Violet Guang Guoxin more the name is ” violet Guang Guowei ” reason why?

On May 8, inc. of core of violet smooth country (”) of violet Guang Guoxin of “ of the following abbreviation releases announcement to say, thirteenth of the 6th board of directors is held before this on second conference and plenary meeting of 2017 year shareholder, discuss passed " be changed about company name and revise < company constitution > second reading " .

Announcement shows, since May 8, 2018, company name will be ” of Inc. of microelectronics of “ violet Guang Guoxin by change of ” of Inc. of “ violet Guang Guoxin, company English name by “Unigroup Guoxin Co. , ltd. (UGC)” change is “Unigroup Guoxin Microelectronics Co. , ltd. (GUOXINMICRO)” , negotiable securities abbreviation is ”; of “ violet Guang Guowei to be opposite at the same time by change of ” of “ violet Guang Guoxin " company rules " do revise accordingly.

At present industrial and commercial change registers formalities to already ended at was being dealt with recently, obtained Tang Shan city to be versed in management board of commercial firm politics is changed of hair ” business charter ” .

Violet Guang Guoxin more the name is " violet Guang Guowei " reason why?

As to the account that changes a name, announcement explanation is, the company arrives from core in “ of violet smooth group below the deploy of cloud ” overall strategy, be engaged in integrated circuit designing relevant business. To reflect the company’s located trade further, make clear core business fixed position, promote the market image, because this decides,undertake modificatory to company name and negotiable securities abbreviation.

The data shows, violet Guang Guoxin is industry of the semiconductor below division of violet smooth group appear on the market company, dedicated at integrated circuit chip the design develops a field, its predecessor is the brilliant source electron that held water 2001. 2015, below the unified deploy that controls a limited company in Tsinghua, violet smooth group becomes a company to control a partner, the company becomes the main platform that strategy of “ cloud ” goes to from “ core ” below division of violet smooth group, change weigh violet Guang Guoxin, chip year shipment volume achieves about 1 billion.

As we have learned, the core business of violet Guang Guoxin includes the product such as chip of intelligent chip, special type integrated circuit, memory, FPGA and crystal.

Among them, special type integrated circuit and intelligent chip, memory chip are the same as state of city of square microelectronics limited company, Shenzhen by Beijing respectively 3 core subsidiary assumes limited company of semiconductor of core of country of violet light of microelectronics limited company and Xi’an. Quartz crystal yuan parts of an apparatus and business of sapphirine underlay data criterion by subsidiary limited company of electron of Guo Xinjing source assumes Tang Shan.

Money newspaper shows, violet 2017 Guang Guoxin realizes battalion to receive 1.829 billion yuan in all, grow 28.94% compared to the same period. Among them, integrated circuit business realizes business income 1.664 billion yuan, 90.98% what take company business income, crystal business realizes business income 161 million yuan, 8.82% what take company business income.

Violet Guang Guoxin more the name is " violet Guang Guowei " reason why?

Violet Guang Guoxin did business 2017 income is formed

Violet Guang Guoxin expresses, name of this second change company reachs negotiable securities abbreviation, those who accord with a company to run business at present is actual with development strategy, of the company name after change and company advocate the matching of business Wu the gender did not produce any change.

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