Molex, Phoenix Digital Corporation announces to reach the market and sale agreement

(Singapore–On April 26, 2018) Molex and Phoenix Digital Corporation (PDC) come to an agreement, latter is an industry the manufacturer of fiber-optic communication system. Both sides will pass collaboration, be popularized to industrial automation market and offer complete set, redundant and the communication network solution with extremely tall usability.

The product of PDC is integrated on the communication platform of safe, fault tolerance the technology of intelligent switching equipment that is based on aether net. The design of platform of this one compositive type can enhance the function of any industrial networks, the join of the process of machine equipment layer and power supply equipment promotion comes net of couplet of IIoT(industry other people) level, and the complexity that won’t produce the traditional solution place that is based on IT to have.

Riky Comini of chief inspector of Molex industry automation expresses: “Molex special be happy to cooperate with PDC, the equipment of aether net join that supplies innovation sex for broad client. This agreement carries pair of upright network solutions through be being used at the complete set of net of couplet of industrial other people, to our fiber-optic product combination undertook extending, and further expansion our actual strength, first-rate communication system will be provided inside global limits. ”

Express according to Thomas Schaefer of PDC company president, “ can work together with Molex, to us it is extremely stirring opportunity, us unique product introduces them to go up to the attention of net of couplet of industrial other people and relevant strategy. This one agreement will offer those who be based on aether net to industrial market all sorts of equipment, installation will be more handy, have underlying security, dovish sex is taller, and have excellent join performance. ”

The system of fiber-optic aether network of PDC is integrated distributed stack core technology, need not IP finds site or software configuration can realize redundant Gao Ke to join with sexual aether net. This technology is compatible all aether net agreements, installation is safe, handy, the maintenance of facilitating network, time of average fault correcting is little at 30 seconds. The result is those who raised a network is normal open accident travel time, need not interrupt can expand–These industrial networks that use a sex to Gao Ke are indispensable element.

Molex and PDC supply the communication tool of complete set now, increase handling capacity, promotional flexibility, and, to it before photograph of traditional Modbus communication equipment is compared, reliability is higher also. The function of redundant and fiber-optic communication that the module of Modbus optics communication of PDC can provide next at many o’clock passing, realize Modbus/TCP and the Modbus with reliable height, Modbus and aether network, and the durability of multichannel of Modbus much lead plane in moving can.

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