Bureau of chip international chess: The Japan that global semiconductor industry investigates piece

The Toshiba semiconductor of 8 many months sells last a period of time case end eventually. This is inspected by day intermediary the incident of another mark sex of decline of Japanese semiconductor industry. Japanese semiconductor industry ever had had golden age, the place that hold the balance ever was had inside alive bound limits, this makes what the person sobs promote decline rear, what to produce after all?

The Toshiba semiconductor of 8 many months sells last a period of time case end eventually.

On June 1, toshiba announces, already finished sell the banner leaves semiconductor company (of TMC) trade, carry out grants the financial group of day beauty Han that shellfish favour capital takes the lead establishs buy company Pangea. Although Toshiba owns 40.2% share to Pangea, but large stockholder is easy already advocate Bain capital.

This is inspected by day intermediary the incident of another mark sex of decline of Japanese semiconductor industry. Occupy what survey orgnaization announces before this 2018 first quarter company of conductor of before the whole world 15 most (calculate with sale) in list, toshiba semiconductor is the Japanese company of rare survival. And in period of at the height of power and splendour 1993, the whole world that survey orgnaization releases has 6 Japan company in company of 10 most conductor.

Bureau of chip international chess: The Japan that global semiconductor industry investigates piece

Japanese semiconductor industry of this your person sigh promote decline rear, what to produce after all?

Build up: From depend on an entrance to arrive own research and development

Buddhist nun of Japanese all alone is hanging a paragraph of such histories up to now on the government-owned net of the company, the well was in one of this company author greatly 1952 greatly the United States has by a definite date the investigation of 3 months travels, company of western electric equipment heard of during (WE) makes over transistor patent of purpose, but cost is as high as 25000 dollars, this is equivalent to company of industry of Japanese Tokyo communication (Suo Ni predecessor) 10% of total assets, although the heart is unripe yearning, but the well is taking a regret finally greatly to go back to the motherland greatly. Another author of Suo Ni fills Tian Shaofu to went to beautiful negotiation 1953 later, took this skill finally.

But the proposal —— that they did not adopt WE uses transistor make hearing aid, fumble however give a brand-new applied territory. 1955, suo Ni develops a whole world radio of the first transistor. 1959, sale of Suo Ni radio amounts to 2.5 million dollar.

Japanese company in succession follow the lead of. To 1965, japanese radio exports a quantity to achieve 24.21 million. Additional, electronic calculator and TV also prize the gate of American market.

Japan consumes an electron to score a success in American market, compare because of its product innovation and sexual price not only tall, still concern with American policy. The United States went to the move of centre of gravity of electronic industry at that time on for military use, this offerred opportunity for civil electron product of Japan.

Take the place of to 1960, japanese semiconductor industry continues to chase the United States. At that time, the getaway that Japanese government is an industry with custom duty camp and trade protectionism “ escorts the Emperor convoy ” . But foreign capital begins “ to knock at noisy ” gate, be in eventually 1968, apparatus of American heart state enters Japanese market with joint-stock mode, but the technology that must abide by Yan Ke is made over wait for limitation.

What make equipment when the semiconductor inside time homeland is homebred change rate to have 20% only, the passivity of the United States that makes measure let Japanese semiconductor industry realize oneself instead. One of, IBM announced to will be in 1970 its are new semiconductor memory is used in the large computer that roll out, semiconductor memory begins to replace magnetism core, the DRAM memory chip of significant position is held in semiconductor memory, make the big market with infinite latent capacity. Industry play regulation changes greatly between one night. Secondly, the United States rejects to offer IC to Japan integrated circuit, the market share that makes Japanese electron calculator is in the United States from prosperous period 80% drop to 27% 1974.

From this, japan begins the force ” with “ the whole nation to have own research and development. An official produces the position that learned project of research and development to change Japanese semiconductor industry thoroughly. This project is Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry (economic industry saves predecessor) initiate the VLSI that hold water collective institute (exceed LSI technology to consider to combine) , “ makes the ” of circuit of large scale integration with prospective indispensable computer the tremendous ambition that this one catchword also showed Japan. Japan is connected in producing province general market each are big competitor (Fuji is connected, day stands, the personnel of research and development of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut, Toshiba and NEC) builds up rise, add up to invests 70 billion yen, the government is contributive 29 billion yen (the half) that is equivalent to connecting defray of allowance yield a province at that time almost.

Afore-mentioned projects expire in 4 years hind, obtain patent 1000 multinomial. Of the director of VLSI collective institute, father that has Japanese semiconductor those who say hang down the recipe that the guiding principle of Jing Kangfu set summed up a success probably: Competitor people whether mutual cooperation is a big question, so we with ” foundation, the ” of applicable to both or all is guiding principle, set out from the common feature of each company, come the technology of research and development, circuit of large scale integration that makes future.

