Outside intermediary: Just occupy in formal operation of ARM China joint-stock company 51%

Beijing time on May 1 evening news, ” day classics Asia is commented on ” website the message of personage of many know the inside story weighs cite now, ARM China joint-stock company already in April the bottom throws operation, take-over ARM is in China the business of the market.

Personages of these know the inside story still say, this are joint-stock the company still plans to be in China A appear on the market. The report says, this joint-stock company name is “Arm Mini China” , headquarters is set in Shenzhen, square investor is occupied in 51% , and ARM owns the rest the equity of 49% . This are joint-stock the company will take over control ARM is in China all business of the market, include accredit and royalty business.

Outside intermediary: Just occupy in formal operation of ARM China joint-stock company 51

ARM is one of chip technology suppliers that the whole world has force most, current whole world makes an appointment with the chip technology that the mobile equipment of 90% is using ARM. Apple, SamSung, China for, connect high, rich is connected and the well-known company such as couplet hair division needs to get technical authorization from ARM.

Analytic personage says, of ARM China joint-stock company holding water also is China obtains a breakthrough in chip field place. Current, china is developing his semiconductor industry energetically, in order to reduce the dependence of pair of abroad suppliers. Be banned in resurgence especially after incident, china was to realize its are pressing more quality.

ARM did not announce its China market to sell data, but predict according to the analyst, the battalion of about 25% controls this company come from China. Ha Si of · of Wren of ARM executive vice-president (Rene Haas) says, ARM is added in the business of Chinese market fast fast at other any country, the hopeful inside 5 years becomes ARM the biggest market.

Still not be clear about this price structure of joint-stock company at present whether with parent company ARM somewhat difference, and how many employee is transferred joint-stock company.

Additional, this are joint-stock the company still plans to undertake in China IPO(makes public) of raise capital by floating shares first. There ever was a report to say at the beginning of April, ARM China joint-stock company will land field of A stock market the most quickly inside year.

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