Next generation Gaotongke apparels equipment chip tracks supportive eyeball the technology

According to Germany a report that analyses an orgnaization says, next generation that connect high can apparel equipment chip trails backer key point the technology, the application of this technology is in the chip that can make be connected high of more configuration can apparel get applied in equipment.

The analysis in the report says, the chip of brave dragon Wear 3100 that connects high will be more than only the target expresses a domain at intelligent hand, return the core solution that will make AR product, let “AR glasses ” become a possibility, the Google Glass that has disappeared from the scene for example such product configuration, in the line of sight that will return consumer afresh. Brave dragon Wear 3100 will be derived at current brave dragon 212 mobile chip, have the processor of framework of 4 nucleuses ARM Cortex-A7.

Next generation Gaotongke apparels equipment chip tracks supportive eyeball the technology

Eyeball tracks a technology to be able to let equipment read the activity that takes eyeball of the person that use. Before this, the picture that can let use the VR facility that opens 845 chip high to be looked attentively at for eyeball in real time through this technology provides the picture of high resolution and effect, this one technique can improve the processing efficiency of VR equipment effectively, reduce integral load. Still can use interpupillary distance and technology of contact of seesaw pattern eyes at the same time, can dislodge VR head is shown be opposite the pupil of image and user automatically neat, allow an user to undertake in virtual reality world the eyes is contacted, offer in order to help be enmeshed experience.

Basis already the message of exposure shows, google will be in code name of product of 3 intelligence watch is released to be Ling, Triton and Sardine respectively on autumn news briefing this year, predicting use chip is brave dragon Wear 3100.

In the meantime, still the message says recently, google hopeful restarts Google Glass project, AR technology is blended in in new product lieutenant general. If the message is belonged to solid, so the new character of chip of brave dragon Wear 3100 happens to have the same view the Google Glass project that restarts with Google, this chip will apply probably to the glasses product with prospective renascent Google.

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