The crucial equipment making Cheng to American substandard ministry and producer goods depend on acting 1970 Japan rate achieve 80% , and take the place of to 1980 first, japanese semiconductor production plant is homebred change rate achieved 70% above, laid a foundation to surmount the United States to become semiconductor industry overlord in the future.

From this open of Japanese semiconductor industry ” of “ golden age, global market share rises ceaselessly, begin to have initial place inside alive bound limits. With the 64K DRAM of throw on the market was 1980 exemple, 1981, day establishs the market to have rate whole world the first, occupy the portion; of 40% the 2nd is Fuji is connected, occupy 20% , NEC is occupied 9% . Later, NEC dominant 256K times, toshiba dominant 1MB times. To 1986, japanese semiconductor industry is occupied in the city of global DRAM rate achieved 80% , surmounted the United States.

The Japanese estate development of this one period basically relies on exit. 1970-1985 15 years year, the production value of Japanese this industry increased 5 times, export increased 11 times.

Turn: By fill and declining is to fail to capture dimensions to turn a chance rear

Disaster blessing place leans, dog days of institute of Fu Xi disaster.

Acting 1980 later period, DRAM market share of Japan begins to ebb considerably, prime cause is DRAM market structure produces great change, the trade friction that happens often is certain also the block up on degree the industry grows.

Japanese enterprise has technical advantage on the memory that inchoate and large computer uses, those who value is the character of memory. But acting 1980 later period, develop flourishingly as personal computer market, inferior to the dependability of memory and life requirement, more side overweight low. But Japan is manufacturing level with high reliability as before at that time, fail to get used to vicissitude of the market well.

The personage inside course of study points out, although Japanese company saw the trend of personal computer market at that time, but still persistent at n, reducing cost respect to be deficient in quite. The semiconductor company of comparative day Han can discover, korea company precedes considerably on cost at Japanese company, produce yuan of same parts of an apparatus or appliance, the equipment measure that Japanese company uses is 2 times of Korea unexpectedly, pull current Cheng is too long, cannot reduce cost then.

Additionally the analysis points out, this also did not adopt Fabless mode to concern with Japanese manufacturer. The development mode that this kind of level divides the work can make professional corporation dedicated design, acting shop is dedicated production, can make quick response to vicissitude of the market, the cost inferior position that affects machine depreciation falls very low.

The semiconductor of “ Japan is made still is big group mostly below child branch, although individual product has right result, but have in the brand rate after reaching certain level, this mode can no more push the 0 package that promote its semiconductor effectively to advance toward next milestone. Fabless mode is semiconductor industry the inevitable trend below dimensions economy progress. And in light of the development mode with Japan, with its missay broke the big change of the market, be inferior to saying semiconductor development has very strong dimensions economy to be propped up as battalion carry, and Japanese manufacturer fails to send have showpiece should manage relatively model the manufacturer of voice and economic dimensions, cause its competition ability to be weakened ceaselessly. Lin Jianhong of director of research of academy of industry of of develop of ” market country reports a reporter to express to 21 centuries economy.

In addition, the influence that Japanese semiconductor industry also got exterior commerce chafes. Japanese semiconductor rises abruptly of course of study ceaselessly, let feeling of crisis of American person of the same trade climb litre. This can report peek from media one spot. 1978, the United States ” fortune ” the magazine was published ” the Japan of Silicon Valley is emissary ” reportorial;1981 year mixed in March in December, publish a report twice to ring the alarm bell of industry of semiconductor of noisy United States again. 1983, ” commercial weekly publication ” the magazine published be as long as of 11 pages ” chip war: Japanese menace ” special subject.

Produce of the manufacturer in great quantities as Japan can enter the market, supply is serious and excess the slump in price that caused global DRAM. June 1985, association of American semiconductor industry (SIA) mentions on behalf of the office to American commerce after this of pair of; of lawsuit of dumping of Japanese semiconductor product, beautiful light mentions to American Department of Commerce lawsuit of dumping of Japanese 64K DRAM. Formal battle of ” of war of “ day beautiful semiconductor.

This battle is final with finish of ” of agreement of “ day beautiful semiconductor. The admittance that agreement content basically includes to improve Japanese market and stop a dumping. The United States is accelerated advance research and development, recapture throne successfully. To 1993, the world of world share regain of American semiconductor company the first, maintain up to now.

As a result of become acute of exterior trade friction, japanese company begins to need to pull the growth pattern transition that move upcountry. In 1985-2000 15 years year, the production value of Japanese electron industry and export increased 1.5 times, and inside needed to increase 2 times much.

