Beautiful Gaosenmei continues to enlarge carborundum product combination to offer sample of next generation 1200 V SiC MOSFET and 700 V diode of base of power of Xiao Te radical implement

The supplier of program of banner semiconductor technology that devotes oneself to to offer difference to change in power comsumption, safe, dependability and performance side is beautiful Gao Sen beautiful company (Microsemi Corporation, new York Na Sida overcomes bourse code name: MSCC) announces to issueing Ji Chu to enlarge its carborundum (SiC) MOSFET and combination of SiC diode product, include to offer the sample of next generation 1200 V, 25 MOhm and parts of an apparatus of 80 MOhm SiC MOSFET, reach next generation 700 V, 50 A diode of base of power of Xiao Te radical (SBD) and corresponding naked piece. Beautiful Gaosenmei will be joined exhibit the electron of PCIM Europe electric power that will come 7 days exhibit a center to hold in German Nuremberg on June 5, in 6 exhibition halls the 318 other in exhibiting a stage to reveal these SiC solutions and SiC SBD/MOSFET range of products are newest parts of an apparatus.

The development that beautiful Gaosenmei continues to enlarge its SiC range of products works, had become one of a few suppliers that offer schism of a series of power of Si / SiC and module solution to the market. Parts of an apparatus of these new generation SiC MOSFET suit a variety of application in industry and car market very much, include to mix motor vehicle (HEV)/ report motor-car (EV) charges, plug phone / inductive type car carries charger (converter of OBC) , DC-DC and system of electric car power / traction control. The switch mode power source that they also can use in medical treatment, spaceflight, national defence and data center application, smooth hot season (PV) inverter and electric machinery control.

Beautiful vice-president of beautiful Gao Sen holds power schism parts of an apparatus and Leon Gross of manager of module business branch concurrently to express: “ charges to electric car, the application such as system of DC-DC converter, power, medical treatment and industrial equipment and aviation drive, if want SiC solution to be obtained quickly,use, yuan of parts of an apparatus that uses in these systems must have more efficient, security and dependability level. Next generation SiC MOSFET of beautiful Gaosenmei and SiC diode series will pass AEC-Q101 aptitude attestation in order to ensure Gao Ke relies on sexual level, and its are tall repeatability does not have strangulation induction switch (UIS) capacity won’t appear below rated electric current degrade or invalidation, its are dovish it is thus clear that quality. ”

Technavio of market research organization points out, the SiC market that faces global semiconductor application predicts to reach about 540.5 million dollar before 2021, year compound increase rate (CAGR) exceeds 18% . This company still forecasts semiconductor of car of the whole world before 2021 to apply year of compound increase rate of market of SiC parts of an apparatus to will be achieved 20% the left and right sides. Beautiful Gaosenmei is in stand-in in these development trends, parts of an apparatus of power base diode has its SiC MOSFET and Xiaoteji tall short circuit is able to bear or endure the rated avalanche performance that gets ability, can realize steady work, have enough function to satisfy the applied trend of these constant growth.

With competitive Si/SiC diode / MOSFET and IGBT solution photograph are compared, parts of an apparatus of 1200 V of the generation below beautiful Gaosenmei, 25/40/80 MOhm SiC MOSFET and naked piece, and the huge advantage that next generation 1200 V and parts of an apparatus of 700 V SiC SBD all have pair of clients to have appeal extremely, include to be able to be below taller switch frequency the switch with more efficient implementation is run, and taller avalanche / UIS rating and taller short circuit are able to bear or endure suffer rating, come true thereby dovish and reliable run. For example, the development of SiC MOSFET parts of an apparatus is a balance mainly specific guide resistor of electrify block, low grid and thermal resistance, and voltage of low grid threshold value and capacitance, realize reliable job thereby. These parts of an apparatus lead craft and low temperature limits to parameter changes and be designed in the light of Gao Liang, in loud ties lukewarm (below 175°C) with taller efficiency (photograph comparing Si and IGBT solution) the job, can expand HEV/EV and other use medium batteries system.

Sample of these new parts of an apparatus or appliance are undertaking AEC-Q101 attestation, already passed among them high temperature retrorse bias voltage (HTRB) and puncture of time dependence medium (TBBD) checks, the proof can offer outstanding grid integrality and rate of tall grid fine. Other major attribute includes:

·Than competitive SiC MOSFET and tower above of GaN parts of an apparatus 1.5 times to the outstanding UIS ability of 2 times, implementation avalanche is dovish sexual;

·Than tower above of parts of an apparatus of competitive SiC MOSFET 1.5 times decide function to the forehead of tall short circuit of 5 times, realize dovisher working;

·Be aimed at neutron sensitivity, the invalidation time below rated voltage (parts of an apparatus of more congener Si IGBT reduces FIT) the SiC competition product that function of 10 times; and neutron irradiation concern comparatives; and

·Compare with photograph of Si parts of an apparatus, siC parts of an apparatus has higher power density, the magnetic cell with admissibility smaller size / transformer / bus capacitor mixes dc to come loose fewerly hot component, achieve more compact over all dimension thereby, reduce integral system cost.

Will exhibit in PCIM to 7 days on June 5 meeting 6 exhibition halls 318 exhibit a stage to undertake demonstrating

Expert of beautiful product of beautiful Gao Sen will be exhibited in PCIM exhibit at the company during the meeting its are revealed to leave generation SiC solution on the stage, product of diode of parts of an apparatus of the new generation 1200 V that key item on display includes to be rolled out recently, 40 MOhm SiC MOSFET and 1200V, 10/30/50A SiC.

The product offers money

Beautiful Gaosenmei offers next generation 1200 V SiC MOSFET now parts of an apparatus and naked piece and next generation 1200 V and sample of parts of an apparatus of 700 V SiC SBD.

About beautiful company of beautiful Gao Sen

Beautiful company of beautiful Gao Sen (Microsemi Corporation, new York Na Sida overcomes bourse code name: MSCC) is communication, national defence and security, aerospace and industrial market to offer comprehensive semiconductor and systematic solution, the product includes high-powered, anti-radiant imitate mixes integrated circuit, but parts of an apparatus of process designing logic (FPGA) ; can chip of custom-built system level (SoC) and special integrated circuit (; speech handles the level of clock product set that equipment of synchronism of clock of; of product of ASIC); power management and accurate and time solution are the whole world memory of enterprise of; of component of schism of; of solution of;RF of parts of an apparatus and communication solution. Aliso Viejo of city of California of United States of locate of beautiful headquarters of beautiful Gao Sen, global employee sum total is made an appointment with 4, 800 people.

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