5 pay the metric system builds research and development craft stage accumulates report to announce to invest 25 billion dollar

The stage of Chinese Taiwan area accumulates report, it is global Yao house business of the first semiconductor acting industry, held the market share of the half, stage accumulating report relies on outstanding semiconductor to make a technology make a trade gigantic without bully. The intermediary outside occupying latest news, this company is newest announce, investment 5 pay the metric system makes research and development of 25 billion dollar craft.

According to Reuter report, the stage accumulated report to announced this one news external on June 21. Nevertheless this company did not offer 25 billion dollar to invest the detail of the plan, it is for instance in how long the research and development that finish, when hold a conference or consultation uses technology of 5 accept rice.

5 pay the metric system builds research and development craft stage accumulates report to announce to invest 25 billion dollar

So called 5 accept rice, 7 accept rice, those who point to is the index of “ line wide ” that semiconductor makes, the line is broad narrower, OK and integrated more counts the transistor of the quantity in the chip of unit area, the processing performance of chip is stronger, specific power consumption is lower.

In global semiconductor industry, of the ” of “ accept rice that is put in a semiconductor to make contend for, the stage accumulates report to be in lead dominant position at present.

The client of semiconductor acting industry with stage accumulating the biggest report, it is American apple company. And almost each years, ministry of career of SamSung electron semiconductor and stage accumulate report to spread out intense contention around malic order, a when the apple thinks main index is the technology that semiconductor makes advanced sex and stable rate, and in this argue, the stage accumulates report to win out stage by stage.

According to the convention, this year autumn, the apple will be in new the A12 processor that new generation uses in issuance mobile phone, according to coverage of much home media, the stage accumulates report to will use craft of 7 accept rice to produce processor of malic A series.

SamSung electron chases a stage to accumulate report closely, the 7 accept rice production technologies of this company also had developed it is reported successful.

Not long ago, zhangzhong seeks the semiconductor legend entrepreneur of Chinese Taiwan, accumulate report the 2nd times to retire from the stage, be in nevertheless before exiting, he had planned the workmanship route chart of stage accumulating report.

According to the report before Taiwan media is early, stage accumulating report is already permissive in upper Xin Zhuke ability garden area establishs a center of new research and development, the mission of this center, the workmanship of semiconductor of 3 accept rice that develops future to use namely.

This one center will be by this year or be next year begin construction first, will throw 2021 use. Cooperate center of this research and development, the stage accumulates report to also prepare to build to have 3 pay the metric system to build the chip mill of craft, start working time was 2020.

The history develops to go up in global semiconductor, stage accumulating report is one furniture has overturn the company of the meaning. This company pioneer pattern of semiconductor acting industry, the small company that lets build chip product line feebly in great quantities thereby also enters semiconductor field. Semiconductor industry also formed huge chip to design a company + the healthy pattern of tycoon of a few acting labour.

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