American semiconductor industry is long fill an unabated 3 big passwords

Strategy Analytics of market survey orgnaization is newest a finished findings report shows, 2017, in chip of global base band and market of smartphone application processor, tall reduction of fractions to a common denominator of American semiconductor manufacturer was not held 53% and of 42% have rate, continue the number one position of firm this domain. Strategy Analytics thinks, be in from 4G to the middle of 5G transition process, connect high lead position holds in will continueing to reached the following market 2019.

What connect high is strong a be position of leader of American semiconductor industry only paradigmatic. The data that month of IC Insights 5 of semiconductor industry research organization updates shows, close with battalion for the standard, 2018 first quarter the whole world manufacturer of 15 most conductor (generation of the circle that contain any crystalline substance is versed in) in, the United States holds 8 seat. 2017, manufacturer of semiconductor of North America area is aggregate held global semiconductor market the portion of 49% .

In addition, with other area manufacturer domain of much more dedicated fractionize or acting industry Wu differ, american manufacturer can produce the whole sort of semiconductor product almost, and be in side of equipment, data is same layout is all ready. VLSI announces 2016 the whole world in manufacturer of equipment of 10 most conductor, applied material, Lam Research, KLA-Tencor and Teradyne enterprise of these 4 United States parts a row the first, the 3rd, the 5th mix the 8th.

Although American semiconductor industry is having the integrated circuit of —— of one large dominant position that other area cannot duplicate,the industry is born at the United States, the technique with principal property is broken through and change also mostly only then at the United States, but the United States is mixed in action of policy of modes of life and relation to their environment of industry of science and technology, government the gain and loss of talent education field still is worth dug.

American semiconductor industry is long fill an unabated 3 big passwords

The rise of Silicon Valley and integrated circuit industry

When the successful element of industry of integrated circuit of United States be askinged about, practitioner of semiconductor of an United States is a little bemused: Integrated circuit is born in the United States, this also makes the “ that locates its succeed accurately the most important reason ” is very difficult.

Colorful semiconductor association (Ying Yu of CASPA) director Miao reports to 21 centuries economy the reporter expresses, integrated circuit industry starts at the United States, be in as American economy after World War II fly synchronous development, the successful element of industry of semiconductor of dug United States needs to hold from whole.

1947, the benefit of father ” Xiao Ke of “ transistor (William Shockley) and make with two work in the same placing in Bell lab gave first transistor, the Nobel physics that 3 people shared 1956 year accordingly award. Subsequently, the benefit that be like a gram leaves shellfish Er lab, the Silicon Valley that comes to nowadays built lab of the benefit that be like a gram. Be attracted the Cai Junzhong that go to somewhere for shelter is like gram benefit, have the celestial being later child the 8 combination author of the company.

1957, 8 people leave founded company of semiconductor of celestial being child, they also are like to overcome benefit angrily rebuke to be “ accordingly 8 traitors ” . Very fast nevertheless, this one appellation became the legend of Silicon Valley and even industry of American science and technology. The poineering spirit of “ traitorous ” affected entrepreneur of a few acting Silicon Valley, scientist.

1958, the Jibier of heart state apparatus (Jack Kilby) is made gave the first integrated circuit, but because fail to find appropriate silicon crystal, his parts of an apparatus used germanium. Semiconductor of celestial being child achieved a breakthrough very quickly subsequently, 8 traitors of “ one of ” Noyes (the patent application that Robert Noyce) submitted craft of the plane that use silicon to make integrated circuit 1959, produced the integrated circuit that gave the first to be based on silicon in March 1961. Integrated circuit industry was pulled open formally prelusive.

1968, 8 traitors of “ in ” leave celestial being child finally rub Er (Gordon Moore) and Noyes also housekeep founded up to now the semiconductor industry Intel with the most successful whole world.

1971, don Hoefler of Electronic News reporter published the series report to company of chip of computer of area of san Francisco bay for the problem with ” of “ Silicon Valley first, silicon Valley gets a name from this. Word of among them “ silicon ” is to result from the silicon raw material that place of industry of this area integrated circuit uses.

