, change the job in order to lead 5G function test and verify and network function actor. And Chinese mobile forehead announces to build station of two 5G radical in Shanghai, and predict to station of 100 5G radical exceeds construction inside year, this one target exceeds Guangdong to save the program this year completely. Chinese UniCom also announces to open 5G radical station in much ground, among them rate of Guizhou UniCom test achieved 1.8Gbps.

In addition, china for, Intel and love establish a letter beautiful gave 5G“ muscle ” . China the research and development of Chinese 5G technology that presses group of organizations to express to take the lead in finishing IMT-20205G experiments NSA(of the 3rd phase is not independent group net) use a test entirely. And last week, loving lab of Beijing establishing a letter, love established letter, Intel and Chinese mobile academy and Jiangsu company tripartite to begin the each other of interconnection of 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine that accords with 3GPP SA standard to connect a test, in 3.5GHz frequency paragraph different manufacturer data came true to transmit on 100MHz bandwidth, real time rate is top can amount to 1.3Gbps.

Seek applied fall to the ground

Look from technical domain, 5G is next generation shift technologies not just, it is a kind of brand-new network more, with optimal way everythings on earth join rises, this kind of unified join framework will expand the advantage of mobile technology brand-new industry, create brand-new commercial pattern.

Look from development, standard of the 5G before this defined 3 big setting, EMBB, MMTC and URRLLC. Among them, of EMBB correspondence is 3D/ freeboard clear video wait to shed mobile business broadband in great quantities, of MMTC correspondence is business of network of large-scale content couplet, and if nobody drive,of URLLC correspondence is, the Gao Ke of need small delay time such as industrial automation relies on connective business.

But the angle from application, at present besides mobile broadband besides this very clear market, net of couplet of EMTC(huge matter) , URLLC(exceeds low when delay) direction of two old techniques already with imagine at the outset different.

If “ is chasing after a result to look, never guess opposite. ” Wu Geng expresses to the reporter, what the need between the industry solves is commercial pattern problem, still have each industry between adjust a problem, ask or solve more easily of the technology, it is physical law, but different equipment business, operation business can arise in industrial value catenary what kind of new cooperation concerns, need continues to fumble inside this.

Wu Geng thinks, 5G is not innovation of simple eat dishes without rice or wine and transmission rate promotion absolutely, will walk out of communication connective category however, the deepness that carries communication, computation and perpendicular trade is shirt-sleeve, bring far-reaching intelligence to change digital economy revolution.

“5G gains a success in perpendicular industry only, just be real success. Will tell from standard angle, must want to build a kind to cross a trade, global, exceed large-scale new technology platform to develop a mechanism. ” Wu Geng says, besides taking an active part in the standard such as 3GPP to organize, intel also is in take an active part in a few cross occupation standard item, the guiding with arrived very important since and make can action.

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