Saipulasi is released 2018 money signs up for first quarter

Why does California city emperor fill in, —— is embedded on April 26, 2018 solution leader surpasses Pulasi semiconductor company (Na Sida overcomes code: CY) announces his now 2018 money signs up for first quarter.

·Total battalion closes for 582.2 million dollar, grow 9.5%aa compared to the same period

·Standard of general accounting of GAAP(United States) it is respectively with blame GAAP profit margin 36.5% with 45.9% , grow respectively compared to the same period 700 with 660 base point

·GAAP and every accrual after be not GAAP dilute are mixed for 0.02 dollars respectively 0.27 dollars, grow 0.15 compared to the same period dollar and 0.14 dollars

·The battalion of car terminal market closes to grow 14.8% compared to the same period

Saipulasi’s president holds presiding apparitor Hassane El-Khoury concurrently to express: “ surpasses Pulasi to continue to implement our established strategy sturdily in this quarter, financial data and business performance are driving. We are dedicated Yusaipulasi 3 strategies, this makes our income grows 9.5% , every earnings grows more than one compared to the same period times. In this quarter, we roll out multinomial hardware and software innovation, expanded our embedded solution product combination, make we and partner can solve the problem that of all kinds consumption, industry and automobile client place face, the product that also enhanced us at the same time combines across to sell capacity. We won what a lot of markets push mover to approbate, proved our innovation ability adequately, increased our client amount greatly at the same time, the business dilate that is us provided support. ”

The total battalion first quarter closes and profit circumstance sees next tables:

(Unit: 1, 000 dollars, except of every income data)

Saipulasi is released 2018 money signs up for first quarter

1.The partial charge first quarter already was by new classify 2018 income cost. Historical result is accorded with 2018 reveal data first quarter

2.Pair of Zhang ” watches between the “GAAP financial index that refers to row of the following place and blame GAPP financial index (blame GAPP finance affairs expresses) .

Business reviewing

+ what Saipulasi rolled out domains of a certain number of wireless join solution in this quarter is important taste newly. ModusToolbox™ software covers an intuitionistic platform that gives product of highly competitive content couplet network to developed personnel to offer to be created with the shortest time. Brand-new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + is developed board first degrees appear, it uses Saipulasi 802.11ac Combo solution, for net of couplet of desirous general content (IoT) product pushs the developer to the market to offer reliable, each other is operated and can exceed fast Wi-Fi® join.

+ in car domain, saipulasi rolls out Excelon™ high-powered blame breaks sexual memory product easily, solved advanced drive support system (the problem of crucial task data logging in the application such as ADAS) . Saipulasi still announces, the wireless join solution that the joint-stock company GmbH of Ao Di and Elektrobit already will surpass Pulasi is compositive to its new fund car carries communication equipment in, to include A8 of 2018 Ao Di inside place of much money model is used. Shuang Pin takes the real time synchronism that this solution is based on Saipulasi (Wi-Fi of RSDB) car class and solution of blue tooth Combo, can make many users join at the same time transmit different content through respective equipment.

+ Saipulasi still rolls out new-style PSoC®4700S series small controller (MCU) , patulous its induction solution. Technology of induction of type of use inductance of this series MCU detects metal apparently movement. This parts of an apparatus makes the product develops personnel to be able to use metallic data through be in the design, those who promote a product is beautiful spend and otherness.

+ end when the stock market shut city on March 29, 2018, saipulasi paid the dividend of 39.4 million dollar to the partner of hold company common stock, amount to every 0.11 dollars, this dividend already paid on April 19, 2018. Be worth computation by the city March 29, 2018, this dividend is corresponding of 2.6% year change yield.

Battalion receives general situation

(Unit: 1, 000 dollars, per cent except)

(Without audit)

Saipulasi is released 2018 money signs up for first quarter

Note: Small controller and interconnection branch (“MCD” ) includes section of product of memory of small controller, join and USB product; (“MPD” ) includes product of AgigA Tech of RAM, Shan Cunhe.

Financial standing of the 2nd quarter was looked into 2018

Saipulasi is right the state of financial outstanding achievement of the 2nd quarter forecasted as follows 2018:

Saipulasi is released 2018 money signs up for first quarter

In the form with this money ultimate reply, provided pair of Zhang cases between data of estimation of sex of the look up before pressing GAAP calculative and data of estimation of sex of the look up before pressing blame GAAP calculative.

The part is calculated according to GAAP the major item with financial index indispensable place, include to recombine charge, asset to reduce a cost, give delay compensation the influence that the asset and indebted value change, effect that because equity award changes the stock that cause is compensated,causes and blame GAAP adjust pair of revenue, its time and amount itself uncertain or in the capacity control range that exceeds our company, the possibility produces major effect to the financial outstanding achievement of the company. Accordingly, saipulasi cannot be offerred possibly below the circumstance of reasonable effort to including to be in finance affairs of the 2nd quarter looked into the blame GAAP in data 2018 the complete ration between financial index and index of GAAP finance affairs is expressed to Zhang. In addition, other may appear to amend in report of outstanding achievement of GAAP of blame of the 2nd quarter 2018. In the share of blame GAAP financial index that adds in place, saipulasi is financial to be not GAAP between index and index of GAAP finance affairs anticipate difference had qualitative description.

About Saipulasi

Saipulasi is advanced embedded the banner supplier of systematic solution, in electron of home appliance of the car that the product uses extensively at the whole world to have innovation sex most, industry, intelligence, consumption and medical treatment equipment. IC of small controller of Saipulasi, imitate, wireless with USB join solution and reliable high-powered memory, the product that can help an engineer design dissimilation bussiness trip takes the lead in pushing to the market. Saipulasi devotes oneself to to offer the whole world to first-rate supports and design resource for the client, aid its to go out with the shortest time creation brand-new, overturn product category of the gender, redefine market.

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