The stage accumulates electric patriarch to hold president Zhang Zhongmou concurrently: Trade war fears affecting the apple supplies chain

The warning when the stage accumulates electric patriarch to hold president Zhang Zhongmou concurrently to accept financial times to visit says, the trade issue of the United States and China is possible disaster and apple supply chain.

The Zhang Zhongmou that is about to join a club expresses: ” this is a new challenge, and it is the challenge that my past have not faces, but my successor will be needed face this risk. ” ” what can they do? I do not know. ” the main supplier that stage accumulating report is chip of malic IPhone processor.

Before Zhang Zhongmou expresses afore-mentioned views, government of American plain general already asked chinese mainland is before 2020, reduce pair of beautiful surplus of 337 billion dollar -1863462912 dollars, reduce subsidy burgeoning industry, custom duty menace has elevatory power since week of number of the two countries in the United States.

The stage accumulates electric patriarch to hold president Zhang Zhongmou concurrently: Trade war fears affecting the apple supplies chain

Although the stage accumulates report,the core processor chip that produces for malic IPhone is to be in the factory of Taiwan to make mostly, dan Zhangzhong seeks concern, if the United States increases custom duty force, more extensive mobile mobile phone supplies catenary to will suffer an effect. Stage accumulating report is annual the battalion of 33 billion dollar closes, about half the number comes from mobile equipment.

He also is aimed at open is like in the United States overall trade war, the influence that blends in the whole world to supply chain company to deepness offers a view. He says: ” chinese mainland assembles terminal product in great quantities, because this beauty is medium,the trade issue between also may affect us. “

The investment of fund of science and technology of peace and tranquility combines Morgan handler Kekesi (Oliver Cox) says, although new tariff of the United States is short-term inside the likelihood brings cost pressure to the apple, but he does not think to have long-term effect. Apple and its supply catenary to be in ” get used to change and depress cost respect to already showed a high flexibility ” .

Dan Zhangzhong seeks concern, of China government office and Beijing confront each other, the likelihood took the place of 1969 than him the war of beautiful day trade of experience more flooey, this is the controversial issue of a trade that he leads place of branch of a semiconductor to experience in company of heart state apparatus at that time. He says: ” we comparative peace is solved, and beautiful day both sides is satisfactory. ” ” this the likelihood is done not have so affable, do not have it seems that at present so affable. “

Holand international group (area of ING) big China economist Peng Ai Rao (Iris Pang) says, to new tariff of impose of product of chinese mainland electron, the cost of electronic spare parts that will make go to the United States from big land transportation raises, ” meet to supplying the influence of catenary at the appointed time very complex ” .

Yuan the Sam Kao of old negotiable securities says, the malic supplier that basically produces base is not had outside chinese mainland condition, will face highest risk. He is listed will bear because of dispute of the trade in the United States the electronic manufacturer of pressure, include grand of great capacity, achieve with large, abb wait for a company.

International letter criticizes orgnaization Moody company (the analyst of Moodys) says, certain the chinese mainland manufacturer related to science and technology will get of American new tariff ” immediate impact ” , but be like a postmortem this concussion, will ” underestimate ” the influence to chinese mainland economy.

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