Cadenza Innovation obtains world economy forum to commend for technical pioneer

Cadenza Innovation is to batteries manufacturer offers ion of safe, low cost, high-powered lithium store can the supplier that the accredit of the solution permits, pay close attention to closely all the time by industry. This orgnaization is awaited from hundreds whole world in picking a company, show itself, obtain anthology for world economy forum (World Economic Forum)2018 year one of technical pioneers. Notable is, the virgin group of Cadenza Innovation ever also won this one famous award 2010; is occupied know since this project is virgin 2000, this is exclusive the group that catchs this special honour for two times.

The technical pioneer community of world economy forum showed the inchoate phase company of product of innovation of new technology of design of world each district, development and deploy, these technical van businesses will exert important influence to commerce and society. The orgnaization of bear the palm this year is all through the ages most of diversity, the company that heads by the female among them was held 25% , most enterprise (52%) headquarters is located in beyond the United States, come from except all mainlands beyond antarctic.

The technical van business this year comes from at extensive technical field, include small electrified wire netting of artificial intelligence, clean technology, dispersive type, big data and content couplet network (drive catenary of technology of IoT) , biology, area piece, automatically safety of car, network, perpendicular agriculture and other agriculture development and robot technology. Can find complete list here.

Cadenza Innovation 2012 by the lithium ion with famous whole world (Li-ion) batteries expert founds, devote oneself to to develop low cost, safe, high-powered batteries technology platform for global manufacturer, and provide authorization. The patent and super batteries of this company is aimed at electric car at first (EV) and public utility / market of memory of electrified wire netting, and be its the cornerstone of novel framework, for batteries group the design was offerred simplify out and away function, can reduce greatly consequently produce and make cost, overcame safety problem and increased energy density.

Cadenza Innovation obtains world economy forum to commend for technical pioneer

Cadenza Innovation holds leader of presiding apparitor Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud concurrently by its author. Regard global batteries as the authoritative personage of chemistry and design, lampe-Onnerud is technology of Masschusetts Institute of Technology comments on young innovation award (champion of hall of celebrity of year of entrepreneur of He Anyong of gainer of Technology Review Young Innovator) , and undertake the theme makes a speech often on invitation. In inchoate profession career, lampe-Onnerud reachs his to the group is founded and run Boston-Power company, became exclusive one sells battery HP and the newly established business that carry the client with other terminal market. Boston-Power was chosen to be technical pioneer 2010, lampe-Onnerud and its group plan transition according to business subsequently, company business move reachs China, with period develop the batteries technology market with this the biggest whole world adequately. Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud devotes oneself to an environment to be able to develop continuously, wo Si shared Ceng Zaida to store about the sources of energy on forum change with climate, and be aimed at U.N. the opinion of each groups.

After Cadenza Innovation is chosen to be technical pioneer, lampe-Onnerud will attend world economy forum to be gotten newly army person annual meeting. This the conference also is called “ summer amounts to Wo Si ” , will in September 18 hold in Tianjin to 20 days. Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud will be in future is initiated for forum inside two years make contribution, or the annual meeting that can attend to will be held in Dawosi in January 2019

Fulvia Montresor of controller of community of pioneer of technology of world economy forum expresses: Cadenza Innovation of “ our welcome joins the technical pioneer community of this talent many. We believe Cadenza Innovation and other precursor are in the forward position of Industrial Revolution and center the 4th times, will be being changed actively in the near future and benefit society and industry. ”

Lampe-Onnerud expresses: Forum of “ world economy is producing crucial effect in global community, especially its promote the effort that uses new technology. Important is, this forum promotes rich and lower cost, enough environment wholeheartedly to be able to last the sources of energy. Cadenza Innovation is very glad to be chosen to be technical pioneer, be honoured to be able to join the procession of enterprises of these bear the palm very much. ”

Cadenza Innovation obtains world economy forum to commend for technical pioneer

Some earlier this month moment, a of Cadenza Innovation company demonstrative project has been obtained aid financially, the target of the sources of energy of countrywide banner cleanness that aims to advance American new York, in order to support Andrew M of governor of new York state. Of Cuomo 2025 store can 1500 million made of baked clay target. The bureau of new York electric power that this project will be located in Bai Yuan (NYPA) headquarters, obtaining research of energy resources of state of new York city and development bureau (NYSERDA) is aided financially. This demonstrative project will be an only system, include location of batteries of 200kWh of type of a frame, 50kW, the technology that uses Cadenza Innovation, aim to provide high-energy quantity and higher security with low cost, predict to will be finished Summer 2019.

In addition, advanced research plans American energy department bureau of bureau the sources of energy (ARPA-E) is used extensively of electric car to come true, fall through the banner dovish but the system of storage of new generation the sources of energy of the burden (RANGE) plan hurried asks batteries industry to offer the powerful lithium ion that can satisfy cost and travel to be apart from demand batteries technology. Its report in detail point out, “Cadenza Innovation, inc. (Cadenza) offerred the batteries structure of a kind of innovation for this target, can enhance the security of lithium ion batteries, realize higher energy density then (this means longer travel to be apart from) with cost of lower specific power consumption. ”

The selection committee that technical pioneer provides composition high by home of many 60 scholar, entrepreneur, venture capital investment and enterprise chooses come out. This committee basis includes innovation, potential force and the evaluation standard that head force inside to make a decision. Associate with obtains the person that choose to include Airbnb, Gu Ge, Kickstarter, Mozilla, Palantir Technologies, Spotify, TransferWise, Twitter and Wikimedia.

About Cadenza Innovation, inc.

Cadenza Innovation by the ion of much name lithium that closes to own more than 125 patent in all 2012 batteries expert founds, through using the intellectual property, operation that passes on-the-spot test and verify and mass production major knowledge is mixed partner network, become low cost, safety and the sources of energy concentrated model the leader of memory solution domain. This company provides permissive authorization, allow a client to get its technology instantly, its are in charge of high Arthur D of Bridgewater Associates of firm of batteries group and systematic supplier Boston-Power, investment, advisory company is reached in lithium battery. Little and other whole world hold the position of important role in famous organization. Cadenza Innovation is obtained by what Golden Seeds leads A annulus investment exceeds 1, 0 dollar supports, already obtained American energy department and government of new York state, Kangniedige of state government and government of state of Ma Sazhu a place of strategic importance aid financially. The headquarters of Cadenza Innovation is located in Kangniedige city power Er pauses, in local shellfish address of Duracell Drive 1 of Er of a place of strategic importance has advanced technology to develop a lab. If want to know more news, visit please.

About world economy forum

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