TI exceeds module of power source of step-down of small-sized 5.5V DC/DC to realize real 6A property

On May 10, 2018, apparatus of state of heart of Beijing dispatch —— (TI)(NASDAQ: TXN) rolled out module of step-down of a 5.5V power source recently, can offer true abidance 6A output electric current and the efficiency that are as high as 95% . The TPSM82480 DC/DC that uses easily semiconductor of oxide of metal of module general power field effect transistor (MOSFET) and screen inductance are compositive to small size is enclosed in, use at space and height to accept bounds application. For example laden dot telecommunication, network, test and measure power source. Be about to understand more information, sample and evaluate module, visit Www.ti.com.cn/TPSM82480-pr-cn please.

The TPSM82480 with TI compositive height maintains needs 6A to export electricity inside whole temperature limits, need not additional air current. This comes true through using two-phase to control develop to attack, this develop attacks share the load between each photograph in order to ensure efficient and all shed an operation. Other function still includes adjustable soft start, the voltage that supports multistage processor chooses (VSEL) , and power source position is good directive.

TI exceeds module of power source of step-down of small-sized 5.5V DC/DC to realize real 6A property

The major attribute of TPSM82480 and advantage

·Exceed small size: Two inputs / output capacitor and two resistor made the complete solution that holds 80mm2 only, and height is 1.5mm only.

·Efficient: Mode of optional automatic province report keeps efficient inside whole and laden limits.

·Heat up protection: Medicinal powder the output with good heat reminds a system to reduce its power before overheat.

Reach for goods enclose

The archetypal sample of TPSM82480 can be ordered through TI shop now. This module uses the 24 all directions that cite a base compressed miniature (QFM)MicroSIP™ is enclosed. The TPSM82480EVM-002 that order evaluates module and download model of PSpice transient state. Use WEBENCH®Power Designer founds a complete 5.5V, solution of 6-A DC/DC step-down.

TPSM82480 is the newest member of range of products of module of power source of TI rich DC/DC, mix inductor MOSFET is compositive enclose to in, with saving cloth board space to simplify prototype is made, design and production.

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