Took the place of 1990 first, japan experienced bubble economy to break down, enter 20 years of ” that “ loses. After 2000, japanese GDP grows backwater, japanese electron industry is overall occurrence decline. 2013 the production value of Japanese electron industry is 11 trillion yen, when be less than peak value (26 trillion yen) half.

“1980 time end, japanese economy reached the whole world the 2nd, the United States is applied with square agreement and agreement of day beautiful semiconductor pressure, this hits those who controlled Japanese company to gain profit considerably ability. And Korea takes advantage of a favorable situation the force of home of the whole nation will develop semiconductor industry, before long hind burst of Japanese economy bubble, allowance hard hold together. ” shows reach semiconductor industry to seek advice from Yang Wen of orgnaization CINNO vise general manager to get pair of 21 centuries economy to report a reporter to express, semiconductor industry grows the be closely bound up of macroscopical economy condition with one country, because this is the industry with super and concentrated capital, need lasts, massive capital investment just can succeed. When one country when economic whole is stagnant, support its to develop energetically hard.

Heavy brace up: Structural sex is reformed and restart “ official is produced learn ” project

Japanese semiconductor industry tries to learn ” project to come with structural sex is reformed and restarting “ official is produced rally.

The dominant that produces a province is connected to fall in Japan, 1999, day stands and the DRAM branch conformity of NEC established Er to be amounted to surely (Elpida) , electric machinery of 3 water chestnut also is participated in subsequently come in, and manufacturer of other Japan semiconductor all is exited from inside general DRAM domain, concentrate resource the system that has high additional cost the domain such as compositive chip. Elpida is the meaning of ” of Hellenic “ hope, this company name reflected the great expectations that the DRAM manufacturer with Japanese semiconductor last to this industry expresses.

But, the world ” ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye outside “ . 2008 after financial crisis, global demand pelter, DRAM is supplied serious and superfluous, the DRAM of 2GB is 20 dollars above in the price 2008, and dropped to 1 dollar 2012 the following. Global DRAM produces business to be immersed in serious deficit, er is amounted to surely not exceptional also. Japanese government extended aid 2009, note endowment assure for its obtain Japanese policy to invest bank financing.

But after all declining tendency is pulled hard, er is amounted to surely be in debt to go bankrupt finally at announcing by Feburary 2012 extremely, was bought by beautiful light in July 2012.

Practitioner of semiconductor of a Japan reports to 21 centuries economy the reporter expresses, natural disaster has certain effect to development of Japanese semiconductor industry. 3·11 earth shake quickens competition ability of Japanese semiconductor industry to glide.

“ our company is disastrous also in the earthquake, share price drops all the way, recombine to construct the yield that the factory just returns to normal again till before two years. Share price also broke up 3 times. Semiconductor production is very high to environmental requirement, the ability below the environment that wants the stability that do not have dirt makes superior product. The personage inside semiconductor industry of ” this Japan expresses.

But also the analysis points out, er needs the failure that amount to is follow the same old disastrous road of Japanese semiconductor industry, do not follow to go up namely the change of course of study, it is last do not follow last person computer markets rise abruptly, it is this not to follow electrify head to smartphone and flat computer change direction.

“ Japan company is average essence of life at studying a technique, but should compare what change to the outside to ability slow, because its are in-house normally relatively bureaucratic change, decision-making process is slow. The positive result that its go 30 years is obtained below the circumstance that outer ministry does not have a lot of strong opponent actually, when facing more competitor, this kind dedicated but react logy weakness can be magnified again. ” Yang Wen must say.

Japan started multinomial official to produce learn a project, include flyer (MIRAI of Asuka) plan, future plan, HALCA. 2006, japan rolls out new Five-Year Plan, be regarded as the continuance that ASUKA plans. New Five-Year Plan distributes a share: It is SELETE5 year project of research and development, invest a budget every year 10 billion yen, explore 45 accept rice and 32 accept rice to use technology actually. Another part is STARC5 year plan of research and development, invest a budget every year 5 billion yen, use at developing DFM to design platform.

Although of Japanese semiconductor industry brilliant already made the history, current global city is occupied rate already was less than 10% , but still acting important role in domain of a few fractionize.

“ Japan the scientific research ability that waits in material, accurate machinery, basic physico-chemical maths and manufacturer still influential force. The patent that the history accumulates and professional are very strong still. The mode that wants capital and company to run only was opposite, if can pay the change point of a great commodity, semiconductor industry of Japan still can have very good competition ability. ” Lin Jianhong says.

“ semiconductor is the industry of a compositive sex, the generation of a chip needs the workload of nearly 10 thousand people, need old experience to accumulate ability to have innovation at the same time. Japanese semiconductor basis is very deep, at present the likelihood develops slower, but its foundation still is in, should turn over after visitting a country, be opposite the investment of semiconductor industry. The personage inside semiconductor industry expresses afore-mentioned ” Japan.

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