Ruzhuoli: Purchase Fuji to connect advocate board optimal platform

Ruzhuoli (rank of minute of the website that sell business that the Rutronik24 of platform of electronic business affairs of Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH) opens in Japanese enterprise Fuji the first rank in the contest. Fuji opens comment way: This website should obtain “ undoubtedly gold. ”

Fuji tells clarity of structure of Rutronik24 of platform of business affairs of electron of force of praiseful scholar eminent, can find product; easily quickly and in all competition cent sells business in, offer the richest Fuji to connect a product to combine; and Fuji of the most detailed description to connect product and its brand itself. Prize-giving celebration has been by Feburary Yu Deguo Nuremberg is embedded the world is exhibited hold during the meeting.

Ruzhuoli: Purchase Fuji to connect advocate board optimal platform

Ruzhuoli advocate board with the system Mario Klug of advanced sale manager expresses: “ we are offerred for the client all the time newest combine with the most overall product, this award be the job to us and effort is superexcellent approbate, we feel special honor to bear the palm. Connect such big shop sign to produce business to commend like Fuji our wholeheartedly, this makes a person feel very gratified. ”Klug is in embedded the world exhibits the Fuji of the meeting to connect exhibit this one reward was accepted on the stage.

Fuji connects the respect that this evaluation differs in the light of nine to undertake, for example the quality that D3433-S describes, advocate board the integrality that combines with fittings product, and the text accuracy that describes single product. Nod possibly in 550 in, ruzhuoli obtained 390. Fuji is connected to adding up to 18 cent sold business to undertake assessment.

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