Trade lustre electron reminds your R and C: See the resistor of different type and capacitance

Study electronics very resemble paring onion. No matter you acquire how many thing, the knowledge that always can have deeper arrangement is disentombed and explore. Not only new technology is invented ceaselessly, and a lot of component had become so mature, so that we are only,regard them as of course. Resistor and capacitor are this perfect example. The head that accepts campus in me in a few years, to me, resistor and capacitance pass their principle graph symbol to define namely. When entering a lab till me, they just become a metal, plastic the corporeal content with all sorts of other data. Nevertheless, in the memory that there does not do not have experience at that time in me, resistor is a resistor. Capacitor is polarization or blame polarization at most. But if we come off onion, still more things compare contented eye.

When you begin to design the first your project from the beginning, after decorating circuit, need makes stock detailed list (BOM) . Of course, you can go begins to input component name or number in searching column. The resistance with preparative although you are likely right choice and / or power rating, but not quite may clear is the difference between resistor and capacitor type. Let us see … .

Contractible resistor

The head that the quantitative enough of the choice lets you explodes (graph 1) ! Apparent, all sorts of resistor and capacitor type have very good reason. All sorts of construction technologies produce different function feature. A lot of technologies apply to the major application of special high end only, the limits of unit cost can arrive from a few penny more than 100 dollars, use at resistor of certain high power. What should search when is so most manufacturer choosing resistor and capacitor for next project?

Trade lustre electron reminds your R and C: See the resistor of different type and capacitance

Graph 1: The resistor of a lot of types! From where to begin?

Solder in development according to you the position of skill, what want a decision above all is you are stuck to via or surface install (the preference of SMD) component. Via component solders more easily by hand, but cost is in printed circuit board (take up on PCB) more spaces.


Carbolic resistor may be the commonnest resistor that you use at first. They are included cover in a lot of introductions in. They often very cheap, but also electric “ noisy ” , become them especially calefacient. The application of strict to needing public errand, restrict the electric current of LED for example, carbolic resistor is enough.

Metallic film

If you are willing balance cost, you can get metallic film resistor, as temperature elevatory, noise is less, stability is better. This makes them better to the high frequency application such as RF circuit. Additional, the likelihood has very great resistance (measure) with megohm.

The line is circled

The unit cost of these resistor is relative also taller. Their resistance just is common when thousands of ohm only. But, their apt can handle a large number of electric current, and they are very accurate, in because this is sending a response,be being used very common.


These resistor are mixed in the carbon of low cost more high-powered film (smaller tolerance, taller precision) circle resistor with the line (greater power handles ability) between it is quite good to was offerred eclectic. I can think these are the acquiescent types of process of great majority application, unless I know another kind of type is of very need really, cheaper perhaps breed is enough.

Thick film

Function slightly under filmy resistor, but also often cost is inferior.

Contractible capacitor

Resemble resistor same, capacitor also is made with all sorts of means, produce different function characteristic and cost. Below most circumstance, the difference between capacitor is the technology that in be based on its to construct, uses and material, basically be the dielectric that separates two plate of capacitor.

Aluminium electroanalysises

These capacitor use blue and argent and perpendicular cylinder normally (although be not,always be) , form a lot of circuit board. They are dog-cheap, capacitance of every unit volume is very tall, and can handle tall tension. On the other hand, they are polarization, suffer relative to taller discharge leakage current, have the resistance of equivalent series connection that increases along with frequency (ESR) . In addition, aluminous electrolytic ESR becomes as the elapse of time poor. Electroanalysis when aluminium when invalidation, can produce open circuit. They adjust with the voltage at circuit normally part.


These capacitor also are polarization, and apt compares aluminous electrolyte a bit more expensive. As a result of additional cost, tantalum capacitor has inferior leakage current and the stability that capacitance is worth. Electroanalysis at aluminium relatively capacitance, the voltage with their taller mishandle, but they are better to the support of retrorse voltage. The dimension that their the biggest gain is them and capacitance comparative, and be normally when price of circuit board estate is higher use. When their invalidation, they can bring about short circuit.

Contented porcelain dish

Use the most extensive capacitor type, the roundlet that capacitor of disk of pottery and porcelain is those orange normally is encircled (same, they really consist in is other the) in appearance element and color, they are in normally very distribute loosely on circuit board more. Normally, they are brought in the power source of integrated circuit and ground connection use on the foot, this conduces to the problem that reduces to be concerned with the voltage drop that causes chip restoration possibly. They also are used at coupling of high speed signal to mix go Ou application. Cap of contented porcelain dish normally capacitance value scope arrives from a few small microfarad a few small ways. They also have quite low rated voltage. When their invalidation, they can bring about short circuit.

The film

The tectonic technology that uses considering all sorts of dielectric material and place, film capacitor can assure whole Vlog oneself. The capacitor that compares other type normally is costlier, but their parasitism loss is very small, can use at application of tall electric current. Additional, their strict public errand makes they suit to be used at time applying very much, for example electromotor speed controller. When they fail, they can bring about open circuit, but their life expectancy is a few years.


Hope you do not see capacitance and resistance again! This discusses is not a detailed review, deliver the gather of my a few more fundamental experience law however for years. Still have a lot of other nuance, so if this article aroused your curiosity, must have done your homework so. Additional, remember please, it is OK that batch is bought the help reduces unit cost. Accordingly, if you need higher performance, if you are producing a product in batch, can make its more economy.

The last clew: When archetypal design, I prefer to keep simple through aperture component. If I plan to stick outfit component to abstain circuit board with the surface, I try to insist to enclose below: 0603, 0805, 1210 with 2010, use thin or thick film type.

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