Oscillograph of high accuracy of TeledyneLecroy WavePro HD captures all detail

Chestnut Ridge, n.Y. , may 8, 2018 – Teledyne LeCroy releases oscillograph of WavePro HD high accuracy, it combined HD4096 12 first high accuracy technology and 8 GHz bandwidth, realized low noise and loud signal fidelity. WavePro HD oscillograph has what be answered what be as high as 5 Gpts quickly and browse easily to collect memory, this also is industry pioneer, can capture for long extremely fine undee detail, thorough and powerful analysis kit can have an insight into quickly systematic behavior.

WavePro HD 12 oscillograph supports an engineer to develop measure particularly smaller, speed is mixed more quickly the shift with lower power comsumption and hold equipment and high speed, deepness embedded computational system and data center, the common characteristic of these systems includes the imitate sensor input, power supply that has course of power source of extremely low voltage to deserve to send a network (PDN) and high speed CPU and serial data interface. This asks oscillograph leads next having in tall sampling high resolution, low noise, tall bandwidth and long capture the unique combination of time, with completing a system debug in the round.

Oscillograph of all WavePro HD deploys 15.6 inches, the MAUI user interface with screen of feeling of mood of capacitance of 1920 X 1080 and powerful Teledyne LeCroy, can touch many implementation is intuitionistic, efficient a little bit accuse to operate. WavePro HD has 4 kinds of type, bandwidth arrives from 2.5 GHz 8 GHz, all have the sampling rate that is as high as 20 GS / S.

Oscillograph of high accuracy of TeledyneLecroy WavePro HD captures all detail

Technology of HD4096 high accuracy meets 8 GHz bandwidth

The core of WavePro HD is a new 8-GHz chip group, include front of a low noise amplifier mixes 12 ADC, framework of system of this chip set and new-style low noise, tall bandwidth is close together and compositive, can be in 12 8 GHz of industry head money, oscillograph the latent capacity that develops technology of HD4096 high accuracy adequately. The instrument that competes to it is not simple will 10 or the 8 signal way that 12 ADC put a tradition, use bandwidth of software technology sacrifice namely in order to obtain higher resolution, the HD4096 technology of WavePro HD provides highest resolution and lowermost noise below complete bandwidth, not any eclectic balance.

Oscillograph of high accuracy of TeledyneLecroy WavePro HD captures all detail

New generation grows memory framework

Signal collects the new generation of WavePro HD of have the aid of to manage a framework with memory, 5G appearance dot gathers speed fast and answer rapid. In the meantime, the MAUI advanced user interface of WavePro HD can be searched easily, the undee feature that browses comprehensive analysis to be interested, wavePro HD is OK the complete sampling rate of 20 GS/s collects 250 Ms, maintain 12 resolution from beginning to end.

Oscillograph of high accuracy of TeledyneLecroy WavePro HD captures all detail

First-rate deepness is embedded computational system is debugged

In WavePro HD, high resolution imitate inputs a passageway but with optional mixture signal oscillograph (photograph of passageway of MSO) number input is united in wedlock, take course of logic of all sorts of imitate sensor, number, power source, serial data and other signal, serial data sparks, decipher, measure / graph and eye graph (TDME) option analysed a tool to do to the standard increase in the round. Accordingly, wavePro HD can be mixed in any high speed low speed signal (include power source to deserve to send a network (PDN) signal, imitate sensor input, number and serial data information) between executive industry first-rate captures for long analysis of cause and effect, when as powerful as Teledyne LeCroy function deepness analytic kit cooperates, can finish high speed to string together a data to shake analysis and consistency test, the user can obtain deepness easily embedded the ideal of computational system is debugged and analyse plan.

Test and verify of unapproachable power source integrality

The tall bandwidth of WavePro HD and high perpendicular resolution suit to measure and analyse chip and systematic PDN action very much, tall bandwidth means effect of high speed chip (if the ground is played) accurate token, and the tall dynamic limits of WavePro HD and 0.5% gain precision ensured the noise such as cave in of pair of such as orbit is sensitive metrical confidence. Extremely low background noise and photograph of spectrum analysis tool are united in wedlock, conduce to extract and identify the subtlest PDN to violate a source, probe of integrality of power source of RP4030 4 GHz passes agile join front and join of photograph of primitive signal method, realized the ability of test and verify of power source integrality with unique WavePro HD.

EMC pulse token

In EMC lab, wavePro HD was united in wedlock ably 2.5 or 4 GHz bandwidth and very high sampling rate and resolution, can realize extremely accurate pulse character token. In the meantime, on testboard, the system designs personnel to must identify an EMI to violate a source from inside concentrated electromagnetism environment, of WavePro HD exceed low noise and look of direct spectrum analysis function to be united in wedlock, comprised powerful interference to search a tool.

Serial data shakes and noise is analysed

To serial data analysis, noise of 12 resolution, low background and extremely small time base shake (60 Fs) is WavePro HD is shaking and respect of sound measurement of a confusion of voices brings huge advantage. Optional SDAIII CompleteLinQ software includes the serial number with the wholest industry to analyse a tool with perpendicular noise according to shaking, and package of optional software of consistency of QualiPHY serial data can undertake test and verify of physical layer consistency easily.

ProBus2 interface supports 8GHz bandwidth

WavePro HD deploys the ProBus2 probe interface of bandwidth of new supportive 8 GHz, compatible BNC, new 8GHz and probe of 6 GHz ProBus2 can receive WavePro HD oscillograph repeatedly directly, the interface of 4 GHz ProBus on oscillograph of OK also and compatible other Teledyne LeCroy. In addition, proBus compatible probe still can cooperate to use with new-style ProBus2 interface, need not adapter, the existing probe that ensures ProBus 2 interface and Teledyne LeCroy are extensive is compatible.

Oscillograph of high accuracy of TeledyneLecroy WavePro HD captures all detail

About power division (About Teledyne LeCroy)

Division of Teledyne LeCroy(power) it is a whole world banner serial data checks solution company, the outstanding measurement that its create the instrument can be measured quickly, the electronic signal with analysis and mixed test and verify, promote the ceaseless innovation of product research and development thereby. Division of Teledyne LeCroy(power) analyzer of the high-powered oscillograph that the company offers, serial data and solution of test of global communication agreement, in the computer, semiconductor and consumptive electron, data memory, car and industry, military affairs is mixed use extensively what the domain such as aerospace got designing engineers. Division of Teledyne LeCroy(power) the company maintained 50 years to come continual technical innovation is traditional, the —— of lead dominant position that its foundation is ” of well-known “ weaveform analysis captures, examine and measure high speed signal, promote the development of current information and communication technology. Division of Teledyne LeCroy(power) the headquarters of the company is set in Chestnut Ridge, new York. Can know the news that concerns power division to more from the website Www.teledynelecroy.com of power division or Www.teledynelecroy.com.cn. Small signal: Teledyne_LeCroy, email: Marketing.China@lecroy.com understands more the information about power division.

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