Advantage of economic science and technology is propped up

Strategy Analytics RF of market survey orgnaization and Chris Taylor of chief inspector of service of wireless component research report a reporter to point out to 21 centuries economy, the United States’ powerful economy base is one of core advantages of its semiconductor industry. American economy showed driving growth in 19 centuries and 20 worlds on-the-spot record, enlarging obtain employment while the investment that stimulated industries of pair of science and technology.

The Marie that released recently Internet trend report showed · Mi Keer 2018, talk with market prise, the whole world has apple, Yamaxun, Microsoft, Gu Ge, Facebook, Netflix and EBay+PayPal to wait for enterprise of 7 United States in company of 10 old science and technology. This provided the whole zoology system that includes terminal application, brand and software for American semiconductor industry.

Lin Jianhong of director of research of academy of industry of market country advisory reports a reporter to point out to 21 centuries economy, long-term one of main factors that science and technology accumulates the foundation since to ensure American semiconductor industry to be on leadership position for a long time just about.

“ Microsoft and Intel are holding PC market, gu Ge’s An Zhuo and malic IOS are leading a smartphone. Making end, have Intel is pulled with a few strong scientific research units using equipment and data firm, and exterior more capital innovates in the move that prop up environment. He expresses ” .

Colorful semiconductor association (Miao Yingyu still points out CASPA) director, american semiconductor industry is inchoate in the precursor of development, the Europe that is generation more very is emigrant. After “ World War II, a lot of very outstanding scientists seek an opportunity. She says ” . The benefit of father ” Xiao Ke of “ transistor is born in England, change goes to American California after.

Look in Lin Jianhong, semiconductor industry is the one annulus in industry of science and technology only, the United States owns perfect scientific research and innovation system, the talented person that is drawing the whole world gathers, this is crucial to maintaining the leadership position of scientific research domain.

The government gets involved actively: Support of research and development, policy is how-to

What grow in integrated circuit industry is inchoate, american government already amid is producing main effect. It is early before World War II, american army is having the tradition that is scientific research bankroll, in order to be used at the research and development of the domain such as industry of plane, radar, nucleus.

“ national science foundation (the support that NSF) provides about 7 billion dollar every year, the fundamental physics science that is used at supporting a college and maths study. American wholesome academy (NIH) is fundamental medicine to study bankroll. The department of defense is advanced research project bureau (the research that DARPA) has latent capacity of for military use for the enterprise provides support, for example computer network and Internet project. The orgnaization that ”Taylor pointed out to basis of property of 3 half-and-half conductor has important support effect.

Miao Yingyu points out, estate of conductor of American government half-and-half is the directest drive, outside supporting research and development except bankroll, it is important to still was acted purchase square part, national defence and aerospace research provided huge market and applied setting for semiconductor industry.

John Orton of Professor Nuodinghan college also is in its composing middle finger goes out, in the major while in the beginning of transistor is born, this industry relied on the support of the army to survive to come down just about, laid a foundation for in the future integrated circuit industry thereby.

Policy is how-to respect, american government was taking multinomial action in recent years only. 2015, the United States started meeting of congress semiconductor core, with studying semiconductor industry policy technically. Subsequently, service center of research of United States Congress and advisory committee of presidential science and technology are in early or late 2016, released 2017 ” American semiconductor makes: Competition of industry trend, international and federal policy ” and ” consolidate American semiconductor industry leads a position continuously ” report of two how-to sexes.

Technology of component of Strategy Analytics mobile phone considers to serve Sravan Kundojjala of assistant inspector general to report to 21 centuries economy the reporter expresses, semiconductor industry already became rigor of American government “ to protect an industry of ” nowadays. “ in recent years, american government prevented foreign investor many cases buy an attempt. American government inspects 5G and AI to be the core domain of semiconductor industry, hope to hold leadership position. ”

In March 2018, urgent demand is high before CFIUS ever still was connecting shareholder plenary meeting high to hold postpone shareholder plenary meeting, buy in order to intervene rich is connected to the ill will that connects high. The correspondence of a CFIUS that after this pours out of shows, its this action is concern is bought can weaken connect high, make connect the zero hour that makes in 5G standard high to lose a dominant position thereby.

