Toshiba semiconductor ” soap opera ” random battle of market of the end memory or will begin

The Toshiba semiconductor of nearly 8 months sells last a period of time eventually hopeful is greeted terminative.

On May 17, toshiba company releases statement to express, its sell the banner leaves Toshiba semiconductor company (the traded to had obtained whole place to need antitrust of TMC) examines approval. Serve as the shellfish favour capital that buys the person that financial group takes the lead to also announce at be the same as day, had received Chinese antitrust to superintend the written approval that the orgnaization buys to this. Toshiba respect predicts, should trade hopeful on June 1 before finish formally.

The part that the in trading institute that Hailishi sells in TMC acts SK of Korea chip tycoon is one of this trading controversy focuses all the time. Considering Toshiba and SK Hailishi all is had in NAND market taller have rate, this kind of connection of two big firms provides experience to cause why to plant the influence is worth to pay close attention to.

In addition, buy this finish just meet industry glides to NAND price again when existence is anxious, shine put the market to whether can greet price of a “ to die dish of big play that ” is ” of “ price war even is likewise worth while attention.

Toshiba semiconductor " soap opera " random battle of market of the end memory or will begin

Whether can NAND market show concentration trend?

On September 28, 2017, what Toshiba releases what announcement announces to present as leading role with K.K.Pangea(Bain to buy financial group to hold water to be bought this is special buy a company) come to an agreement, will with 2 trillion yen (add up to 18 billion dollar about) section of business of the semiconductor below price general banner sells latter. Wait for a company except apple, Dai Er, rare nimble, Jinshidu, hailishi also is in SK of Korea chip manufacturer in member of this financial group.

Tom Coughlin of analyst of industry of memory of Chairman Coughlin Associates, number passes Forbes dispatch points out, as a result of western the difference of data and Toshiba already was in early before get settlement, the finishing aux will be able to that TMC sells makes quite the world that two companies have jointly the 2nd big Shan Cunsheng produces a factory to enter steady state: Very large possibility will have data western collaboration of stable brilliant round factory concerns, the system such as apple, Dai Er, Jinshidu, rare nimble and equipment manufacturer also will certain level receives Shan Cunxin directly piece supply channel, and SK Hailishi criterion aux will be able to obtains partial Toshiba to shine quite put a technology.

Core consults research chief analyst Gu Wenjun reports to 21 centuries economy the reporter points out, as a result of Toshiba semiconductor there is the SK of the person that precede inside memory line of business in buying square financial group Hailishi, this second is bought or can cause the farther concentration of memory market, cause bigger effect to the market in this level thereby.

The media before this ever also reported say, hailishi is in the SK that regards Bei Encai as one of round participator this part that in trading, acts ever was official of antitrust of Chinese Department of Commerce exist to should trading the main reason of misgive. Data of the DRAMeXchange below market state division shows, NAND of the fourth quarter shined 2017 put the market to go up, samSung with of 38% have rate firm house the first, toshiba with of 17.1% after having rate close therewith, SK Hailishi criterion with of 11.1% have rate rank 5.

The long-term gain that because value SK,Hailishi invests in be bought this, samSung negotiable securities is in May 21 in updating, to SK Hailishiwei held “ to buy ” grade to suggest, was in target price setting 100 thousand Han Yuan (add up to 92.32 dollars) about. That day, SK Hailishi share price rises 1.37% , close at 89100 Han yuan (add up to 82.25 dollars) about.

Hwang Min-seong of analyst of SamSung negotiable securities expresses, toshiba is SamSung electron is in at present the competitor with only aspect of relevant science and technology, as Toshiba semiconductor the adjustment after sell recombines, this industry will be faced with the adjustment of a lot of and politic sex. Hwang further explanation says, after TMC undertakes IPO, SK after Hailishi can change what what hold bond to have transition but the share of hold TMC 15% .

