Beautiful can produce a world sensor of the biggest CMOS

Usually, electronic component is Yue Xiaoyue good, but image sensor is an exception however, the advantage of large size sensor depends on can collecting more light, noise is lower and in-house focusing is more accurate. Fstoppers of the intermediary outside occupying reports, beautiful can announce a positive result of newest research and development about sensor recently, the world before its rolled out so-called item’s greatest Gao Lingmin spends CMOS image sensor.

Beautiful can produce a world sensor of the biggest CMOS

Beautiful can express, this CMOS is the largest measure that a CMOS can make on the circular silicon chip that is 12 inches in the diameter, its area is sensor of common 35mm full frame about 40 times the left and right sides.

According to saying, this sensor can be helped affirm extremely faint and the shooting star that has theoretic presence only up to now, because it is a sensor that can record these shooting stars. This kind of technology can help “ the mankind is promotional the understanding that develops a generation effect possibly to the shooting star to the life on the earth. ”

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