Ying Feiling founds electric machinery drive to combine a lab with power spirit, drive home appliance product to optimize upgrade

On May 11, 2018, joint-stock company of science and technology of Ying Feiling of —— of Chinese Shanghai dispatch (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) announces to control a limited company with power spirit today (”) establishs power spirit of “ of the following abbreviation drive of electric machinery of Ying Feiling of power spirit — combines a lab, aim to innovate through product of electric machinery drive, promote home appliance product energy-saving upgrade, better to having energy-saving performance mixes contented consumer much better the product requirement that the user experiences.

What upgrade as consumption is thorough, people is right the demand of product of home appliance of high quality, tall intelligence, feebleminded bad news grows day and day. In promotion product can effect and respect of implementation design miniaturization, product of electric machinery drive is having very main effect. The applied demand that drive of electric machinery of Ying Feiling of power spirit — combines a lab to will understand product of electric machinery drive through development, undertake tall compositive, efficient, modular product development, product of stimulative electric machinery is optimized upgrade, then final benefit and consumer.

This combination lab will develop Ying Feiling adequately to control the banner technology of the domain in electric machinery drive and industrial power, demonstrate to cover to combine a design bilaterally to offer, algorithm of electric machinery drive and program tool, and power spirit will offer corresponding home appliance to check platform and systematic design, provide test and verify and authentication service for final user, drive the mass production of innovation product then. After associated lab is started will advance around 3 projects above all, the current drive platform that includes to design frequency conversion washing machine jointly and custom-built the intelligent power module that change, to the efficient, high density of washing machine application frequency conversion driver undertakes associated assessment.

Power spirit accuses a Fu Yongjun of limited company general manager to express: “ is made as China to China wisdom the ceaseless stride that make, front of industry of Chinese home appliance faces the challenge that structural adjustment of own innovation, industry brings science and technology and opportunity. Power spirit devotes oneself to to promote an enterprise competition ability through technical innovation all the time, drive an industry to optimize upgrade. Ying Feiling is the semiconductor solution supplier with banner whole world, have technology of advanced electric machinery drive and rich experience. We are very glad to establish laboratory of electric machinery drive jointly with Ying Feiling, bilateral advantage is complementary, strong strong together, drive technology and industry to upgrade jointly. ”

Ying Feiling science and technology (China) president of division of limited company big China Dr. Suhua expresses: “ regards the whole world as well-known semiconductor company, ying Feiling emphasizes ‘ understanding ’ to the system from product thinking from beginning to end, through understanding the client’s ecosystem and market demand, combine oneself major knowledge, offer good systematic solution for the client, satisfy the demand that consumer increases increasingly then. We are very glad to can design the banner business that produces a field with electric machinery power spirit undertakes cooperative, promote innovation ability and commercial value jointly, while implementation oneself can grow continuously, drive an industry to progress, redound China market. ”

Ying Feiling and the collaboration that power spirit maintains long-term and close together all the time concern, of lab of combination of drive of electric machinery of Ying Feiling of power spirit — hold water make bilateral collaboration enters new level, will deepen the comprehensive collaboration of Ying Feiling and beautiful group further. Future, both sides still will explore carborundum technology to apply in the more innovation in electric machinery drive jointly.

About power spirit

Power spirit held water 1992, professional research and development makes electric machinery and its drive system, develops electric machinery product applies extensively at domain of electric home appliances<gj, clean equipment, pump kind domain of automation of product, industry. The company has Guangdong to install arrange the Huaihe River of lake of overgrown with weeds of heart, Anhui, Jiangsu, 4 big electric machinery make Jiangsu Changzhou base 6 big plants, produce per year can exceed 220 million; to have Guangdong to arrange centers of two big research and development, pay attention to technical innovation and product core competition ability. Power spirit brand is saved by Guangdong industrial and commercial bureau is maintained save famous label ” for “ Guangdong, company product is maintained to be product of ” of “ China famous brand by total bureau of national qualitative check. Up to now, the company owns national authorization patent 100 multinomial, have blank of a variety of 10 product fill home. Company product sells the numerous country such as past Asia, America, Europe and the Oceania and area, manufacturer of as famous as much home whole world home appliance established long-term companionate relationship.

About Ying Feiling

Joint-stock company of Ying Feiling science and technology is the company of semiconductor science and technology with lead whole world, the life that we let people is more convenience, safe with environmental protection. Microelectronics product of Ying Feiling and solution will take you to lead to good future. 2017 money year (end on September 30) , the sale of the company amounts to 7.1 billion euro, have inside global limits about 37, 500 employee. Ying Feiling is in Frankfurt stock exchange (stock code: IFX) and American bar trade code of stock of market OTCQX International Premier(: IFNNY) hangs out his shingle appear on the market.

Ying Feiling China

Joint-stock company of Ying Feiling science and technology 1995 market of China of make one’s bow. Since building the first business without stannum in October 1995, ying Feiling’s business obtains very rapid growth, about 2000 stuff are had in China, had become Ying Feiling Asia-Pacific and even the main impetus that global business grows. Ying Feiling built the complete industrial chain that covers support of research and development, production, sale, market, technology to wait inside in China, the enterprise that waits for respect and home to precede in education of research and development of sale, technology, talent, institution of higher learing began thorough collaboration.

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