Acting labour of circle of second line brilliant considers rising in price downstream chip industry person face pressure

Go 10 years, circle of semiconductor silicon brilliant because supply exceeds demand, make the price ceaseless go drop. But rise at the beginning of 2017 oneself, circumstances appears to invert greatly, demand exceeds supply the quoted price that pushs circle of brilliant rising silicon chases Ji Biao to go up. Look into future, as include the semiconductor big plant such as SamSung to produce can last augment, and business of shutout of chinese mainland photograph measured the situation that produces a product to fall in succession first half of the year 2019, brilliant circle supplies silicon to still present inadequacy, make quote goes up dimension continuously situation. This not only the profit that reduces brilliant circle acting plant, more make circle of second line brilliant acting the factory brews Xin Yibo rising in price wet.

According to analysing the analysis of the orgnaization the report points out, the case that demands exceeds supply with respect to circle of occurrence silicon brilliant has at the beginning of 2017 oneself, cause circle of integral silicon brilliant to quote tone goes up to amount to the circumstance of 20% about. And the main reason that causes silicon brilliant circle to rise in price, it is car couplet net, content couplet net, store, the outbreak of the application such as AI and bit money, push litre of semiconductor demand to soar. Another is circle of brilliant of before the whole world 5 big silicon the manufacturer has no augment to produce can plan picture, make silicon brilliant round market demands exceeds supply continuously, drive quote to go tall considerably.

And the concussion that is chased season to rise by quote of silicon brilliant circle, the wool interest rate of brilliant circle acting factory also will be affected. Among them, brilliant circle generation is versed in bibcock stage accumulates report to ever pointed out before, because already signed year agreement, sufferred silicon brilliant circle to rise in price 2017 the influence is minor, affect gross profit to lead 0.2 percent about. But fall in the circumstance that silicon brilliant circle rose in price 2018, the influence may expand to 0.5 to a percent. The market anticipates, big plant of a gleam of is after the contract negotiate a price that had silicon brilliant circle afresh 2019, derogation of wool interest rate fears can expanding. And relatively at circle of brilliant of a gleam of era is versed in big plant, in second line factory GlobalFoundries, world is report of advanced, couplet, medium many manufacturer such as core international and memory of the Yangtse River, predict to suffer concussion degree to fear will be being increased.

Acting labour of circle of second line brilliant considers rising in price downstream chip industry person face pressure

In fact, rise in price in a of in the past in tide, the indebted degree of acting factory of circle of second line brilliant is prep above the circle of brilliant of a gleam of such as stage accumulating report is acting of the factory. The reason is on one hand demand of brilliant circle acting labor is exuberant, partial order must choose to take the place of from circle of brilliant of a gleam of the factory is transferred to acting factory of circle of second line brilliant. On the other hand, before paragraph acting labour of time brilliant circle rises in price extent outclass the cost of the material such as silicon brilliant circle rises extent, this makes circle of second line brilliant acting the factory still can continue to maintain. Just, in circle of current silicon brilliant the price still lasts below bullish case, the wool interest rate of acting factory of circle of second line brilliant also has begun to face pressure, the rise in pricing that must begin to brew Xin Yibo accordingly is wet. And, in circle of brilliant of this second line acting factory rises in price hind, downstream chip industry person also can have the share that accepts silently only.

Downstream chip industry person can silent get down rises in price the reason of the result, be cost of acting labor of past brilliant circle rise, originally but move of take advantage of an opportunity gives downstream chip the firm, drive chip to rise in price further, will exchange higher profit. However, rise in price in this in tide, downstream chip manufacturer is potential cannot Jie chip rises in price to will digest or absorb the person that come from upriver acting industry to rise in price what bring cost. Because Chinese Taiwan is mixed,the chip manufacturer of chinese mainland is in mad loot market. If Taiwan chip manufacturer adopts the strategy that take advantage of an opportunity rises in price, the client of pressure impute to that cost rises, lose client of great majority mainland probably. For the chip manufacturer such as the couplet hair division that this hopes to including gross profit embellish can return to 40% level above, having pressure likewise. Because of this market beforehand appraise, face brilliant of silicon of this upper reaches to rise in price roundly wet, taiwan chip industry person adopt the strategy that does not rise in price probably.

Just, acting factory of circle of second line brilliant brews the circumstance that rise in price, short-term inside do not have aid to be in short supply at brilliant circle it seems that, the case with high price is solved. The whole world expresses before SUMCO of Japan of round manufacturer of crystal of the 2nd big silicon, in the part of circle of brilliant of 12 inches of silicon, beforehand the price will be like appraise 2018 anticipate the price to will go up again raise is made an appointment with 20% , make the silicon brilliant of the 4th season round 2018 price general relatively 2016 tower above of the 4th season 40% . And beforehand appraise the price will pick up continuously 2019. Below such trend, also make the client begins a care to ensure whether the silicon brilliant round amount that acquires place to need, and already began to undertake negotiation with respect to the following agreement.

Additional, in the part of circle of 8 inches of brilliant, increase because of supply finite, present supply and demand for a long time possibly henceforth to stretch tight closely condition, the crisis feeling that this makes current client round to purchasing brilliant of 8 inches of silicon is already tall too 12 inches of products. As to the part of circle of 6 inches of brilliant, circumstance of current in short supply also emerges. Although the price has picked up, but in long-term circumstance as before not Anacreontic.

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