Case core government responds to: Cut down the member of persons employed really 5% , but Chengdu factory is insusceptible

A few days ago, international is famous media EET explodes makings, brilliant circle acting industry person case core has developed plan cutting down the member of persons employed, the target is to reduce the labor power of 5% . According to EET report, this is case core dedicated one of strategy that behave at improving company finance affairs part. They emphasize, case core did not plan to close round plants of any a brilliant, perhaps cut out any existing business.

EET expresses, the spokesman of case core expresses to be in 18000 employee of the company, suffer an effect employee has 900 people more, he emphasizes at the same time: “ case core is realizing a technology to go up hammer and tongs ” .

Case core government responds to: Cut down the member of persons employed really 5% , but Chengdu factory is insusceptible

According to academy of develop industry newest data shows, 2018 first half of the year, case core battalion receives 2.605 billion dollar, rank place of second of brilliant circle acting factory, but integral city is occupied occupy with the city last year lead 9.4% photographs to compare, appreciably drops. But with compared first half of the year last year, the outstanding achievement of the company is the promotion that had little scope.

Be aimed at incident cutting down the member of persons employed, case core respect responds to:

In future a few weeks inside, we plan the depletion of numbers that start to because the annex before buys the redundant personnel of an accumulative total,decrease in order to promote global cost the orgnaization. This the action predicts to will affect the whole world the employee of 5% , comparative to come from the employee that leaves his post of one’s own accord partly. This plan is the one part of the act that cost structure competition ability enhances inside company limits. We have hope these changes will make we can grow to continue to lay solid foundation for prospective investment to can last.

Sell agency about Chengdu and China, this personnel adjusts joint-stock to our Chengdu factory and Chinese strategy to do not have any influences. China is tremendous market opportunity core to case, we decide to enter this market, in order to ensure we are in first-rate position, serve for it. At present the construction of Chengdu factory undertakes by the plan, design and construction company and our group cooperate cheek by jowl ensure quality, finish as scheduled. Same, to China sale agency also does not have any influences, china remains one of markets with our the mainest whole world, we expect the stability of Chinese market grows, we are right the acceptance of Chinese market as always.

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