Nordic Semiconductor rolls out the ZigBee solution that supports SoC of NRF52840 much agreement, extend its intelligence to live in applied product

Norwegian Oslo–On May 2, 2018–Nordic Semiconductor announces its chip of level of system of first as much as NRF52840 agreement (the ZigBee that SoC) uses together is wireless join solution, engineering version has been rolled out, plan to be in second half of the year released version of attestation of manufacturing level Zigbee 3.0 2018. The Mesh network product that the Zigbee solution that introduce expanded Nordic is used at intelligent household, enterprise and industry (include blue tooth Mesh and Thread) combination. Like the other Mesh solution of Nordic, the concurrent operation of blue tooth of low power comsumption of this NRF52840 SoC supportable Zigbee that cooperates inn of S140 V6.0 agreement and blue tooth 5(Bluetooth®5)/ .

Nordic Semiconductor rolls out the ZigBee solution that supports SoC of NRF52840 much agreement, extend its intelligence to live in applied product

Nordic can realize those who use a variety of wireless technologies to use with the much agreement solution at NRF52840 SoC exemple, example includes to pass blue tooth of 5 implementation smartphone and network of Zigbee intelligence illume alternant, or the Zigbee safety network that uses blue tooth beacon to undertake fixed position identifying. This SDK included a few model, the ZigBee that includes to be used at intelligent bulb and switch among them and blue tooth 5 concurrent operation.

ZigBee is the global wireless solution that is based on a standard, it uses IEEE 802.15.4 PHY and accredit frequency band is avoided in 2.4GHz (in certain geography area uses other frequency band) operation of implementation whole world. It is in 2.4GHz frequency band (16 passageways) the primitive data that can realize 250kbps transmits rate, depend on power output and environmental state, transmission distance can go to 100 meters from 10 meters. This technology supports large Mesh network (allow transmit of message of division name a person for a particular job to give other node) operate with low power comsumption, in order to prolong battery life.

ZigBee alliance held water 2002, it is association of profitability of a blame, it created a global ecosystem that develops flourishingly. ZigBee alliance points out, this technology is a global wireless solution that is based on a standard, ground of OK and convenient economy controls the device with the widest range, in order to raise security and the comfortable sex of consumer, convenience sex. It is the first selection technology of business of the world’s banner service provider, installation and shopkeeper, they a content couplet net (the advantage belt of IoT) entered intelligence to live in.

Victor Berrios of vice president of ZigBee allied technology expresses: The precious industry insight that we are honoured to be able to obtain Nordic to bring very much mixes “ professional knowledge. We welcome them to join, very glad to cooperate with them, for its platform of the first ZigBee undertakes attestation. Cover through be being developed in its new software in increase ZigBee, nordic will enlarge the limits of its product, offer richer design alternative for IoT product manufacturer at the same time. ”

Nordic market sells chief inspector Geir Langeland to express: The strategy of “Nordic is the banner low power comsumption that in its chip and development tool support are based on a standard wireless agreement. ZigBee is one of banner standards, be in especially family and industrial automation domain, we are very so glad can will be in quickly the high end of Nordic is Zigbee and blue tooth on much agreement chip the 5 intercurrent support solutions that offer classics attestation, to develop the wireless IoT of business the design provides complete flexibility. ”

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