Nevertheless Coughlin thinks, TMC sells trade finish and do not mean show the concentration that keeps chip market, contrary, this market will have more player. “ as resemble shining keep the maturity that waits for commodity, and normally industrial conformity is compared, this is an interesting changeover. He writes ” , “ the dilate of amount of this kind of player is to suffer much home China to show those who put the rise of manufacturer to drive. Apparent, shine put an industry to return half-baked conformity. ”

Short-term in light of, TMC sells to its oneself business won’t cause clear impact. Allied secretary-general Wang Yanhui invests to look in Chinese semiconductor, in the pace that because store at present,chip manufacturer is in enlarge factory increase production more, selling be related end pendent state eventually is a benefit to its good.

Market country seeks advice from DRAMeXchange respect to also think, trade after finishing, the investment program aux will be able to of Toshiba follow-up Fab 6 and Fab 7 is pressed anticipate success, enough capital investment also makes Toshiba shines put a branch can more dedicated the research and development at new technology, be in thereby with western shine in NAND continuously below the case that data manages good cooperation to concern put the market to contend with SamSung.

Shine put the price glide pressure

2017 a record of semiconductor industry is SamSung namely finished pair of Intel surmount, latter and successive whole world of 25 years is the biggest the renown head of semiconductor manufacturer at this point abdicate. Data of Gartner of market research organization shows, samSung closes with the battalion of fifty-nine billion eight hundred and seventy-five million dollar and the market of 14.2% is had lead a list the first, its battalion received increase rate to achieve 49.3% , and adversary Intel is only 8.6% .

Nevertheless, of SamSung strong and main come from memory chip price to rise in the violent wind that goes two years. Other the semiconductor manufacturer that gives priority to with memory business also rises in price in this be benefited in tide apparent. SK is Hailishi, beautiful smooth, Toshiba, western data is in battalion closed to be obtained respectively 2017 79.6% , 71.1% , 25.1% with the amplitude of 119.6% , all whole of outclass semiconductor market the amplitude of 21.6% .

Gu Wenjun points out, two years memory shortage caused in the past rise in price to already was brought about active enlarge produces many manufacturer to be supplied in order to increase, and in light of the angle from demand, at present memory chip industry lacks the new application of ” of “ killer class again, memory especially NAND shines putting the price to glide already was a trend.

Coughlin also thinks, shine as 3D keep the main stream that will make the market stage by stage, the is located in an Asia new product line that includes China inside will throw operation, shine put chip price to predict to be able to end 2016, 2017 go up situation, greet this year glide. SamSung electron also looks into middle finger to go out in the 2 quarters outstanding achievement that released in April, NAND shines put quote to be in 2 quarters or will present fatigued and weak state.

Market country seeks advice from data to show, till shined to NAND of four quarters whole world 2017,put demand to all be more than yield, be in nevertheless 2018 the phase that this market already entered supply exceeds demand first quarter. The report that its updated in April also shows, although NAND shines,put demand growth, but the situation of supply exceeds demand still also exists, this will bring about a product to quote 2018 the 2nd quarter glides further.

The analysis ever pointed out recently, main NAND shines put a supplier to was in two years in the past show the labour pains that is put to 3D Shan Cunsheng class from 2D period, and change as the technology already approach is finished, Shan Cunjun of each big plant 3D yields successfully already, except the product quote is reduced besides, this market returns a likelihood to greet ” of random battle of a “ several years in future, till form similar DRAM market only remnant the situation of a few players.

Nevertheless Wang Yanhui shines to NAND put whether can depreciate in the near future existence doubt. He points out, although shine,put the price to go one year really “ goes up too much ” , but memory market falls to be in circular condition all the time because of producing the price that can produce with the adjustment of demand to go up, very difficult judgement the next time the price glides will only then at when.

In addition, NAND shines put main application at storage system, the main requirement with this current market comes from mobile phone and cloud memory. The storage space of “ mobile phone and cloud is expanding, market structure is in every year also produce change, henceforth go situation is very bad still judgement. ” he reports to 21 centuries economy the reporter says.

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