“ does not pass, at present almost all American semiconductor industries are in the whole world somewhat layout, more important is they also are put in business connection with China. ”Kundojjala expresses, the successful more of company of “ major United States still depends on successful product and market strategy. ”

The talent flows often, industrial blossom everywhere

Review the history of American semiconductor industry, an interesting discovery is burgeoning company often can rise abruptly quickly, driving the semiconductor industry progress in technical domain. Look in John Orton, the another big feature of this and industry of American science and technology is having connection: The talent’s frequent between different company flow.

Commonweal organizes a findings that Endeavor Ceng Yu released 2014 to show, the US stock that contains ” of gene of “ celestial being child at present appears on the market the company amounts to 92, among them already apple, Gu Ge, inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty, Facebook and tesla wait for company of the most fervent nowadays science and technology, the semiconductor firm with also have material of Intel, AMD, application, Shan Di, Ying Weida and Sailingsai to wait main, and the semiconductor equipment company such as KLA-Tencor and Lam Research. Endeavor expresses, if jump out to appear on the market the limitation of the company, but date from reachs the company that celestial being child combines father 8 times is to amount to 2000 more.

Orton thinks, the story of 8 traitors ” decided “ a kind of culture, the copyist of about a hundred assured thousand professional knowledge and technology can apace diffuses in the implementation in the industry, this and Europe and Japan’s relatively stable environment is very different.

Burgeoning company is driving a technology to innovate is vitality of American semiconductor industry is important reflect, this one feature received inheritance. 20 centuries 80, 90 time, the American manufacturer of another batch of of people of talent is taking Fabless pattern arisen with information age (Internet and mobile network are arisen) the wind of advent, in rise abruptly quickly while wear for open up of American semiconductor industry new territory, gaotong and Ying Weida are one of the most typical delegates namely.

“ is right us, fabless mode already was proved to be very successful. When ” connects a spokesman of company high to accepted 21 centuries economy to report the reporter is interviewed on June 1, express, this allows “ we need not wait to equipment undertake early days invests, more agile ground is dedicated at more the level of research and development of core, foundation, let more be happy and the manufacturer that is good at chip production is engaged in production. ”

Nowadays, the domain waits in the science and technology of burgeoning forward position such as net of couplet of 5G, AI, content, american firm still takes advanced line. Kundojjala thinks, include to be connected Intel, high, Ying Weida, rich is connected, beautiful light, AMD and Sailingsai inside manufacturer of semiconductor of numerous United States, all be in one round this in good luck active position.

“ e.g. , yingwei amounts to this GPU manufacturer, the business mode reforming that basically has faced its individual client drives AI, automatically to wait for a domain with data center to face. He introduces ” , “ tells the leader of market of this base band high, the success that also trying hard to get on it in 4G continues to 5G, return relevant technology of pair of AI, VR and AR to have investment. ”

“5G is to be in for other and all relevant industry opens a door. ” connects company spokesman high to express, “ past is the function that goes defining 3G and 4G by manufacturer of business of mobile phone operation, mobile phone, semiconductor manufacturer. And 5G is to need numerous industry to participate in come in, inform us its demand, will define the function of 5G together. ”

Nevertheless, although the United States already was,the state that owns chain of semiconductor entire industry is approached most on the world, but be in enterprise of United States of photoetching machine domain still absent, main DRAM produces a factory to also not be in the United States. “ has complete supply without single country at present catenary. ”Lin Jianhong expresses, “ semiconductor industry has professional division of labor of height, but the character that has high concentration again however in each subsystem. ”

Look in Taylor, talent reserve is the main factor that American semiconductor industry holds lead position, especially the education that the United States emphasizes background science, technology, project and mathematical domain. Nevertheless, a challenge that Miao Yingyu points out the United States to exist at present in talent level: relatively develop periodic and longer semiconductor field at the talent, no matter the domain such as burgeoning Internet, software develops cycle or income level in the talent, it seems that more charming.

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